Essie Winter Collection 2017 Review & Swatches

Good morning guys. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’d know I love Essie nail polishes. I’ve been raving about the brand since I first discovered Essie Mint Candy Apple many years ago, and the love affair is still going strong. I will even go as far to say that they are my favourite nail polish brand. I keep an eye out for their latest collections and keep a lookout for any unique unusual shades they bring out. That being said, of course the Essie Winter Collection 2017 was going to blow my socks away, hell it even had a duo toned shade in it which I just can’t enough of.

The Essie Winter Collection 2017 is a collection of 6 gorgeous nail polishes, all consistent in their outstanding formula. I don’t think I’ve talked much about the Essie nail polish brush before, it’s quite thin compared to other brushes and makes application a dream. Now, let’s talk about the colours before I get on to my favourites from the collection.

Essie On Your Mistletoe

Essie On Your Mistletoe

This is a rich teal blue, dark enough to be winter appropriate, but colourful enough to distract you from the glum and grey weather. It is described as a ‘dense oxford blue’, but the green tones in it definitely makes it lean on the teal side. Applies like a dream, and shines glossy once dried.

Essie New Year, New Hue

This shade is described as a ‘rich magenta purple’, and I’d say that is quite an accurate description. A gorgeous rich plumy shade that again adds a pop of colour to our dull winter days. It looks a tad darker on the nails I find than it does in the bottle, but regardless it is gorgeous. Super shiny on application and I shade I am sure I will get lots of us out of.

Essie Ring in the Bling –

If you are looking for the perfect festive red, then look no further. This is it, a ‘dazzling ruby red, tinged with a light navy blue’. I love the duo tone finish of this colour, and the cool tones added by the blue. It makes your hand look elegant and stylish, yet suitably festive. That shot of gold is really something special.

Essie Be Cherry! –

This is a very ‘me’ shade, I love bright colours on my nail and a red pink is right up my street. I know I have lots of reds in my collection, and lots of pinks, but nothing really like this shade. Described as a ‘crimson red’ this screams a sunny holiday to me. I’m hoping to head to the Caribbean next year (still not 100% confirmed) and I can see myself rocking that over there. That being said, for those that don’t want to opt for the classic red for the Xmas festivities, this would be the perfect shade. Red enough to be classed festive with a bit of a pink kick to make it chic and young and all things beautiful.

Essie Social-Lights –

How do I even begin to describe this shade? Let’s start with Essie’s description ‘a slate grey glistening with amber warmth’. Even the description sounds magical. It has grey base, with beautiful colour shifting shimmer running through it. So unique and a definite show stopper. From the second these polishes landed in my greedy paws, I am been itching to try this beauty out. The camera does the shade absolutely no justice, it needs to be seen in person.

Essie Suit & Tied –

When I saw this shade, I did a mini squeal of excitement, because truth be told, it is quite similar to another Essie shade I have in my collection. It reminds me of Sorrento Yourself which is one of my most loved Essie polishes of ALL time, so to have something similar in my collection was a dream come true. This is a little bit different, a little less peachier. Described as a ‘clean-cut sand beige’ it is the perfect nude for my skin tone. I really just can’t get enough. Of course it goes without saying, the application is easy and beautiful.

I know I was saying I was going to tell you what my favourites are at the end, but my descriptions always screw me over because I find it too hard to hide my feelings. Essie Social-Lights just blew me away, I haven’t actually seen another shade like this, and really the camera does not capture it’s beauty. Go see it in store, and I bet you that you won’t find another shade like it in the entire store. Essie Suit & Tied has also turned out to be a firm favourite, and after seeing how beautiful it looks against my skin tone, I am not surprised. It applies so smoothly and looks so shiny, it really is something special. To my tanned girls out there, pick this up, you’ll thank me later. To the more fairer types, add this to your colour wheel, it will definitely be a unique shade in your nail wardrobe.

These retail for £7.99 and you can pick them up [here] now. Hurry though if you want them in your life, they are limited edition.

I really hope you liked my Essie Winter Collection 2017 review & swatches, the second I laid my eyes on the collection, I knew it would get me writing this blog post. Then I applied the polishes, and I knew this post was inevitable. I am in love, and it may be my favourite Essie collection so far. Every shade is amazing. Let me know which was your favourite. Speak soon, Tanzina

Dorco Razor Review

Good Morning loves! Welcome back to my blog. I have missed this space so much, I feel lately all I have been posting on here are just updates about my latest YouTube video. I miss chatting, and rambling, and talking about the latest products I’ve tried or the most recent look that I’ve created. Today I’m going to trying to get back into the swing of things, starting with a Dorco razor review.

