Looking After Your Smile

Hi all, today I have an impromptu post about looking after your smile. I recently got a little sample of some DenTek products to try out, and it spurred me into thinking a little more about my smile. Did you know last month was National Smile Month? Or just last Friday the 19th of June was National Kissing Day? I feel like in the beauty world we put so much focus on the lips with lip care and lip colours, we forget to look beyond that and think more about our mouth and teeth. Today I just wanted to remind you about your mouth, give you a little nudge and make you think about your next dentist appointment and share my thoughts on a couple of products I have been enjoying.

Looking after your smile

When was your last dentist appointment? If you are unsure, it may be time to book a checkup at Box Hill – Australian Dentists Clinic (if you live in this area) or your local clinic. It is important to remember that oral hygiene is important, so regular checkups are a must. I’ll be honest if you asked me this about a week ago I would say 18 months ago and before that about 5 years ago! I know it really is terrible how little I think about something I literally would not be able to live a good life without. But I just asked a few people around me as I type this, they too have left quite some time since their last dentist appointment. One of my friends hadn’t been to the dentist in a while and she bought some cleaning products recommended by this Kennesaw Dentist that would help her teeth get back to how they should be. Thanks to DenTek reminding me, I finally booked a dentist appointment last week and I have to admit the dentist wasn’t too impressed. She told me quite bluntly that my brushing technique was wrong, and the plaque build-up needed to be cleaned there and then. It really isn’t the most flattering thing to admit to, but I just wanted you to think what your dentist would say about your teeth? I have already booked in an appointment for 6 months’ time because I realise now I really need to start thinking more about looking after my smile. Having a clean and fresh smile will lighten up anyone’s mood, just by being yourself and showing the world your beautiful happiness, you can check out a professional and affordable dentist by visiting some of the Best Dental Services.
dentek slim brush
Talking about brushing technique, I wanted to bring to your attention something that was actually in my DenTek care package, and recommended by my dentist. Some of my teeth are quite close together, meaning they never get brushed in between. The thought of a part of my body not being washed really grosses me out so you can imagine my reaction to that. That is where these DenTek Slim Brush (interdental brushes) come into use, my dentist recommended dipping them in Corsodyl and brushing in between the gaps of my teeth. I have been doing that, and find that these are so easy to use. Although I can’t see the immediate results (obviously) I am guessing this will really help the overall health of my teeth and mouth – and smile of course!


Talking about smiling, it’s all well having a pretty smile but it really isn’t anything to boast about if your mouth smells to the high heavens. Now I am confident that your breath isn’t that bad and I am hoping mine isn’t either, but anything that helps minimise the smell of bad breath is an asset in my books. Some of you may know about Ramadhan, it is a month where Muslims abstain from food or drink between sunrise and sunset. The issue with not eating or drinking anything the whole day is it really does make your breath smell. This is where the Orabrush has come into use for me, it is a tongue brush that is really effective in banishing bad breath. I have been using it daily, prior to Ramadhan, and it is quite a good feeling knowing my tongue is getting a regular clean. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! Also, the Orabrush is very affordable at £5.10 here.


Now that we have talked about all the important bits, let’s talk about something pretty. You can’t finish of a smile without a pretty lip product, and I have recently really been enjoying this Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red. It is a gorgeous pigmented product, and so easy to put on. It lasts really well and it does brighten up my smile. I will try to put it in a makeup look for you all soon. It retails for £4.99.

I hope you liked today’s post, it definitely was something a little different but I hope it has made you think a little bit about your dental care. If you are as naughty as I was, and haven’t seen the dentist in a while, I would highly recommend a visit. You only have one set of teeth left now for the rest of your life, so take care of them! Okay that is enough of me lecturing, speak soon, Tanzina x

Anastasia Amrezy Palette

Hi guys, today I want to share with you an eyeshadow palette, which has without question become my most used and most loved palette as of late. But before I get too into this post, there is a little disclaimer I must make. Getting hold of this palette has become extremely difficult as it is limited edition however I thought I would still go ahead and make this post for you all as all these shadows will be launching individually. So the palette in question is none other than Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette.



