NOTD: Pale Pink and Love Hearts

Today’s post is a super quick Nail of the Day post. It actually features a colour I almost have always avoided when it comes to nail colours, and that is pale pink. I’m not sure why but I have always felt that pale pink does not suit my skin tone and makes my hands look rather horrid. However since it’s been years since I last attempted pale pink nails, I thought it was about time to bite the bullet and just go for it.

The pale pink I went for is called OPI Suzi & the Lifeguard from the OPI Teeny Bikinis collection. It’s the only baby pink I have in my collection, and I only have it because it was a part of a lovely little collection. I would have never picked up otherwise, like I said pale pinks just naturally were nail colours I always gravitated away from. See that little heart on my accent fingers? Yup, I drew them on.. I happen to have a knack for drawing perfect heart shapes. You’ve probably realised I am lying, I actually used Nail Tattoos from the brand Nail Art. I was testing the tattoos out and I have to admit I am really impressed, I will be doing a full review on the tattoos sometime soon.

I think I’ve broken my rule of no pale pinks allowed, and I look forward to trying lots more shades of baby pinks. It doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. I really do need to get more into nail care however, I am absolutely rubbish at taking care of my nails! I love the nail art, the nail tattoos are definitely something that deserve a whole post dedicated to themselves. How about you, do you have a colour that you avoid? Until next time lovelies, have a great day x


NOTD: Sea Breeze & Green Goddess (Avon)

Hi lovelies, today’s post in a quick nail of the day post featuring two lovely Avon nail pro+ nail polishes. Out of the huge collection of nail polishes that Avon stock, Sea Breeze was the one that jumped out at me the most. It’s a gorgeous mint blue, along the lines of Essie Mint Candy Apple but a little more blue and that type of colour has quickly become one of my favourite colours throughout summer and well into fall. Would you believe me if I said I painted my room that colour simply because I enjoyed it so much on my nails? Well you should because it’s true!

Green Goddess reminds me of a silver based Chanel Peridot , of course Chanel Peridot is more gold toned. Green Goddess is just as lovely, it is slightly less multi-toned but you can still catch glimpses of blues and silvers in the light and it has a silver sparkles throughout. I still think Sea Breeze is my favourite but I think I need to paint all my nails in GG in order to appreciate it fully.

The nail polishes went on easily, two coats were more than enough, and they dried quite quickly too. Also the nail polishes didn’t chip easily so over all I am impressed with the quality and consistency. Avon nail pro+ polishes are £6 to buy.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, I know it’s made me more willing to try nail polishes from the different ranges they have at Avon like the fast drying one. Green Goddess seems like a colour I could quite easily wear throughout the coming grey winter days, something with a bit of sparkle to brighten the gloominess. I’m definitely more of a summer girl that’s for sure! Until next time, hope you have  lots of smiles – Tanzina x

Gradient NOTD: Filthy Gorgeous London

I’ve been really enjoying this little combo and have found myself wearing it on my nails over and over again. Rosey Posey from Filthy Gorgeous London is a colour I found myself reaching numerous times through out the summer, I’m sure I’ve mentioned it in a previous post! I love how it works in a gradient nail look too.

To create the look I use a sponge. I firstly applied Rosey Posey (a gorgeous pinky coral) as a base and let it dry. Then on a flat surface, I pop a drop of Noelle (a bright pink red) next to a drop of Valentine (a deep red), grab a pin and mix the colours together where they meet. Then I apply that to a sponge, and sponge the gradient on. Go over with top coat, I prefer Seche Vite, to smooth out any bumps. It’s that simple, I’m not sure how well I’ve explained it.. if you are unsure you can message me on twitter, email, facebook and I shall help you out!

Rosey Posey, Noelle and Valentine (in order – left to right)

Here is the finished look, and the nails are about a week old! I know terrible but look how well it has lasted. Seche Vite topcoat is amazing!

Sorry about the quality, picture was taken on the tube!

I hope you all have a great day. This post feels super short, maybe because I’m used to talking so much, you guys deserve a break. Have an amazing day, and smile lots.
Tanzina x 


Avon: Event & Nails

Morning all, hope you’ve had a good day! Last week (on Thursday) I was extremely lucky and was invited to view a new Avon collection called Arctic Goddess. The day was an absolute blast, we got to preview the collection and have a play on a real life Avon make up stand. I loved the fact that there was a stand, as usually all we have are the catalogs, so it was really fun to have a play with that.

Today’s post isn’t really much about the event however, it’s more about the nails. We were very fortunate to have celebrity manicurist Marian Newman at hand demonstrating the HUGE range of Avon nail colours and I decided it would be very apt to go for a colour that was in the new collection. Now I have had my nails painted in this colour since Thursday 20th of September, five days later and not yet one chipped nail. I’ve been unpacking as I’ve moved back to my flat in London so that truly is impressive. The colour I decided to go for called Chilling Teal, and it’s a gorgeous light teal blue colour with cool silver iridescent sparkle to it. The name Chilling Teal goes really well with the colour, and it reminds me of winter and snow funnily enough. I can imagine myself using it lots during the winter period (which isn’t far away at all!)

The nail polish application isn’t fully opaque, you need about two to three coats but as it dries really quickly I wasn’t too fussed. I can imagine this looking really good over lots of different nail colours, as it is quite translucent the layers will work really well. I shall leave with a few pictures from the event, of myself getting my nails done. Marian was lovely to meet and talk to, we talked about her career and how she started getting in to nails. I asked her if she could something else, if she had to do something else then what would it be? It was interesting to hear her response, forensic science! It’s so far removed from the world of nails but shows that all your passions don’t need to be in one basket. Ohh I almost forget, she gave a tip for looking after nails.. She said, if you don’t do anything for nails at least use cuticle oil. That’s the one thing you should always use. Note to self: purchase cuticle oil!

Deep in conversation with the lovely Marian

Admiring my nails with Marian

The Avon Arctic Goddess collection is out in November and starts from £6. I think I shall make a post dedicated to an eye look from the eye shadow palette sometime soon. Hope you all have a great day, today I am back to university so head back in books! Take care lovelies x

NOTD: Done Out in Deco

Morning lovelies, or afternoon/evening depending on what time of the day you are reading this. Recently I have been inspired to draw on my nails, yes literally draw! I thought I’d show you all how that is coming along, and I know for sure since I like the way it turned out I will be doing much more ‘drawn on’ nails.

The colour I used from an OPI mini collection and is called ‘Done Out in Deco’. It’s a lovely warm lavender colour and two coats were more than enough in order to get a lovely opaque coverage on the nails. After letting the colour dry, and you really want to make sure it is fully dry, I grabbed a darker purple Sharpie pen and started doodling on my nails. I went for an Asian/Bengali inspired design on top! Also, I put on a coat of my favourite topcoat ever, Seche Vite topcoat, just to be sure the Sharpie doesn’t rub off! I think I will attempt a different style with a Sharpie next..

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