Hi guys, I know I haven’t posted a blog post in so so long but whilst I was in Canada, because I had been so shattered prior to the break I decided I really need a ‘switch off’ period to recharge my batteries. However I am now back and ready to start getting back into blogging. Today I thought I would start off with a blog post which is almost stepping into the recent past, as it is of events that occurred just before I flew out to Canada. Don’t worry, we will soon step back into the present but until we do, I hope you enjoy this post. It is named: Moments That Matter

Moments that matter is quite an interesting title to post I think. I think it’s mostly because special moments are so personal to people, and they vary drastically person to person. Well the people over at Sure asked me to capture some of my ‘Moments That Matter’ and as this is a week where I’m having so much going on with my life I thought what better time. So without much further ado, let’s share some snaps.

As some of you know, I’ve known I’m heading over to Canada for a fortnight and as excited as I am, I do really get sad at the prospect of leaving my loved ones behind. I know it’s silly but.. It’s just the way I am. It’s a short period I know, I know, but the thought of having limited contact with someone you see and speak to every day? It is sad, at least for me! To make up for the upcoming lost time I thought I’d do something special with my best friend, so we went out for a really nice spa day and meal. Here’s a few snaps from moments that surely do matter to me.

image (11)

image (13)

image (15)

image (16)

Despite my relaxing spa break it wasn’t long till I was back at work, at the office, dealing with stress and emails piling up. Now when that happens, I desperately need some me time. I had plans during the week with a friend, but I cancelled plans (pretending to be sick, naughty Tanzina) and just had a day in relaxing with candles, face mask and a book. That really is my idea of heaven. Also, did you know that stress related sweat smells worse than exercise induced sweat? Slightly off topic, but with all the upheavals at my work place recently Sure Maximum Protection has been an absolute saviour for me!

image (23)

For my last day in the UK I decided to go out again with my best friend for a meal. Meal = date night dress up! I went for the classic smokey look with bright red lips. We ended up going for an Indian which I have to admit is probably my favourite cuisine. I always opt for Prawn Puri if it is on the menu, sometimes I am a little cheeky and do ask if they can make it especially for me. It’s like a prawn mixture with onions and spice on top of a paratha (bread like thing).

image (19)

image (18)

image (17)

It wasn’t long until I was on my long haul flight to Canada, and it was time to get comfy. I had a rather comfortable pillow seated next to me in the form of my beloved father. I did hear him complaining to my Mum once we arrived that I didn’t let him sleep peacefully. I did feel a little guilty. Once I get on the flight I usually cleanse my face, put some moisturiser on and try to fall asleep ASAP. I hate lift off and found my way of combating it is trying to fall asleep! Here’s a snap of one of my carry on beauty bags. I travelled ridiculously heavy this time round.

image (24)

#MomentsThatMatter Kit



I thought I’d end the post with a ‘Moments That Matter’ kit idea, a little kit that will be sure to help you create a few moments of your own. This is what I’d include in my kit:

  • Sure Maximum Protection – Clean Scent
  • Hair spray
  • Mini hair brush
  • Tic Tac
  • Bach Rescue Remedy
  • Mac lipstick – Russian Red
  • OPI polish – Big Apple Red
  • Travel candle
  • Roll A Sole
  • Starbucks gift card

That is it for today’s post. I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my life and little things that matter to me. Let me know what you’d put in your #momentsthatmatter kit. I promise to be up to date with posts soon and take you back into the present with my next post. Until next times loves, have an amazing day.

Update: My Holiday

Hi loves, feels like absolutely ever since I have sat here and typed away and written something. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I actually typed on a keyboard but I did get a chance to write away on my phone whilst I was in Dubai. I thought today as a way to ease myself back into blogging I would share a few snaps and tell you what I have been up to.