When I realised this palette was launching I was extremely eager to get my hands on it because I knew that it was going to extremely compliment to my tan olive skin tone. The palette was created via collaboration with Amra Olevic (Amrezy) who is an Instragram sensation and a makeup artist extraordinaire. She creates beautiful looks and has such a lovely golden skin tone so I was eagerly awaiting to swatch the shadows and see if they suited me as much as they suited her. And did they just! The hues of this palette are golden, rich with a luxurious silky finish – if I had to create my own palette I would definitely feature similar shades.

Before I share swatches of this palette, let us talk about the shadow quality. I’ve said this about the Tamanna palette and I’ll say for the same for these shades too, Anastasia has really raised the bar when it comes to the formulations and met the likes of Urban Decay shadows head on. Colour pay off is just amazing, you’ll see what I’m talking about when I show you the swatches. The blendability (yes I made that up) is just as good as Urban Decay shadows, the formula is silky so can be manipulated easily making looks like the smokey look much easier as you have less harsh lines. The one point that may just make it better than the UD shadows is the fall out factor – it is very minimal. My biggest vice (vice – get it? If not don’t worry) with UD shadows is the fall out and I love how with these shadows there is hardly any. AND the palettes are cheaper!

So swatch time. Let’s check out the vividness of these shadows, applied on the back of my hand without any primer! When it comes to eyeshadows I find the brand hierarchy doesn’t really apply as I have Tom Ford palettes and I always find that Urban Decay have better quality shadows and I find this palette is another testament to that theory.



My favourite and most used shadows from this palette are Caramel, Morocco and Deep Plum. I’ve used three shades religiously and use them to create a slight warm smokey look. I love the warm tones of these shades, I don’t think I’ve ever owned a palette this warm and complimentary to my skintone. Anastasia collaborated with Maya Mia to create a more cooler toned palette which I am sure is just as amazing but I gave it a miss because even though I was certain to use the shadows in that palette I just wouldn’t utilise it enough. When I hit pan on these three shadows, without a second thought I will definitely be ordering the individual pans of shadow.



The individual pans of eyeshadows will be launching any day soon over at Anastasia Beverly Hills, and will surely trickle its way over to our UK shores. Anastasia Beverly Hills has made a huge impact on the beauty market especially since their launch of DipBrow and I cannot wait to see what else they bring out with. When I have a little more time on my hands I will try create some looks for you all, I’ve used the palette on my daily looks and you can find pictures of that on my Instragram under @MakeupAtoZ. Until next time loves, have an amazing day. Tanzina x

Inside My Travel Makeup Bag

So I went abroad what feels like centuries ago but really was two months ago. Of course before I went I had all these high hopes of creating regular posts, I took pictures and prepped but when I got there I had so much fun that I kind of just switched off from everything and just focused on enjoying myself with my family. However what that now means is that I have pictures waiting ready to upload so I though, better now than never right? So without much further rambling, let’s have a little peek at what I took on the plane with me. 



So when I boarded the plane I didn’t have a scratch of makeup on, I’ll save you from witnessing that in picture form! I just wanted to not worry about getting ready and taking of makeup and all that hassle that comes with wearing makeup on long haul journeys so I just took makeup along with me so when I landed I didn’t look like death warmed up. I also knew that my skin was bound to dry out whilst on the plane so I need some really good skincare to keep my skin happy. Let’s start with skin care. For moisturised I took along my trusty Bioderma Sensibio Lght Soothing Cream which comes in a very travel friendly 40ml tube. My skin gets irritated on the plane so this was perfect and it was light as well so I could keep reapplying without feeling like it was sitting really heavy on my skin. I also took along the Bioderma Sensibio Eye Gel which again is light but very hydrating. For my lips I grabbed my Elemis FreshSkin Quenching Lip Balm which did just that. Oh I also took along my very trusty Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water which I cannot live without. Overall, I think my skin care picks were just right and I didn’t feel like I forgot anything on that front!

