Silky Legs Must Haves

Today I thought I’d talk about one of those really graceful topics – shaving our leg hairs. I know, it isn’t the most pleasant subject and I will spare you the close up images of myself during the process but it is something beauty related, and a necessity to most. I won’t judge if you don’t, each to their own I suppose but I personally hate getting past the stubbly stage. Urgh, it gives me goose bumpy feeling just thinking about it, it must be a pet peeve. Now when I’m in trousers and thick thick tights, I can get away from not really shaving my legs but since I love wearing maxi skirts, at the off chance my skirt blows up (please God, don’t let that ever happen) I always like to have silky soft legs ready for the occasion. Also I love the feel of freshly shaved legs and clean bed sheets. Surely that can’t be just me! 



So I thought today I would share my trusty recipe to silky smooth legs. Firstly, I prep the legs. I have quite a few ingrown hairs which really really bug me. So to combat that I use a really strong scrub, and as the skin on your legs isn’t all delicate as the skin on your face, you really can work that scrub in. For my body scrub I use St. Ives Invigorating All Over Body Scrub. St.Ives was the first facial exfoliator I ever used, back in the days where it still had the old packaging. I still use the facial exfoliator every now and again, and everyone in my family uses it too. I find this body scrub to be more abrasive as expected in comparison to the facial one, and is just perfect at helping remove dead skin and prevent in grown hairs from appearing. On days when I’ve had more ingrown hairs crop up than normal, I just use the scrub on ever so slightly damn legs to get the full affect. The wetter your legs are, the less abrasive the scrub is. Once I’m given my legs a thorough scrub, I rinse them off.


Next, the shaving part. Now I will be honest, and it is very naughty of me and I’m so glad my dad/brother don’t read my blog but.. yes I use their shaving gel. So most days you’ll find me using the men’s Dove/Gillette shaving gel on my legs and I am not ashamed to admit it! They always buy it and they steal my nice smelling shower gels so it is only fair! Now onto the razors, I used to use these Gillette Venus razors I believe but when I went on holiday back in April to Dubai I just found it easier to use disposables. Recently I have been using Wilkinson Sword Quattro disposables, I find them to be just as good as the more expensive non disposable razors and I get a really soft silky result. Some razors sometimes don’t seem to cut the hair at the root and this definitely do and they are very well priced at £5.79. I think I’ve most definitely become a disposable convert now and most likely a Quattro convert!

So that is how I get legs that are maxi dress/skirt appropriate and also legs that feel amazing in my pajamas. You can pick up both the products at Superdrug/Boots and I think it’s nice to share some more affordable goodies every now and then because we all use them, we just forget to mention them because they blend in with our every day necessities like toothpaste! You can pick up the St Ives Body Scrub here for £5.49 and the Quattro disposables here for £5.79. I hope you liked my quick post today, and until next time, speak to you soon :) Tanzina x

QVC: What I love

Warning: A really in depth kind of post.  

IMG_1659A very old picture..

On the blog I review lots of different products and brands. I look at their ethics, the quality and my thoughts on it but I never really talk at the retailer/stockist. Thinking about it, that’s just as important because a bad experience with the retailer can really ruin the experience of a new product for you. For example, I once bought a faulty (pricey) nail polish set from a retailer and went through so much hassle returning and getting a refund – I had to talk to head office to be refunded. It completely made me lose trust in the retailer and made me think twice about buying products from them again just in case something went wrong.

 I think that’s one of the reasons I adore QVC, the no hassle quibble free money back guarantee they offer is amazing, makes me feel like I have some sort of insurance against the item I’m purchasing – and a free insurance at that! I think it says a lot for a company to be able to afford to have such a guarantee, it means they are so sure of the quality of the items they are sending out and the service they provide that they’re pretty sure you won’t have any reason not to love it!


As a beauty blogger, and beauty fanatic in general before buying items I’ve either researched it extensively or heard some amazing things about from somewhere. Most times I’ve popped into shops and tried the product and let myself ponder over purchasing it for a while. I’m definitely more of an online QVC shopper and not much of a telephone shopper, and the QVC website really does meet my shopping needs.

