Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette: Review, Swatches and Makeup Look

Hi loves, the Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette in Semblance recently landed in to my hands due to a lovely friend of mine who you all may know as Frootibeauty. From the moment I got it (Sunday) I have been itching to try it out, create a look and share my thoughts with you all. It looked like a really well put together palette so I wanted to test it to see if my first impressions were correct. I was hoping that first looks weren’t deceiving in this case!

Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette


The palette consists of  8 shades that Illamasqua deem ‘must have’  which help create a variety of eye and cheek looks. The palette contains a new Gleam called  Mirage, best sellers Cream Pigment in Hollow, Eyebrow Cake in Thunder, Powder Blusher in Hussy and four Powder Eyeshadows. I’ve been meaning to try out Hollow as I heard it is really popular but had a feeling it would be too light for me, and Hussy has been on my wish list for a very long time. Illamasqua eye shadows are always pigmented so I was happy to try these four as I haven’t previously tried them before.



I was really impressed by the Gleam in Mirage as it blended out very smoothly over my cheeks to create a glowy look and also it really matched my skin tone. I already have another Gleam in Aurora and found this one to match my skin tone better. However I am a little disappointed as I can’t find the full size version on Illamasqua otherwise I would have bought it today! I really hope it isn’t a palette exclusive and they bring out a full size version soon. Next the blusher in Hussy, I adore the pigmentation of Illamasqua blushes and this one is no different. It’s a gorgeous Candy Pink that will be getting a lot of wear from me.


As you can probably tell from the picture above, the contour shade was unfortunately too light for me. However, not to fret, I can see this being a great matte base for taupe eye shadow and neutral looks I might want to create. You don’t have to always use a product for its original purpose. The rest of the eye shadows had great power pay off and perfect for both neutral looks I would want to create and a killer smokey eye. I’m also looking forward to using that pink lilac shade with a smokey edge to it, I think it could be interesting. Below I used the palette to create a quick makeup look:



For the eyes I used the Frosty Champagne like shade as a base all over the lid and also in the inner corner. In my crease and outer V I used the eyebrow shade, Thunder, to create a slight smokey edge. I used the Cranberry/Rust shade all over the crease line to warm the look up slightly and blended away. The only additional shadow I used was MAC Brule which is a matte off white which helps me blend most makeup looks. I ran the Black Liner shade across the lash line for a smokey liner and then add liquid liner, false lashes etc. I also ran the liner shade, Thunder and the Cranberry/Rust colour under the bottom lash line.


On my cheeks I am wearing the Gleam in Mirage and blusher in Hussy. I think it may have shown up a little better in daylight as the flash seems to have washed out the colour a bit. You may notice that my skin tone is not even and my skin isn’t flawless however I actually wore this look out during the day (bar the contacts and false lashes) and I, as usual, only opted for only concealer under my eyes and went bare everywhere else. Here I am wearing Kevyn Aucoin in SX08. Daylight is much for forgiving than the lighting I have used here, I promise! But I thought I would show the look regardless of whether it is completely polished or not as it represents how I truly wore it. On my lips I am wearing MAC Fast Play lipstick with Chanel 51 Insociance lip gloss on top. It’s my first high end lip gloss and I am really excited about it.

Overall I really love this palette, it’s perfect for travelling with as it has cheek shades I would actually wear and shadows that will create a few looks for me. And also, it usually retails for £45.00 but you can find it here for £22.50.

I hope you liked today’s post, I thought it would be good to have a look to go with the swatches. A huge thank you to Safiyah (Frootibeauty) for the palette and the other goodies she gave me, my friends do know me well. Do let me know what posts you all would like to see next. Love, Tanzina x

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Anastasia Amrezy Palette

Hi guys, today I want to share with you an eyeshadow palette, which has without question become my most used and most loved palette as of late. But before I get too into this post, there is a little disclaimer I must make. Getting hold of this palette has become extremely difficult as it is limited edition however I thought I would still go ahead and make this post for you all as all these shadows will be launching individually. So the palette in question is none other than Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette.



When I realised this palette was launching I was extremely eager to get my hands on it because I knew that it was going to extremely compliment to my tan olive skin tone. The palette was created via collaboration with Amra Olevic (Amrezy) who is an Instragram sensation and a makeup artist extraordinaire. She creates beautiful looks and has such a lovely golden skin tone so I was eagerly awaiting to swatch the shadows and see if they suited me as much as they suited her. And did they just! The hues of this palette are golden, rich with a luxurious silky finish – if I had to create my own palette I would definitely feature similar shades.

Before I share swatches of this palette, let us talk about the shadow quality. I’ve said this about the Tamanna palette and I’ll say for the same for these shades too, Anastasia has really raised the bar when it comes to the formulations and met the likes of Urban Decay shadows head on. Colour pay off is just amazing, you’ll see what I’m talking about when I show you the swatches. The blendability (yes I made that up) is just as good as Urban Decay shadows, the formula is silky so can be manipulated easily making looks like the smokey look much easier as you have less harsh lines. The one point that may just make it better than the UD shadows is the fall out factor – it is very minimal. My biggest vice (vice – get it? If not don’t worry) with UD shadows is the fall out and I love how with these shadows there is hardly any. AND the palettes are cheaper!

