Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

Ugh, it has been forever since I last posted on here. I don’t really have an excuse so I am not going to faff on too much about that. Anyway, moving on very swiftly from that, I’ve recently been to quite a few weddings and I wanted to share with you my outfit and makeup from one of the events I attended. I wore a pink saree that is actually very simple but somehow really impactful. You’ll see what I mean in the following pictures.

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look
Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

I tend to wear a lot of traditional Indian and Bangladeshi dresses, which I usually get from places similar to Lashkaraa, but I don’t wear a lot of sarees. I can’t actually wrap them, so one of my new year’s resolution was to learn how to wrap a saree. Unfortunately I still haven’t mastered that yet, so I have my mum to thank for the wrapping of this saree. This saree was so made for a wedding, you know when you have a wedding to go to where you aren’t close family, but you still need to make an effort? This saree was made for that. The saree itself is really plain but the blouse is quite a statement piece so it wasn’t too simple for a wedding at all.

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

The saree itself was from Mongas, they used to have a shop in Luton which is where I picked it up however unfortunately they have now closed this shop down. They have a shop in Southall so that may be worth checking out. I have some bad news for you guys if you are loving this saree – I picked it quite a few months ago so I doubt they will still have it in stock. However Mongas is really worth checking out for party sarees and wedding guest sarees. I think I picked this saree for either £100 or £120.

My earrings are from Bees in Green Street, London. I actually wore them on my Mehndi day. My clutch is from Accessorize.

Now on to things you can pick up. Lets talk through the makeup products I used for the below makeup look.

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

Wedding Guest Outfit and Makeup Look

When I bought this saree, I knew exactly what shadow palette I would use when I finally wear it. The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette was made for this, it has gorgeous pinky toned shadows that just compliment my complexion so well. I love the darker shades at the end of the palette as well as you can create a really nice plum toned smokey eye. I thought since it was a wedding I’d add in some glitter courtesy of a Tom Ford palette that I have but hardly ever use. For my lips, after a long while I decided to turn away from the liquid lipsticks and pick up one of my trusty MAC lipsticks.

Face Makeup

Eye Makeup

Lip Makeup

I hope you liked this post that I’ve created. I was unsure about posting it as the saree is actually no longer available but I thought you might like to see how I styled my outfit and also how I created my makeup look. I know August is peak wedding season for the Asian community and also with Eid around the corner I wanted you guys to get a little inspiration. Let me know what you think of this post and also if you’d like to see more blog posts like this. Speak soon (hopefully), Tanzina x

Asian Outfit of the Day – Best Friend’s Engagement

Hi loves, as promised today I have an outfit of the day post for you. This is a little throwback to my best friend’s engagement, which I have written all about [here]. We went for a white and gold theme, and of course the friends and family matched that theme to a tee. My best friend actually chose this outfit, and the second she sent me the pictures I approved. Today’s post is going to be mostly pictures, as I am sure that is the most interesting part of an outfit of the day post.

Asian Outfit of the Day

If you read the aforementioned blog post, you’d know I made a little sneaky detour after my friend’s engagement and had an impromptu photoshoot at a local park. With the lighting just right, it would have been silly to not join in and take a few pictures of my look too. I just love how the pictures turned out, so this post is really just an excuse to share them with you.

The dress was from Memsaab, a shop we have in my town but they also have an online shop. It’s actually a replica of another design they have, but when I compared the original to the replica, I couldn’t see or feel much of a difference. Due to the dress price and also how pretty it looks, this dress is now on pre-order. We picked it up in the colour gold, but the mint shade is beautiful too.


Dress – Memsaab £35 – pick it up [here]
Jewellery – Bees (Green Street, London)
Lipstick – Beauty Bakerie Mon Cheri £16 – pick it up [here]

I hope you liked my Asian outfit of the day post, do let me know if you would like to see more posts like this. I do wear Asian/Indian/Bengali clothes quite a bit, even more so since I got married so maybe I can do more posts like this in the future if you enjoyed it. Speak soon, Tanzina x

My Eid Outfit of the Day

Hi guys, I thought since I took so many pictures of it, I would share my Eid outfit of the day with you all. Eid was last Thursday, and as always it was a bit of a dressy affair for my family and I. I guess because it is such a celebration, it is always nice to dress the part and take family pictures together. This year I designed my dress, and my mum made it come to life for me. She is pretty special and I am so appreciative of having someone with her skills in my life.