 Like I said I usually research the product, read reviews and the great thing about the site is I have access to so many buyers reviews on products whilst looking at them. I can read reviews knowing that they’re not biased as the reviews are coming from real people and not magazines that may have been bribed (it may happen! I am a bit of a sceptic!). If you’re unsure about a product, my tip would be: have a look at the reviews not just one or two but quite a few. And don’t take them at first glance, read them thoroughly. You might find a really horrendous review on a great product simply because the product wasn’t suited to the buyer, for example a dry skin moisturiser been used on an oily, acne prone skin. That spells disaster.

 Another cheeky tip I have for you is something I kind of do quite often. I often go into shops that stock brands that QVC also stock. Brands such as OPI, Nails Inc and Emma Hardie. I try the products in store, figure out whether I like it and then look on QVC to see if I can find a better deal on them on there! Most of the time I usually do find a great deal, and let’s be honest, there’s something in us that makes us feel better knowing we’re paying less than what others are paying for a product.


After browsing the QVC website for quite a while, consulting and re consulting my wish list, I picked out two products that really sort of describe me in a nutshell. I’m a huge makeup fanatic, I think my collection is starting to get a bit out of hand, and if makeup items weren’t in my top picks I’d really be lying to both myself and you. I adore Bobbi Brown and this Pretty Powerful Party Collection set was just calling my name. I really loved how with this kit you basically had your whole face of makeup sorted (except the base) and it came with a gorgeous make up bag that is perfect handbag carry around size. It consists of Sandstone Shimmer Brick which sorts out your blusher/bronzer and highlighter. Not only that you can use it on your eyes, so that’s your shadow done. You then have the fabulous Intensifying mascara, to add long lashes to your look. You can use the eye pencil in Mahogany to add more definition to the eyes and amp the look up. And to finish the look you have my favourite Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Bare Sparkle. They describe it as High Shimmer and it definitely is that. I think I will create a look on my blog very soon using mostly this set so you can get an idea how the products look when used together.



This retails for £55 and you can pick it up here


 Now if makeup takes up one half of my heart, pampering moments take up the other half. I adore candle lot bubble baths, massages and aromatherapy oils. As someone who struggles with sleep every now and then and final year university stress weighing me down, the Elemis 3 piece De-stress at Home Kit couldn’t be better suited to me. I adore Elemis Spa range products and have made quite a collection of their goodies. Most of them I bought thorough QVC and I’m waiting for the day QVC start stocking Elemis Freshskin range too. This kit consists of a little Quiet Mind Bath Elixir which makes a really soothing bubble bath to create a relaxing experience. The gorgeous smelling De-stress luxurious massage oil that really helps in making my aching shoulders and neck feel better. All that sitting at the desk in front of a computer really gets to you. And finally a godsend, a Quiet Mind Temple Balm which I honestly feel has helped me sleep much better in recent weeks.


This retails for £35.01 and you can pick it up here.

When it comes to choosing beauty products suited to you, with cosmetics I find that there are no rules really, whatever makes you happy works for you. Of course there are things to consider such as colouring, I could never pull of a light nude lipstick but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear nudes. I just have to find the one that doesn’t clash with my tan skin tone. To me my most important beauty essential would be getting your skin right, so skin care is definitely at the top of my list. It doesn’t have to be a huge stash of skin care items, just a good moisturiser, make up remover/cleanser and exfoliator suited to your skin type. The rest is just bonus, an extra perk.

I love how QVC stock everything under one roof (or website in the literal sense). You can find all your essentials and the pick me ups too. The icing on the cake was when I found out they stock Yankee candles too, what more could a girl need! 

Valentine’s Pampering

Hi guys! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and Valentine’s day is quite a controversial occasion. Some believe it’s great to embrace the day of love, and celebrate it. Others however believe it is all a lot of commercial cods wallop (rubbish) and every day should be a day to celebrate the one you love and all the feelings that entails. Either way I’m not fussed, I like a lot of pink and red and I like seeing people carrying flowers and watching the world pass by in a romantic hue. I don’t take the day seriously but nevertheless I don’t dislike it either. And if I can use the day as an excuse to pamper myself and love myself a little extra for a day, I don’t mind Valentine’s day coming more than once a year.