For my makeup I wanted products which were a cross between compact and easy to use. Starting with base I went for my much loved Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer and Translucent Powder duo in Honey/Pale Yellow. To blend it I used the very versatile Nanshy Large Shader brush which worked very well. For eyes I chose my MAC eyeshadow palette, 2True Liquid Eyeliner and Bobbi Brown Intensifying Mascara. My brush choice was again another Nanshy (love this brand), this time Eye Crease Brush. For my brows, without a doubt, I picked up my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Ebony which of course worked like a dream. For my blusher I opted for a deep pink shade in the form of Motives Cosmetics Runway blush and used a Japonesque Blush brush which was nice and little. And finally for my lips I went for a nude pink using NYX Peekaboo Pink lip pencil, MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick and AVON Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss in Nude Muse. It was very easy to create a fresh faced look with these products which was exactly what I was aiming for and again I gave myself a little mental pat on the back for choosing wisely!


And these are all the brushes I used to create my makeup look.. just kidding! I’m not sure why I took a picture of these brushes but these are the ones I took along with me for when I was in Canada for two weeks. I know, quite a lot of brushes for just two weeks away but I promise I pretty much used every single one. I think it is mostly a mix of Real Techniques and Nanshy and a few more brands. I thought you might like a little peek at my brush pouch!

That is it for today’s post, I hope you liked nosying around my travel makeup bag and liked this post. What do you have on your travel makeup bag? Make sure you follow me on Instagram if you are on there as I have lots of peeks over there. Find me as @MakeupAtoZ. Until next time, have a great day! Tanzina x

Affordable Must Repurchase Products

Hi loves, today I thought I would type a quick blog post about two products that I always find myself repurchasing. As much as I would love to keep repurchasing my more premium products, it isn’t always viable however I love it when I find affordable products that don’t break the bank that I can keep buying over and over again. Read on to find out my mascara and eyeliner favourites. 



The L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes in Extra Black, I first purchased this little beauty all those years ago when it first came out. I was attracted to its huge plastic wand and the super black colour pay off it had. Ever since, I have played around with many different mascaras, I think currently I have about 4 on the go, but this remains my favourite. No other mascara volumises and separates my  lashes as well as this and I can pick it u at my local Superdrug or Boots for £10.99. You can find it here.


The 2True Liquid eyeliner has made so many appearances on my blog so of course it was going to be on my must repurchase list. I absolutely love this eyeliner, when I start to run a little low I always make sure I stock up lots! They are so affordable at 3 for £5 and as Superdrug do free delivery over £10 I always end up buying 6 liners to last me awhile. I always get comments made about my eyeliner saying how do I get it so dark and so matte, and this baby is the answer. Could not recommend this enough. Unfortunately my local Superdrug no longer stocks 2True but some bigger ones do. Superdrug, you better not stop selling these online! You can pick these up here.

I told you today’s post was going to be a quick one but I just wanted to share my thoughts with you while it was still fresh on my mind. Once I start using products and they are incorporated into my daily makeup, they quickly become ‘old news’ to me and I forget to blog them. If anyone has must repurchase products both luxury and affordable please make sure to share. Until next time dolls, have a great day. Tanzina x

Testing the Tarte Collection

As a beauty blogger/beauty fanatic you are introduced to lots of new brands over the course of the year and some are only glanced at and others seem to monopolise your makeup bag. Today I want to share a brand that does the latter, a brand I have been lusting over for so many years and am so glad to see on the UK shores. I am talking of course about none other than Tarte cosmetics. Tarte is a much loved brand worldwide but seemed to have evaded our UK grasps for far too long. Now since coming over to QVC they have made so many beauty fanatics like myself fall even further in love with the brand and this August they added even more products to the line up. Today I thought it is about time I share some of those beauties with you.



Honestly not many products make me giddy (that’s a lie), but just look at that picture. Can you blame me for being excited? Let me briefly give you an overview of the products that have been released: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushers x2, Prismatic Eye Colour Enhancing shadow palette & double-ended brush, Clay Concealer & Finishing Powder & double-ended brush, 4 Piece LipSurgence Lip Creme Collection, Clay CC primer and double-ended camouflage tool and Lights, Camera, Lashes precision longwear Liquid Liner & 4-in-1 Mascara duo. Phew, that is a lot!





