Essie Winter Collection 2017 Review & Swatches

Good morning guys. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’d know I love Essie nail polishes. I’ve been raving about the brand since I first discovered Essie Mint Candy Apple many years ago, and the love affair is still going strong. I will even go as far to say that they are my favourite nail polish brand. I keep an eye out for their latest collections and keep a lookout for any unique unusual shades they bring out. That being said, of course the Essie Winter Collection 2017 was going to blow my socks away, hell it even had a duo toned shade in it which I just can’t enough of.

The Essie Winter Collection 2017 is a collection of 6 gorgeous nail polishes, all consistent in their outstanding formula. I don’t think I’ve talked much about the Essie nail polish brush before, it’s quite thin compared to other brushes and makes application a dream. Now, let’s talk about the colours before I get on to my favourites from the collection.

Essie On Your Mistletoe

Essie On Your Mistletoe

This is a rich teal blue, dark enough to be winter appropriate, but colourful enough to distract you from the glum and grey weather. It is described as a ‘dense oxford blue’, but the green tones in it definitely makes it lean on the teal side. Applies like a dream, and shines glossy once dried.

Essie New Year, New Hue

This shade is described as a ‘rich magenta purple’, and I’d say that is quite an accurate description. A gorgeous rich plumy shade that again adds a pop of colour to our dull winter days. It looks a tad darker on the nails I find than it does in the bottle, but regardless it is gorgeous. Super shiny on application and I shade I am sure I will get lots of us out of.

Essie Ring in the Bling –

If you are looking for the perfect festive red, then look no further. This is it, a ‘dazzling ruby red, tinged with a light navy blue’. I love the duo tone finish of this colour, and the cool tones added by the blue. It makes your hand look elegant and stylish, yet suitably festive. That shot of gold is really something special.

Essie Be Cherry! –

This is a very ‘me’ shade, I love bright colours on my nail and a red pink is right up my street. I know I have lots of reds in my collection, and lots of pinks, but nothing really like this shade. Described as a ‘crimson red’ this screams a sunny holiday to me. I’m hoping to head to the Caribbean next year (still not 100% confirmed) and I can see myself rocking that over there. That being said, for those that don’t want to opt for the classic red for the Xmas festivities, this would be the perfect shade. Red enough to be classed festive with a bit of a pink kick to make it chic and young and all things beautiful.

Essie Social-Lights –

How do I even begin to describe this shade? Let’s start with Essie’s description ‘a slate grey glistening with amber warmth’. Even the description sounds magical. It has grey base, with beautiful colour shifting shimmer running through it. So unique and a definite show stopper. From the second these polishes landed in my greedy paws, I am been itching to try this beauty out. The camera does the shade absolutely no justice, it needs to be seen in person.

Essie Suit & Tied –

When I saw this shade, I did a mini squeal of excitement, because truth be told, it is quite similar to another Essie shade I have in my collection. It reminds me of Sorrento Yourself which is one of my most loved Essie polishes of ALL time, so to have something similar in my collection was a dream come true. This is a little bit different, a little less peachier. Described as a ‘clean-cut sand beige’ it is the perfect nude for my skin tone. I really just can’t get enough. Of course it goes without saying, the application is easy and beautiful.

I know I was saying I was going to tell you what my favourites are at the end, but my descriptions always screw me over because I find it too hard to hide my feelings. Essie Social-Lights just blew me away, I haven’t actually seen another shade like this, and really the camera does not capture it’s beauty. Go see it in store, and I bet you that you won’t find another shade like it in the entire store. Essie Suit & Tied has also turned out to be a firm favourite, and after seeing how beautiful it looks against my skin tone, I am not surprised. It applies so smoothly and looks so shiny, it really is something special. To my tanned girls out there, pick this up, you’ll thank me later. To the more fairer types, add this to your colour wheel, it will definitely be a unique shade in your nail wardrobe.

These retail for £7.99 and you can pick them up [here] now. Hurry though if you want them in your life, they are limited edition.