So swatch time. Let’s check out the vividness of these shadows, applied on the back of my hand without any primer! When it comes to eyeshadows I find the brand hierarchy doesn’t really apply as I have Tom Ford palettes and I always find that Urban Decay have better quality shadows and I find this palette is another testament to that theory.



My favourite and most used shadows from this palette are Caramel, Morocco and Deep Plum. I’ve used three shades religiously and use them to create a slight warm smokey look. I love the warm tones of these shades, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a palette this warm and complimentary to my skintone. Anastasia collaborated with Maya Mia to create a more cooler toned palette which I am sure is just as amazing but I gave it a miss because even though I was certain to use the shadows in that palette I just wouldn’t utilise it enough. When I hit pan on these three shadows, without a second thought I will definitely be ordering the individual pans of shadow.



The individual pans of eyeshadows will be launching any day soon over at Anastasia Beverly Hills, and will surely trickle its way over to our UK shores. Anastasia Beverly Hills has made a huge impact on the beauty market especially since their launch of DipBrow and I cannot wait to see what else they bring out with. When I have a little more time on my hands I will try create some looks for you all, I’ve used the palette on my daily looks and you can find pictures of that on my Instragram under @MakeupAtoZ. Until next time loves, have an amazing day. Tanzina x

Collective Haul: MAC, Illamasqua and Lashes

Hi loves, recently I have been itching to buy lots of beauty products – as like every makeup junkie, I always feel like I never have enough beauty bits. However hopefully this haul post will wake me up a little bit, especially considering I have been beauty shopping after buying these! I did have these products on my wishlist for quite a while and not all of them are for me..

collective beauty haul






Let’s start with MAC. I do think MAC Lipsticks are my favourite, they are the most I have of any brand in my collection and I always have some shades written down on my wish list. I’ve been eyeing up the Retro Matte shades for a little while now and definitely had to pick up a couple. I decided to go for matte red with pink undertones, so I picked up Relentlessly Red. I have been wearing it already and love it, I love the matte texture and also how bright it is. I also picked up Flat Out Fabulous, a gorgeous hot pink with a tinge of purple to it. I love the formula, it’s creamy and glides on but has the perfect matte finish. I do hope MAC bring out more in the formula. Finally I picked up Heroine, which again is a matte but a much more creamier finish. It isn’t as matte as the Retro collection but it is still lovely nevertheless. It is not a shade I would wear as often as the other two I picked up however I want to be braver and rock less conventional colours and purple is a good place to start as any.




I also picked up a Cream Colour Base from MAC in Pearl which has a frost finish. I’ve been meaning to pick this up for ages, to use as a cheek highlight. Highlighted dewy cheeks are so in recently, especially for Asian cultures who rock heavily highlighted cheeks at weddings and events. I’ve been really enjoying this, I dab it on with my fingers and blend it out with my fingers too because I find the consistency too ‘hard’ to use with a brush. But overall I would definitely recommend it.

ardell lashes

I also picked up a bunch of Ardell lashes, some for my kit but I’ll admit I was naughty and I bought them mostly for myself. I have too many lashes now! I already had loads in my personal makeup collection and now I am running out of storage space eek. I also picked up more lashes at IMATS, naughty Tanzina. The thing that makes it worse is that I hardly get time to wear false lashes so I don’t really know why I am stocking up! No more lashes for me.




Now onto Illamasqua. I have heard so many good things about Illamasqua Skin Base foundations and I thought it is about time I pick some up for my collection. I picked up 4 shades, SB01, SB6.5, SB10 and SB18. I picked the lightest and darkest shades for two reasons a) to contour and b) to create custom mixed foundation shades for customers. Out of the four, SB10 is more my shade, it compliments the yellow in my skin tone. I picked up SB6.5 because the shade would be very popular in my makeup kit as most of my customers are Asian. I already have been using the foundations and I absolutely love them, the consistency is perfect and looks flawless in pictures.


illamasqua forbidden

Finally, another lip product. This comes in the form of Illamasqua Matte Lip Liquid in Forbidden. Illamasqua have recently released these matte liquid lipsticks and I knew I definitely had to pick one up. The shade I went for is a hot pink of a slight pastel nature, described by Illamasqua as a ‘sensual pink’. I apply it by dabbing it on to my lips with my fingers. It is a tad bit on the pricey side I think, at £18.50 however.