I haven’t had a full family holiday since 2006 so my Dad decided it was high time we went away somewhere. Initially the plan was last summer however as we required a visa to get into Saudi, and due to visa issues we were unable to acquire one and our holiday was cancelled a week before we were jetting off. Fair to say I was extremely disappointed so when we booked it this time round, I made no preparations and did not get my hopes up at all. Luckily this time, the getaway actually happened!




We spent just under a week in Dubai and then around two week in Saudi Arabia. Being Muslim, Saudi Arabia was especially amazing to visit as I had a chance to recharge my faith and also discover new things that I didn’t previously know. In Dubai I dressed as I normally do here in UK albeit a little more flowy and airy however understandably in Saudi I dressed a lot more modest. I’ll be honest laziness kicked in and rather than wearing layers and trying to figure out new modest outfits every day before I left I had my mum tailor me an Abaya which is a loose gown which is the customary dress of women in Saudi. I just chucked that on daily on top of my underwear, in the heat I had to!





I honestly had the most amazing time in both countries, Dubai was just… Dubai. Absolutely stunning, probably one of the best cities in the world with breath taking views and amazing activities to do. We tried to do as much as possible while we were there however I don’t think we even scraped the surface. I definitely intend to return back one day and explore it further, hopefully that will actually happen. As for Saudi, I saw some beautiful sights and done a lot more activities than I was expecting. It was amazing, I went quad bike racing with my mum and dad, camel riding and even horseback riding. We visited a little town high high up in the mountain and I really do mean high up.. got surrounded by baboons who had a taste for fizzy cola straw sweets and we even tried our hand at mountain climbing. (We didn’t get very high up)

I really badly needed this break, I feel like I haven’t had a getaway in such a long time that this was long overdue. I actually do already have another holiday lined up, two weeks in Canada at the end of August so I am pretty excited about that. I have ended up putting on so much weight while I was away, so now I will have to try eat a little healthier and start working out a little bit. Hopefully I will settle back to my routine soon but for now I just want to sleep! I am so glad it is the weekend while I type this because I can sleep in! Hope you liked my snaps loves, I will try share some more in the next post. Love, Tanzina.

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Makeup A to Z 2014 Wishlist

Can you even believe 2013 has come and gone and tomorrow will be the start of a new year? I cannot comprehend how time has passed me so fast, the beginning of this year I was living in London, studying at University, dreading whether I would pass or not and now.. I’m doing none of those things! I no longer live in London (that breaks my heart), I’ve graduated (you can see pictures here) and I THINK I am starting a full time job very very soon. I can’t believe how much my life has changed over the past year, I think if I go on any longer about this I might get a little emotional and start writing an 8000 word essay on the topic. So without much further ado here is my 2014 wish list.

2014 wishlist

There are a few of these 2014 wishlists whizzing around in the blogging-sphere and I thought I would join in and compile one of my own. I actually created one last year and I did fulfill most of it so I am hoping that in 2014 I can tick off all the items on my latest wishlist.. though I have to admit I have added a rather pricey item to my list! I decided to go for six items simply because I couldn’t think of anymore but now I just remembered there are a pair of Chanel sunglasses that WILL be mine. Fact.

wishlist 2014

1. The first thing on my wishlist is the Miss Dior Eau De Parfum (not to be confused with the Miss Dior Originale) – it reminds me of my much loved Chanel Coco Mademoiselle and has one my favourite notes, Jasmine, within it which makes it must have for me. It is rather pricey as expected from DIOR, retailing at £66.00 for 50ml here.

2. Next is 2013 beauty must have, the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette which I need to have in my makeup collection, not like I don’t have enough eyeshadows as it is! I know that no matter what I will definitely be getting this next year although I have promised myself that I am not allowed to buy any more makeup until after February as I have been shopping a little bit too much recently. This retails for £37.00 here.