I thought I’d quickly bring to your attention a couple of products that I think will be Valentine’s day worthy. I really wanted to go for something quite affordable and something that wouldn’t break the bank. The first option really does fall in to that, this is the Montagne Jeunesse ‘Passion Peel Off’ that is a blend of pomegranate and passion flower infused with raspberry, grape and cranberry. It really does smell gorgeous and I liked how it was a peel off as it comes off really easily and isn’t the messy creamy sort. Don’t mistake me, I adore messy masks too but I’ve currently craving easy options and this definitely is one. This does smell really really good, I had a rose candle burning when I applied mine and painted my nails. Maybe something about the combination of the scents was rather romance inducing because I was left feeling happy and mellow. You can pick it up here from Montagne Jeunesse’s website or places like Superdrug and Asda. And remember this is suitable for vegetarians and MJ look to use natural products as much as possible.


This is the gorgeous Valentine’s Collection for Her from Elemis and I had to include to even though I haven’t yet tried the products. This seems to be the perfect pampering gift to receive on Valentine’s! It contains ‘A 35ml Frangipani Monoi Body Oil and a 50ml Exotic Frangipani Monoi Bath and Shower Cream to pamper and hydrate the skin leaving it super soft and delicately scented with the exotic aroma of frangipani’. And the best bit about this duo is that it is a very friendly £12. For spa quality products! I could do with that, you can pick it up here. I love Elemis shower gels, my current favourite luxury shower gel is Elemis Skin Nourishing Shower Cream which I adore adore adore and love the feel of on my skin. Frangipani sounds really good so I think I need to have a little sniff and most likely purchase. I also adore Elemis Body Oils, I love leaving a few drops in my bath and also massaging into my skin after my bath so I’m guessing I’ll love this one too. I think I’ve just figured out my Valentine’s present to myself. There is also a men’s duo too for those wanting to buy for their other half but I shall just be selfish because if you don’t love yourself, who else will?!

That is it for my pampering product recommendations, I hope it was useful and gave you ideas! Have a great Valentine’s day and keep smiling – Tanzina x

Makeup A to Z Recommend’s: The Finest Liquid Eyeliner Ever

Morning lovelies, since it’s 2.36AM whilst I type this I think that means I qualify for a cheery good morning. I wrote cheery as cherry and didn’t realise for quite a while, a sure sign I need to head to bed however I have decided I will have a deeply pampering shower so bed is on the back burner for a while. Now that I’ve filled you in with my nocturnal ways, let’s get to today’s post! Today’s post is a new ‘series’ I’m trying out here on Makeup A to Z, which is a recommendations series. These posts will feature one to around four products, a quick round up of products I’m generally really enjoying. I hope you guys enjoy it, do let me know if you want me to continue!

As you can see from the picture above, the product I’m loving is a Pixi one, and it’s a liquid eyeliner pen. Now I’ve always avoided liquid eye liner pens, they tend to need three or four swipes to get a gap less line, and I struggled to get precise control when applying them. Lines always came out so thick which is okay some day but not all days! But from the title of the post you’ve probably guessed that this pen creates the finest line ever (well maybe not ever, but so far in my experience!) and it also just needs one stroke to get a perfect line, you don’t need to keep going over it and over it.

On top of that, it is also waterproof which I struggle to find in liquid eyeliners so I was really surprised when I realised that it indeed was. I hasn’t smudged once, and works fine when I wear false lashes. I’m looking forward to testing it’s waterproof qualities when I move back to my home town early next year and join a gym with a pool, as my current gym doesn’t have one. Hmm, maybe I should try it in the steam room? Overall I’ve been really loving this and would definitely recommend it. You can see how thin the top of the nib is in the pictures below, and just how thin the line can get! You can pick this up here for £12.00

Rich pay off

That is the end of my first recommendations post, I hope you guys enjoyed it and I think I want to more of these quick posts so do let me know your thoughts! Until next time lovelies, hope you have a great day and have lots of fun. I know I won’t be, I have a 3000 word Shakespeare essay due in for tomorrow, I am not a happy bunny! – Tanzina x