Music & Me

I was flicking through quite a few of my old post and I’ve noticed that although I talk lots about products and brands I like.. I don’t really talk much about myself. Considering the fact that I wanted this to be a lifestyle blog as well as a beauty blog, I’ve decided to change that and start adding bits of my personality every now and again.

I love lyrics, poems and sayings. I always have and I guess I should have known from an early age that I was going to take English at University. It was obvious to everyone who knew me, everyone other than myself that is. I love analysing and interpreting poems and songs etc and twisting them around until they suit my mood and life one way or another.  Funnily enough although I’m quite positive with life and happy the majority of the time, it’s the devastating, sad, depressing and tragic poems/songs/sayings that appeal to me. Throw me a song about heartbreak, and I’m bound to love it. My heart would be furtherest away from breaking point at the time, but that wouldn’t matter as the tragedy would appeal to me. I know, I am slightly crazy and extremely dramatic!

When I was younger, I’m talking around about 14 years old, I had a little folder full of clippings of my favourite sayings which I lovingly printed from our computer when my father wasn’t around as I used to waste so much ink! I’ve still got that folder, still got those clippings and they still strike me as much as they did when I was an adolescent. I feel like I lost so much of my young carefree self as I grew up and it does make me smile that some things never change. I’ve decided that I’m going to create a virtual clipping folder, and use this blog for that purpose. It’s about time I injected more of my personality into here! So without further ado, here is clipping number one:

This particular quote is from ‘Love the way you lie (part two)- Rihanna’

I love how descriptive it is, how far away from the norm it is.. it describes lies as ‘fables’ and how strong sounding words such as ‘sick’ make the lyrics themselves sound violent, like the scene she is trying to describe. Without getting too technical, I simply love it.