3. Last year I said I wanted a YSL Lipstick and I actually never got round to buying myself one. I know, disgraceful. However this year I have decided YSL Rouge Volupte in shade 11 Pink Fetish would look just beautiful in my life, I swatched it and it was a gorgeous creamy hot pink goodness that I kind of fell in love with. Need, need and need. It retails for £24.50 and is available here.

4. Yankee candles have been very popular for me this year and next year I plan on carrying that little trend on. I have set my sights on Yankee Midsummers Night which I hear smells like a gorgeous man with a strong cologne. I don’t know if that is true, but I do love the scent of men’s fragrances and this seems right up my street. You can get some great bargains on ebay, here it is for £15.

5. A MAC product was going to find itself into this list obviously however which one is the question. Although I have my eyes on quite a few lipsticks, my first MAC purchase of 2014 will be this MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl for a dewy highlighted finish. Can’t wait! You can get it here for £15.00.

6. Now on to the final product and it’s a big one.. I’ve been deliberating whether I want one of these or not, and I have decided in 2014 I will finally splurge and welcome one of these into my life. This is the Ipad Air, the latest installment to the Ipad family. I was deliberating between this and a designer bag and I think practically, this will be more useful and worth the investment. It’s not cheap, starts around £400 so I will have to give myself several pep talks before I splurge!

That is it for my 2014 wish list, I think other than the Ipad the rest are pretty justifiable, the most expensive item is £66.00 and it is a perfume which is bound to last me ages. Plus my birthday is coming up (January 19th) so I deserve to buy me some presents right? I mean I’ve been by my side through thick and thin for 23 whole years, that kind of loyalty deserves repayment. Of course my loyal readers, please free to gift me any of those items ideally starting with the Ipad… I joke, sort of ! (I’ve just tallied up the total and it comes to £557 -ouch! However it is cheaper than my dream Gucci bag!)

Jokes aside, I really do want to thank you to everyone who reads my blog, I’ve been doing this for two years now and have enjoyed every part of it and enjoyed the opportunities it has bought me. I’ve loved all the feedback, kind comments and love I’ve gotten from this and I really wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t enjoy it. So here’s to many more years of happy blogging and a huge happy new year to you. Hope it brings you lots of smiles and happiness and it is the best year yet. Tanzina xx

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QVC: What I love

Warning: A really in depth kind of post.  

IMG_1659A very old picture..

On the blog I review lots of different products and brands. I look at their ethics, the quality and my thoughts on it but I never really talk at the retailer/stockist. Thinking about it, that’s just as important because a bad experience with the retailer can really ruin the experience of a new product for you. For example, I once bought a faulty (pricey) nail polish set from a retailer and went through so much hassle returning and getting a refund – I had to talk to head office to be refunded. It completely made me lose trust in the retailer and made me think twice about buying products from them again just in case something went wrong.

 I think that’s one of the reasons I adore QVC, the no hassle quibble free money back guarantee they offer is amazing, makes me feel like I have some sort of insurance against the item I’m purchasing – and a free insurance at that! I think it says a lot for a company to be able to afford to have such a guarantee, it means they are so sure of the quality of the items they are sending out and the service they provide that they’re pretty sure you won’t have any reason not to love it!


As a beauty blogger, and beauty fanatic in general before buying items I’ve either researched it extensively or heard some amazing things about from somewhere. Most times I’ve popped into shops and tried the product and let myself ponder over purchasing it for a while. I’m definitely more of an online QVC shopper and not much of a telephone shopper, and the QVC website really does meet my shopping needs.

 Like I said I usually research the product, read reviews and the great thing about the site is I have access to so many buyers reviews on products whilst looking at them. I can read reviews knowing that they’re not biased as the reviews are coming from real people and not magazines that may have been bribed (it may happen! I am a bit of a sceptic!). If you’re unsure about a product, my tip would be: have a look at the reviews not just one or two but quite a few. And don’t take them at first glance, read them thoroughly. You might find a really horrendous review on a great product simply because the product wasn’t suited to the buyer, for example a dry skin moisturiser been used on an oily, acne prone skin. That spells disaster.