That is it for my collective haul, I will probably do one for IMATS as well but luckily I was quite restrained and didn’t go too crazy there. The good thing about this haul in particular is that I have been using everything I picked up, well everything but the lashes but I will try and fix that sometime this week. It’s just finding excuses to wear lashes, I might just stop looking for an excuses and just wear them to the cinema or something! Until next times loves, have a great day :)

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Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers Acid and Trip

Hi loves, this week I’ve been so busy doing bits and bobs that I haven’t had much chance to blog or write about my favourite bits. I am actually heading off to sunny Dubai on Monday, and I haven’t even started packing yet ! (It is Wednesday as I type this, it’ll probably be the weekend by the time this post is up). However I can’t wait till when I come back from my THREE WEEK holiday to tell you about these two lovely products that Daniel Sandler has bought out. 

daniel sandler watercolouur blushers

daniel sandler blusher acid

daniel sandler blusher acid

These are the beautiful Daniel Sandler Watercolour in Acid and Trip, Flurocent-ly fabulous but not something the less adventurous of us should run from. Firstly Acid, it’s a hot pink, bright and beautiful and a little bottle of magic I have been getting a lot of use out of. This can be applied very lightly to create a beautiful natural pink finish to the cheeks or amped to create a bold finish to your complexion. I actually made a mini video on Instagram to demonstrate a natural finish and I had a lot of people commenting and tweeting me saying they did not expect that such a subtle finish could be achieved. I love using DS Watercolour Blushers, they create a much more flawless finish than normal powder blushers do and this one is no different. You can also apply it to the lips too, just literally paint on with a lip brush or dap it on with your finger tips. I’ve been using it on both my lips and cheeks. If you would like to know exactly how I created the look you can read here..

daniel sandler blusher trip

daniel sandler blusher trip

Next we have Trip, and this I am saving for my holiday, as I think coral cheeks are more summery – well for me at least. Once the sun starts peeking it’s head out of the cloud all my coral lipsticks and blushes make an appearance and this little bottle will make a very welcome addition to that collection. Again with this colour you have the option of amping it up or even creating a more subtle finish. I’ve seen Daniel demonstrate it on his model’s lip and cheeks and it looks absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to use it to brighten up my spring/summer days.

You can buy the blushers here for £15.50

That is it for today’s post, I did mean to try schedule as many posts as I can for when I am away but please do forgive me because I simply could not find the time! I will try and get a goodbye post up but if I don’t, bye for three weeks! Okay I better stop typing and start packing as soon as possible because at this rate I will be going Dubai with an empty suitcase. Eek I am so excited to go. Speak to you soon loves :) Tanzina x

Brow Wonder : Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade

Once upon a time the thought of applying product to enhance my brows was such a foreign concept – brow pencils, no thank you! It fell in the out dated or drag queen category, something I never would even consider let alone try. Now? Well let’s just say I will happy give eye shadow, eye liner, lipstick.. all that a miss but not my groomed brows. Today I want to talk to you about a revolutionary product in my opinion introduced to us mere mortals by the brow guru herself, Anastasia Soare.

anastasia dipbrow uk

anastasia dipbrow uk

The latest addition to the Anastasia Beverly Hills line is the DipBrow Pomade, a waterproof cream product aimed at the brows. At first I thought it would be similar to a gel eyeliner which I have in the past used for my brows but it isn’t. It adheres to the brow hairs much better than gel liner ever will, it sets and does not slip nor smudge – a problem I found with my MAC Dipdown (brown gel liner). It also doesn’t have the unwanted shine finish the MAC product was giving me. I’m finding the DipBrow range to be a god send for my makeup clients, previously I only used powder brow products on clients with oily sin types as you really want a fade-proof and smudge-proof brow finish and this product delivers that even on oily/combination skin.

anastasia dipbrow uk

anastasia dipbrow uk swatch

anastasia dipbrow uk swatch

There are 5 different colours in the range to suit all colour types. We have: Blonde, Auburn, Chocolate, Dark Brown and Ebony. The colours are made to coexist alongside the existing shade range of products, so you can easily match Brow Powder, Brow Wiz etc with the DipBrow products. My favourites are Chocolate and Dark Brown, I mix the two colours for the perfect finish to my brows. If you look at my Instagram (@makeupatoz) you can see me using the mixture. I’ve actually also been using the products as an eyeshadow base! The consistency works well as I can easily spread it all over my lid with my fingers and if you wanted to you could also use it as eyeliner. I’ve been creating such easy smokey brown looks with these.

anastasia dipbrow brush

I’ve really been enjoying using these little pots of perfection, they glide on so smoothly. The best brush to use would be an angled synthetic brush, I’ve been using the Anastasia #12 brush which was designed for the DipBrow Pomade. After applying the product make sure to blend it with a clean spoolie (I love that word!). The product stays on so well that even my Bioderma doesn’t remove it properly, you’ll need a waterproof makeup remover and it will just wipe away. It retails for £15.00 here at Cult Beauty, I think that is so affordable as one pot is sure to last you absolutely ages as you only need a tiny little bit.

I could carry on raving about how awesome this product is but I think this post might go into essay territory. Just trust me it is really special. I’ve been quite quiet on here as of late, I have actually just started a new job and have been travelling up and down the country for training. I’m actually heading to Manchester tomorrow so that means a super early 4AM start for me as it is a really long journey away, we are talking around 5 hours drive away! Wish me luck and I shall speak to you soon! Tanzina x

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