Rather than doing an in-depth review on each and every product in one post, because lets face it I can keep going on and on about these beauties, I thought instead I would just share my thoughts on my favourites. I will be creating makeup looks and such in the coming few weeks so hopefully then you can get a better insight into the products. It’s well and easy seeing a swatch on a wrist but it isn’t the same as seeing it on someone’s face and seeing how they’ve used it, right? Let’s start with my favourite of the lot, the two Tarte 12 Hour Clay Amazonian Clay Blushers. Priced at £23.00 each they are more on the higher end of the beauty market, but still quite well priced in my opinion for what they are. This is my first time using these blushes and I now know what the fuss is about. QVC now have two more colours to their selection ‘Exposed’ and ‘Blissful’. Exposed is a beautiful dusky pink brown colour that I describe as a ‘nude’ blush that adds colour to my complexion but nothing that screams she’s wearing too much makeup. When I go for a heavy eye AND a heavy lip, this is the perfect blusher. The colours are so pigmented, but with no fall out at all. The brush just picks it up so easily, and the blush doesn’t fade through out the day either. It really is a stunning product and I completely understand its cult status. I also have been playing with Blissful which is a gorgeous subtle pink, and it has now become my every day blush. Hand on my heart, I wouldn’t recommend this if it wasn’t amazing, and it truly truly is. You can get these here at QVC. Go buy!


The next product I have been trying is a face primer with a hint of colour, something I’ve never actually used before. To be honest I don’t really wear primer, that is until now. Since I don’t wear foundation, I don’t apply this all over my face, I stick to under my eyes and cheek area where I actually do apply product. This is the Tarte Clay CC Primer and it comes with a brush to apply it with. The great thing about Tarte coming to the UK is that a lot of their products already come with brushes which they don’t do abroad – maybe they are trying to make up for neglecting us for so long! This is how Tarte describe the product: ‘Buff your way to complexion perfection with this revolutionary correcting stick! Powered by skinvigorating™ and colour-correcting coloured clay, it easily blends into skin for an all-over airbrushed look that neutralizes discoloration as it evens and brightens all skin tones. Apply with tarte’s double-ended camouflage tool to achieve the perfect texture and finish’. I haven’t yet tried the brush but I have been applying the product straight from the stick and blending with my fingers. I genuinely do find my concealor creases less under the eyes and also my blush and contour stay and show up better. I’m able to get away using less product as it sticks to my face as now it finally has a base underneath it. The brush AND the product retails for £24.12 here.



Talking about concealor, let’s talk about a concealor I have been loving. I was a bit sceptial about the Tarte Clay Concealer mainly because mine was shade Medium which is slightly too light for my tan skin. That is until I realised how well it brightens up my face. If you hate the Kim Kardashian bright under the eyes look and are my skin tone then maybe this is one you need to stay away from but if you are looking for this effect/or are of lighter skin colour this may be up there s one of the best under eye concealer you’ve used. However Tarte do have 5 shades available should you want to match it closer to your skin tone and I think I will be sampling shade Tan soon. Now back to the concealer it isn’t the creamiest concealer however this also means it does not budge and creases much less than other concealers such as the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer. If you want the concealer to blend easier I would recommend applying it and then blending with a brush sprayed with setting spray. The setting powder I find is also really good, and does actually help set the product well. This little wonder duo comes with its own concealer brush which again I haven’t used so cannot comment on. It retails £26.50 here.

Wow I’ve written over 1000 words already, any surprise I took English at Uni! This is why I didn’t want to do a review of all the products; we’d be here for days. I only get like this when I am really passionate about a brand – so I guess my typing speaks for its self. I will be posting more about Tarte so keep a look out for that and I hope you liked today’s post. I am genuinely so impressed with this brand and can’t wait to see what else comes out. The great thing about QVC also is that they have real reviews from people so you can always read and see what others think who have bought the product already. You can see the full range of Tarte at QVC here. Until next time loves, have a good day x