 Another cheeky tip I have for you is something I kind of do quite often. I often go into shops that stock brands that QVC also stock. Brands such as OPI, Nails Inc and Emma Hardie. I try the products in store, figure out whether I like it and then look on QVC to see if I can find a better deal on them on there! Most of the time I usually do find a great deal, and let’s be honest, there’s something in us that makes us feel better knowing we’re paying less than what others are paying for a product.


After browsing the QVC website for quite a while, consulting and re consulting my wish list, I picked out two products that really sort of describe me in a nutshell. I’m a huge makeup fanatic, I think my collection is starting to get a bit out of hand, and if makeup items weren’t in my top picks I’d really be lying to both myself and you. I adore Bobbi Brown and this Pretty Powerful Party Collection set was just calling my name. I really loved how with this kit you basically had your whole face of makeup sorted (except the base) and it came with a gorgeous make up bag that is perfect handbag carry around size. It consists of Sandstone Shimmer Brick which sorts out your blusher/bronzer and highlighter. Not only that you can use it on your eyes, so that’s your shadow done. You then have the fabulous Intensifying mascara, to add long lashes to your look. You can use the eye pencil in Mahogany to add more definition to the eyes and amp the look up. And to finish the look you have my favourite Bobbi Brown lipgloss in Bare Sparkle. They describe it as High Shimmer and it definitely is that. I think I will create a look on my blog very soon using mostly this set so you can get an idea how the products look when used together.



This retails for £55 and you can pick it up here


 Now if makeup takes up one half of my heart, pampering moments take up the other half. I adore candle lot bubble baths, massages and aromatherapy oils. As someone who struggles with sleep every now and then and final year university stress weighing me down, the Elemis 3 piece De-stress at Home Kit couldn’t be better suited to me. I adore Elemis Spa range products and have made quite a collection of their goodies. Most of them I bought thorough QVC and I’m waiting for the day QVC start stocking Elemis Freshskin range too. This kit consists of a little Quiet Mind Bath Elixir which makes a really soothing bubble bath to create a relaxing experience. The gorgeous smelling De-stress luxurious massage oil that really helps in making my aching shoulders and neck feel better. All that sitting at the desk in front of a computer really gets to you. And finally a godsend, a Quiet Mind Temple Balm which I honestly feel has helped me sleep much better in recent weeks.


This retails for £35.01 and you can pick it up here.

When it comes to choosing beauty products suited to you, with cosmetics I find that there are no rules really, whatever makes you happy works for you. Of course there are things to consider such as colouring, I could never pull of a light nude lipstick but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear nudes. I just have to find the one that doesn’t clash with my tan skin tone. To me my most important beauty essential would be getting your skin right, so skin care is definitely at the top of my list. It doesn’t have to be a huge stash of skin care items, just a good moisturiser, make up remover/cleanser and exfoliator suited to your skin type. The rest is just bonus, an extra perk.

I love how QVC stock everything under one roof (or website in the literal sense). You can find all your essentials and the pick me ups too. The icing on the cake was when I found out they stock Yankee candles too, what more could a girl need! 

Model Mum, Baby and Me

Hi lovelies, this post is quite different from my usual beauty related posts and lifestyle writing. Actually in hindsight it IS actually about life style but not necessarily mine. Those located in the UK may have recently watched a programme aired on BBC 3 called Glamour Model Mum, Baby and Me. I was actually looking forward to seeing the documentary/reality tv programme as I had previously watched Glamour Model Mum and Me two years ago and enjoyed watching it. Since then much has changed in both the people in the programme and their lives as well as my own life. For me, I now have a platform to voice my opinion which I now shall do.

source: Fabulous Magazine

When I first heard about the programme airing two years ago, I expected a self-obsessed glamour model with a daughter who is being raised with bad principles, in a bad environment and destined to lead a bad future. Reading a book by it’s cover? Probably, but the media attention pretty much screamed the same thing at the time too. I was awfully mistaken, instead I witnessed an obviously close and loving relationship between a mother and daughter, despite the mother’s controversial career and life choices. The daughter, Georgia Douvall appeared extremely mature for her age and also respectful even in the most trying situations. I was rather excited to see what this instalment of their lives would provide.