When I first came across the concept of a razor subscription box via Dorco, I kind of kicked myself for not thinking up the idea myself. Who doesn’t need razors and new blades on a regular basis? Well I guess some lucky genetically blessed people don’t, but unfortunately I am not one of those – I fall more on the yeti side. I find replacing blades a little tedious, a) they’re bloody expensive and b) it becomes one of those things that you tell yourself you need to do but then just keep putting it off. I’ll be honest, and as gross as it might be, I am guilty of using a blunt razor for far too long. So when a Dorco box arrived on my doorstep, I felt like I finally found a solution that would make me feel more like an adult rather than a teenager stuck in an adult’s body. A major case of 13 going on 26 over here! It was only yesterday that I bought some back up tooth brushes, a sure sign of adulthood.

Let me tell you a little about Dorco, I don’t want to waffle on too much, but I do want to share the general gist of this brand and product itself. They are a brand that were established is 1955. What they offer is a variety of subscription boxes, which contain a razor handle and a number of blades. You can choose whether to subscribe to the box on a monthly basis or just try a box as a one off. The pack that I had the opportunity to try was one of the value packs. Retailing at just £6.75  for a razor handle and 2 blades, that to me was a good deal.

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about razors, because they aren’t makeup or skin care where there are lots more to say. I will say however that the razor provided a very good shave for me, and it was just as good as any brand I pick up at Boots or Superdrug. I was worried that the razor may be a little flimsy or poorly made but I am happy to report back that is definitely not the case and it is nice and solid. Overall, would I be purchasing the subscription box myself? The answer is yes, the price and convenience is too good to pass up.

The subscription you can opt into is for the following:

For £5.45 a month you can get 4 blades a month delivered directly to your front door and that includes free shipping too. The first month is currently £1 and will also include the razor handle. You can pick it up [here].

For me, the price is really good. 4 blades a month is a bit of overkill for me as I shave approximately once a week, so what I personally would do is stock up a few months’ worth of the boxes and then cancel my subscription once I had quite a few backups. When my stock begins to dwindle again, I would just re-subscribe and keep repeating the process.

That is it for my thoughts on Dorca. I hope you have liked my Dorco razor review, and don’t forget there a lot more options of razor blade combos on the Dorco website (here) so be sure to check that out. I feel quite good about the fact that I finally made an appearance here on the blog, so hopefully you will be hearing more from me. Speak soon, Tanzina x

More Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks

Hey loves, welcome back to this corner of the internet. I wanted to talk to you guys about Sleek Matte Me lipsticks, as I have added more to my collection. Some of you guys may already know I adore this product, as I talked about them quite a few times over here. You can read about my favourite two shades [here] or even see a swatch video of my collection [here]. Today I have three more colours to share with you, so read on to find out what I think of the latest shades.

Sleek Matte Me Lipsticks

I’m not going to talk too much about how much I love these products and all the pros and cons, you can read all about that in the blog posts I mentioned above. Instead I want to show you the shades and talk a little about how they looked on me. These launched early this year, and I’ll be honest I was a little nervous about testing these out as some of the shades are just SO out of my comfort zone. But of course, I had to tempt fate and try them out. I wanted to see if I could make them work, make them suit me, to see if they could remain in my collection.

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Lavender Crush
Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Lavender Crush
Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Lavender Crush

Sleek Matte Me in Crushed Lavender

This is a tube of pastel toned lilacy goodness. Okay I’ll admit, even I thought it was a little too bold for me. I actually first swatched this shade at work with pretty much only mascara on. It was fair to say I scared a few people. However with a bit of glam on, I think I might be able to rock it. What do you think? I would say to wear lip liner with this so your lips are even before application. I think there are lots of people that can rock this comfortably, I’m just sad I’m not once of those because I am a wimp and am scared to brave bold shades like this in public. I hope to one day be brave enough to just rock it. However I will definitely keep this in my collection, just for some fun and edgy looks I plan to try out. You can pick this shade up [here] for £4.99

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Apricot Blooms
Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Apricot Blooms

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Apricot Blooms

Sleek Matte Me in Apricot Blooms

Next we have another pastel, this is a pastel peach shade. This I would say, is a tad too light for my complexion which is a shame as it is such a pretty colour. I tried playing with different lip liners underneath but I just think it is a bit too bright and too light for me. To make it a little wearable for myself, I applied MAC Spice lipliner (review here) underneath and then patted on the liquid lipstick on top. It is a very richly pigmented shade however and could be a winner for the right skin tone. You can pick this shade up [here] for £4.99