eid outfit of the day

eid outfit of the day

eid outfit of the day

eid outfit of the day

The dress I went for was black with antique gold/bronze. I bought the black and gold material first which I used for the skirt of the dress, and I thought it would look really nice paired with black velvet material. I love how my mum made the skirt, I told her I wanted a full skirt that was princess like, and so she added pleats to help make the dress puff out a little from the waist down. Initially we weren’t going to add a belt, but I felt like the dress needed a little something to help bring it together so she added a sash at the waist for me which I was able to tie in a little bow at the back.

eid outfit of the day

For accessories I left it really simple, on some Eid days I go a little overboard with the costume jewellery but this year I wanted to strip it back a little. I love this little black and gold embellished clutch bag I picked up from Accessorize about a year ago, it is so beautiful and compliments so many of my Indian dresses and sarees. I felt it matched the dress really well, now I just need to pick up a white and silver version!

eid outfit of the day

eid outfit of the day

eid outfit of the day

For jewellery I paired the dress with a few pieces I picked up from Green Street, London, which is a hub for South Asian fashion. I love these gold earrings, especially as they have a tear drop shape and a little pearl drop. For my bangles I went for two pairs of simple black and gold bangles that were quite chunky on my wrist. I also wore a necklace that I haven’t done a close up of, but it was dainty gold chain that I borrowed from my mum as we thought it would look really nice resting on top of the velvet. Not just in an Asian wedding, but the addition of accessories in any situation is important. It makes any outfit stand out even more. Who doesn’t want that? To understand it’s importance, learn this here now. You’ll see what I mean about how jewellery can make any outfit, no matter what you are wearing.

eid outfit of the day

eid outfit of the day

This was a bit of an impromptu post for me, I didn’t think I would be doing an outfit post but I am glad I did as I love how this look turned out. Let me know if you would like to know what I used for my makeup look. Let me know if you liked my Eid outfit of the day, and if you would like to see more posts like this. Speak soon, Tanzina x

MakeupAtoz Outfit of the Day: Coral in the grey

Hi lovelies, today’s post is a rather different one.. a type of post which I really didn’t think would appear here on MakeupAtoZ. It’s actually an outfit of the day post, and an unplanned one too. I was at a really nice location, with a helpful friend who didn’t mind being behind the camera. We ended up deciding to create a mini-shoot and I thought it would be quite nice to share it with you all. Looking at it all now, I really wish I grabbed a little waist belt! It was a rather gloomy day, so I thought a bright coral dress would brighten things up, and it did.

All wrapped up in my coat to keep away the chills

Blazer- Forever 21
Dress- Republic
Black tights
Boots- Lotus
Bracelets- Dorothy Perkins
Bag - Micheal Kors

That’s it for today’s post, it was super quick! I think I should start doing more of these outfit posts, they’re super fun in creating and quite easy to post. I can pretend to be a model whilst creating them, although I would make a dreadful model as model’s are meant to look all serene and moody and I can’t help but smile constantly! Maybe I shouldn’t have my friends as the designated photographer, they just make me laugh.

Over the next few days I shall be quite busy, tomorrow is Eid which is rather exciting then I have a wedding in the weekend. Hopefully that will mean I shall have lots of outfit and makeup pictures to share with you guys, but it will also mean I won’t be able to blog for a few days so please bear with me, I’ll be back! Hope you all have a lovely weekend, and smile lots – Tanzina x

My First OOTD

Last Thursday I attended an event for Coran Bath and Body (more on that coming up soon!) and since the setting was gorgeous I had a few pictures of myself taken throughout the day. I’ve never done an Outfit of the Day post before, probably because I’m not fully comfortable with my sense of style, but I’m getting there. In an attempt at confidence, I decided to take the plunge and create this post!

I am no fashion expert or trend setter in any shape or form (though I wouldn’t mind to be in the future!)
But this is an outfit that I found myself really comfortable with.

The shoes I wore 

Nails with flash

Nails without flash

Face of the day

Top – Dorothy Perkins
Necklace – New Look
Shoes – Dorothy Perkins 

Sorry about having to put a watermark on my photos, there have been issues of people stealing other bloggers picture, so I’d rather prevent that from happening rather than trying to cure the problem after it happened! Thank you for understanding.

I hope you liked my OOTD and please let me know if you want to see more, or I should just give up and never try again!