Y0u can watch the programme [here]

The programme basically is about Alicia Douvall, a glamour model who is addicted to plastic surgery (to the point of having 16 boob jobs), who has a 17 year old daughter called Georgia. If you’re looking for a boob job yourself, Alicia recommends speaking to surgeons all over the world to find the best one for you, from Breast Augmentation Surgery in Westchester to Australia, you need to make sure you find the best surgeon for you. However, with the arrival of baby Papaya, we witness the changes the family face and how Georgia is affected by the arrival. As there doesn’t appear to be a father figure in the girls lives, Georgia takes a lot of responsibility and aids her mother quite a bit. We get an insight into their every day life.

source: Closer

I don’t want to get too much into ranting and raving about Alicia Douvall and her lifestyle but I just want to say that I was really impressed with her strict upbringing choices when it came to her daughter Georgia. Rather than labelling the programme ‘Glamour Model Mum..’ they should just name it ‘Model Mum’ because even with her flaws and issues, she truly is a model mother in my opinion (you are free to disagree). Is she perfect at parenting? Of course not, but have you met anyone who is?

Alicia definitely seems to have made a lot of mistakes in her life. She has had countless plastic surgery operations which probably stemmed from insecurities, career choices haven’t exactly been of role model material and her love life hasn’t always been successful. But it seems all her mistakes have been a lesson for her daughter as much as herself. We now witness how her obsession with plastic surgery has turned sour and appear to be weakening. But what really appealed to me is the relationship the two share. Although Alicia and Georgia are really close, but that doesn’t mean Alicia views her daughter as her friend. She still behaves as a parent, imposing strict rules and curfews to make sure that her daughter doesn’t repeat her own mistakes. Rather than letting her go out to parties, she throws a party which she herself is present in. Yes, her tastes are a bit eccentric… she throws a pimp and whore themed party but in my opinion that is a far less crime compared to parents who let their children attend unsupervised parties involving drugs and drinks. I’ve personally seen too many parents mistake their children as their ‘friend’ and their leniency results in tragic situations such as drug overdose and violent fights.

My parents were quite strict on me, to the same extent as Alicia throughout high school. Although I resented it at the time, now at 21 I look back and I truly appreciate it. They helped me avoid so many unpleasant experiences, and I think Alicia is doing just the same for her children. I’ve read a few articles on news sites such as Daily Mail, slating Alicia for her choices and yes there are some choices that deserve such slating but where are the much deserved compliments? I was quite touched by how well bought up Georgia was, so respectful and not to mention naturally beautiful… I just thought, her mother as a single parent MUST be doing something right to raise a child like that. Georgia has her head into education and I definitely do not agree with Alicia’s surgery interfering with that and hopefully now she has decided to quit surgery, it no longer will interfere. Alicia says the greatest thing she has achieved is her happy family, a safe and loved family unit and it’s lovely to see she recognises that. I find that old fashioned curfews and strict upbringing (by that I don’t mean extreme upbringing) has been thrown aside a lot in society, and those who embrace parenthood positively in such a way should be recognised.

I don’t know why I felt like I had to get this off my chest, but I’m glad I did. Everyone deserves credit where it is due, and Alicia Douvall definitely does. If she raises her baby daughter Papaya just as well as Georgia, she will end up with two beautiful and delightful children.

– I know some may not agree with my views, but that’s okay as everyone has their own opinion. I hope you didn’t mind reading mine! Rant over, do let me know if you enjoy reading my opinions or if you prefer I keep them to myself.