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick French Fancy

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick French Fancy

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick French Fancy

Sleek Matte Me in French Fancy

This is my favourite of the three. I love pinks, so of course this ticked that box. It is a bit pastel in shade, but not as much as the others. It is also quite bright and pretty and a lot more wearable than the other two shades. It makes me feel all girly which is never a bad thing. It is very richly pigmented as well. I apply it with a nude pink lip liner underneath just so the edges are perfect and opaque. I actually wore this shade out recently so managed to take a picture of a full face of makeup so I thought I would add in those images for. Bear in mind picture has had a filter added and edited. If you want to know what other products I am wearing for this look it is all on my IG page (@makeupatoz). You can pick this shade up [here] for £4.99

Although one of the shades was a little too out of my comfort zone, I am glad they created that shade as it will definitely work on other skin tones. I am actually quite proud of the fact that I soft off pulled off Lavender Crush, I’ll try to create more looks with it. I hope you liked my review of these Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks. Let me know which of these shades you wouldn’t mind trying out. Oh, if you’d like any details of the products I used to create the above makeup looks, be sure to head over to Instagram, all the information is on there. Speak soon, Tanzina x


Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipsticks

Good morning guys, hope your day is going well. Today I am going to jump right into it and talk to you about the Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof lipsticks. A package arrived on my doorstep containing three of these Lord & Berry beauties and it made me squeal in delight. I have actually heard quite a few good things about Lord & Berry, but just hadn’t picked anything up from the brand myself. I was excited to finally try something from them, and also try their liquid lipsticks as I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. Matte and long lasting? Yes please! I wasn’t sure what to expect however as I hadn’t really heard much about these before.

I was excited to see that the colours I received were all colours I could see myself wearing and suiting. I received three lipsticks in the following shades: First Lady, Pop Pink and Brave Red. I’ll quickly talk you through the packaging before I go onto the product themselves. The lipsticks are housed in a lip gloss like tube with a really nice wand. The wand is slightly longer than your average doe foot applicator and is also slanted for easy application. There is 7ml worth of product in each tube. In terms of formula, the consistency is a little bit like thin paint, it seems like it will be drying but it is actually really comfortable due to the essential oils the product contains. It dries really matte, really fast which is amazing. It is annoying when you have to wait a long time for the product to dry down so I was so glad to see that wasn’t the case here. The coverage is what blew me away, such perfect and full coverage. One swipe and your lips are covered. Oh that and the staying power! I actually have just kissed my hand several times like a weirdo to see if the product is actually kiss proof and I can report that it is. On my first application I applied lots of lip balm under the lipstick, and had a little transfer so I would suggest you avoid doing that! Now lets talk colours.

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick First Lady

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick First Lady

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick First Lady

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick in First Lady

This colour is a gorgeous browny nude. It’s so perfect for my skin tone and I think it looks quite similar to a 90’s brown lip. It has subtle golden shimmers running through it but I didn’t really see them appear on my lips. That being said, this is still my favourite shade and one I find so easy to wear.

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick Pop Pink

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick Pop Pink

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick Pop Pink

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick in Pop Pink

This is pretty fuchsia hot pink, it is bright and vivid and couldn’t have come to be at a better time. It reminds me of a good summer, so I am looking forward to wearing it this season. It reminds me of some of old MAC lipstick shades like Girl About Town that I’ve neglected in favour of liquid lipsticks.

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick in Brave Red

This is a classic red shade, and a staple in all makeup collections. I feel like it has some blue tones to it and will remind you of classic hollywood sirens. As it is so easy to wear, and provides such good colour payoff in just one swipe, I’ll definitely be turning to it when I want a quick and easy red lip.

Overall, I am pretty impressed by these products. Enough so that I want to try more things from the brand, I’m hoping they too will impress me just as much. The liquid lipsticks retail for £15.00 and you pick it up here.

Hope you liked my Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof lipstick review. I’ve been wanting to share this with you guys for what feels like forever, but have had so much going on I haven’t been able to. So glad I finally am, because I am hoping you are like me and love to discover new brands and products. Let me know if you have any liquid lipsticks on your radar that I should be picking up! Speak soon, Tanzina x

Switching Up My Skin Care

Hi loves, I finally have gotten out my skin care rut, hurrah! I’ve been making do with the same skincare for years, and I think in the last 6 months I have started getting a little bit more experimental with my skincare. It all started a few months before my December wedding, I wanted radiant skin so I invested in some Sunday Riley skincare (which I have spoken about extensively here). Since I had such good results, I’ve decided to try a few more new products, so I thought I would share them with you all. This isn’t an in depth review kind of blog post, more like first impressions.