I really hope you liked my Essie Winter Collection 2017 review & swatches, the second I laid my eyes on the collection, I knew it would get me writing this blog post. Then I applied the polishes, and I knew this post was inevitable. I am in love, and it may be my favourite Essie collection so far. Every shade is amazing. Let me know which was your favourite. Speak soon, Tanzina

Essie Spring 2017 Collection

Morning loves, today I wanted to quickly share with you a little nail collection that recently landed on my doorstep. If you’ve been following me for the past few years, you might know that Essie nail polishes are actually one of my favourite formulas, from when I first discovered Mint Candy Apple way back when. Today I’ve got some polishes from the Essie Spring 2017 collection to share with you today, so let us get on to this beauty of a collection.

The collection consists of 6 pretty bottles, and today I have 4 of those to share with you. I will quickly talk through the shades that are in the collection, before I share with you the one that I like best. We have from left to right:

  • On the Roadie – a vibrant kelly green with avocado undertones.
  • Excuse Me, Sur – a gorgeous light pastel,  described as a sun kissed coral mango. This took me 3 coats to get opaque.
  • Backseat Besties – described as a delicate pink plumeria. I find this to be a gorgeous bubblegum pink with blue undertones. You have to be patient, this took me three coats to perfect.
  • B’aha Moment – an enlightening pink pomegranate. Looks like a bright pink with blue undertones.
  • Designated DJ – a plum sangria crème, for me it is a deep berry purple.
  • All The Wave a sapphired indigo

So I have gotten hold of: On the Roadie, Excuse Me, Sur, Backseat Bestie and Designated DJ. I adore pinks so initially it was Backseat Bestie that jumped right out to me. However I’ve been wearing pinks quite a bit (Essie Chastity from the Retro Revival collection [review here]) so I decided to try Designated DJ first and just fell in love with it.

The shade itself is perfect for spring, just the right dash of colour to help you get away from the winter blues. I don’t have many purple shades, so this shade slotted into my collection perfectly. I would describe Designated DJ as a dark, deep berry shade, a true burgundy plum tone. It has a creme finish which I really like, and becomes opaque easily with two thin coats. I like how it dries down with a high shine, I didn’t use a top coat so you could sort of see for yourself. I would say Essie formulas are usually pretty good, you have some that are a little bit of a miss when it comes you opacity/lasting power but this is definitely not one of them.

I’m not really one for bright colours on my nails (other than pink) so the green seems a little scary to me. However 2017 should be the year for being brave and getting out of my comfort zone a bit, so don’t be surprised if you see green nails over on my Instagram -@makeupatoz. I actually really am digging the blue shade too (All The Wave), I wish I had gotten this in my package as it seems to Spring appropriate. I think it is definitely going to be one to pick up as I haven’t got anything like that in my collection either.

These retail for £7.99 and you can pick them up [here]. Currently, there is a buy one, get one half price deal on.

So that is it for the peek at the Essie Spring 2017 collection, let me know if there were any shades in particular that have caught your attention. Speak soon, Tanzina. Oh don’t forget to like my post on Bloglovin’ if you enjoyed it (:

Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017

I remember last year, when I got my hands on the first Essie Retro Revival Collection and consequently fell in love with the colours (you can read that here). The collection consisted of 6 shades which have been discontinued over the past 35 years, but due to demand, Essie decided to bring them back for a limited time. The concept went down really well, so well in fact that they have just launched the Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017, again for a limited time only. I was so excited to see what they bought back to life this time round, as last I found one of my favourite shades last time.  


The collection again contains 6 gorgeous colours, in the following shades:

bold beauty: deep red dahlia
prima bella: a hypnotic pink
chastity: a beautiful milky barbie pink
flawess: a cherry blossom pink
sweet tart: a my nail but better nude
pure chiffon: a peach toned nude

The shades I fell in love with are Bold Beauty and Chastity. They feel like polar opposites to each other, one a deep red which alludes to mystery and a sense of maturity and the other a vivid pink, hinting at an inner princess who is yet to grow up. I love them both, together and separately.

Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017
Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017


This is a beautiful blue toned milky pink, which is vivid and cotton candy like. It has definite bubblegum and barbie vibes which I am absolutely loving. The formula is amazing, it goes on smoothly without any streaks and 2 coats are enough for complete opacity. The formula also dries really quickly which is ideal. With tanned hands, pinks especially lighter pinks are a little hard to get away with but this looks amazing on tanned skin. I suspect this will suit a variety of skin tones. You can pick it up here for £7.99.