Switching Up My Skin Care

So the first couple of products I’m using for switching up my skin care are from Sunday Riley, a brand I’ve seen really good results from so it made sense to try more from the range.

Sunday Riley Skin Care

Sunday Riley CEO

Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil

The reason I wanted to try this despite loving Flora was a) Sunday Riley recommended this to me for my skin type and b) to see if the scent was more bearable in comparison to the Flora version. I am happy to report that it is, and also it is so nourishing on my skin. It really does help with the tight dry feeling and making my skin feel ‘fed’ again. I think I do prefer this to Flora, and seem to use less of it as it makes my skin feel nourished with even the smallest drop. You can pick this up [here] for £70.00.

Sunday Riley C.E.O (C+E antiOXIDANT Protect & Repair Moisturiser)

Where do I start with this beauty. Another recommendation, I had high hopes for this one as I had loved the Tidal Water Cream from the brand so much. This one blow Tidal out of the water (pardon the pun). It smells of oranges and smells beautiful. It is so rich and hydrating, I would go as far as to say it is the best face cream I have used so far. I cannot get enough. It just banishes my dry patches and makes my skin feel so good. Definite repurchase. You can pick this up [here] for £60.00.

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm

This was a gift from my beautiful best friend Yasmin, and I have only just got around to using it as I was finishing up my Elemis Cleansing Balm. I am in two minds about this, firstly I love the scent. It is almost chocolate orange like, it is very bizarre but nice. I love the fact it has sugar crystals in it, which makes this exfoliating at the same time. I rarely exfoliate (slaps wrists) but this helps me out by doing some exfoliation. The thing that lets me down slightly is that it isn’t as oily as I would like it to be, instead it is quite dry which isn’t something I expected from a balm. I will keep using and report back. So far I really like it, but do I love it? I’m not sure. This can be picked up [here] for £46.00 – I think the price is not too bad.

I’ll be doing a more in depth review of the three Sunday Riley products so keep an eye out for that.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield

I’ve actually been using this for a while, and I guess with SPF you can’t really tell if it is working. Initially what I could report on was that it was a lovely fluid, it went on smoothly and seemed to moisturise my skin in the morning. It also doesn’t give the skin the funny white cast that SPF’s can give and is probably my favourite SPF to wear. That is until I went to Barbados for my honeymoon. I used this religiously on my face, and didn’t really use much SPF anywhere else. Till today, my body is peeling everywhere except my face. Nothing on my face got burnt or damaged. How bloody amazing is this stuff! I will warn you, it definitely is on the pricey side but once I run out, I might have to grudgingly part with my money to replenish this. It is that good! You can pick it up [here] for £55.00

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist

This was another god send for me whilst I was on holiday, it is the perfect face mist. It’s a very soft spray, so that firstly is a win in my books as I often avoid sprays as they are too hard and I am too scared they will ruin my makeup. The air conditioning would make my skin feel a lot dryer, so a couple of spritz of this made my skin much happier. I am now using this after using a face mask, or a cleanse, just because it feels so refreshing on the skin. The size isn’t too huge, I think I will carry it with me throughout the summer for days when I need something to make me feel refreshed. You can pick this up [here] for £21.00

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Overnight Hand Therapy

Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Overnight Hand Therapy

I am not a huge hand cream user and really I should be as I always get dry hands. However I find the task tedious and if I am honest I just forget! Having this overnight treatment means that I can add it into my night time skin care routine which equals super soft hands every morning. I was so suprised the first time I used it, my hands felt so soft and moisturised, I kept admiring them all day. This is perfect if you are someone like me who always forgets to moisturise their hands as it is so intense. P.S you should look after your hands as they are one of the most used parts of your body. You can pick it up [here] for £19.00.

Liz Earle Superskin Dry Oil

I wasn’t really sure what to make of this oil when I first got it, it smells quite strong as it has natural seed oil so I was a bit unsure about trying it. I used it here and there after I had a shower simply because it is so easy to use, you just spritz it on and rub it down. However after coming back from holiday, and being so sun burnt with dry parched skin, this has been a life saver. It truly makes a difference to my skin I find, especially in helping the damaged skin get better. I’m half way through the bottle already! You can pick this up [here] for £35.00.

I’m so glad that I am stopping being so boring, and trialing out new products. It is working to my benefit as I am falling in love with new products too. I’m excited to switch up my eye cream soon, and make try a new makeup remover, so I will keep you updated if that happens. Oh, I also need to try acids for my face! I hope you liked today’s post, do let me know if you have any recommendations.