Bold Beauty

Bold Beauty is a deep red shade, from the bottle I thought it may apply a little brown but actually it is a true burgundy shade, which red coming through quite strongly. It reminds me a lot of my birth stone, garnet. It feels classy on the nails, and a definite go to when you want to go for the classic chic look. Again it suits my tanned complexion really well, and I am sure it will also suit fairer skin tones just as well. The formula again goes on smoothly, and is opaque after two coats. One thing I will say is that the colour appears darker in the bottle than on the nails. So you may need extra coats to achieve the bottle colour. You can pick it up here for £7.99.

Note: Boots are currently running a deal here you buy one nail polish and get one half price. Find the deal here.

The Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017 is only available for a limited time, two weeks to be exact! It stops being available to buy on March 14th, so if there are any shades that catch your attention, then be quick! I would highly highly recommend Chastity, I think it is such a beautiful Spring/Summer shade and I definitely will be getting lots of use out of it. I hope you liked this quick overview of the Essie Retro Revival collection, let me know if you’re a fan of any of the shades.

Essie Spring Collection 2016 & A Special Competition

Today I have two special things I really wanted to share with you, both from one of my favourite nail brands, essie. Firstly, I have managed to get hold of the new essie Spring collection, which is right up my street. It has creamy, bright, unique shades which just scream spring to me and I was so excited to paint my nails with the collection. Secondly, essie are collaborating with the renowned photographer Rankin to celebrate beautifully painted nails and essie’s collection to create a ‘Colour Portrait Studio’. I’ll tell you all about it, but first I need to share the new Spring collection because it is just stunning.

Essie Spring Collection 2016

The collection compromises of six nail polishes, and the colours just work so well together, so they were a treat to take pictures of. As you can see I got a little snap happy!

Essie Spring Collection 2016

Essie Spring Collection 2016

Essie Spring Collection 2016

Here are the shades in the collection:

  • High Class Affair; an amorous blush nude shade
  • Lounge Lover; a pretty pink peach shade
  • Sunshine State Of Mind; a blazing coral tangelo (which is great with a tan)
  • Off Tropic; a lush grove green shade
  • Pool Side Service; a refreshing blue shade with undercurrents of green running through it
  • Shades on; a creamy violet shade

Essie Spring Collection 2016

Essie Spring Collection 2016

Essie Spring Collection 2016

The shade that caught my attention straight away was High Class Affair, as I am all about the nudes at the moment. I’m liking the nude toned nails to create the ‘polished’ look and this shade is perfect for that, it also has an apricot/peach element to it which really makes it stand out against my tanned skin . It is so creamy and it applied like a dream, two coats and fully opaque.

I also automatically gravitated towards Lounge Lover, it is such a spring/summer shade and again it applied like a dream. I needed two coats for full opacity. I love a good pinky coral on my skin tone and I think this one might be my new favourite.

Orly Poolside Service

Orly Poolside Service

I swatched Pool Side Service straight away when I got hold of the collection, it is quite a unique shade and unlike any other colour I’ve worn. I can’t even describe this shade properly, it’s a blue with a greenish tinge to it. I know, not the most glamorous description, but the words are evading me today. The formula for this too is just amazing, I only used one coat and it came out so opaque and perfect. Why can’t every polish be like this!

Overall I think this essie spring collection 2016 is my most favourite collection of the year so far, the formula of every single polish is just perfect, and the shade selection is really well thought out as there seems to be a colour for whatever mood you are in. This collection is now out in stores and each bottle retails for £7.99. You can pick it up here – link.

Orly Rankin

Orly Rankin

Okay, now let me tell you about this amazing competition essie are hosting.

essie and the renowned photographer Rankin are partnering to celebrate beautifully painted nails, with their long-awaited ‘Colour Portrait Studio’. Opening for one day only on Tuesday 17th May at a secret Central London location, hundreds of colours will be brought to life on the day. Attendees at this event will be treated like VIPs from start to finish, having their nails polished by essie manicurists, and their hair and make-up professionally done ahead of their very own once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot with Rankin. essie is offering everyone the chance to secure a place and be polished and snapped like a star.  This opportunity will be open until the 28th April.  Attendees will leave with their very own colour portrait by Rankin, starring their own beautiful essie nails! To enter the competition, simply follow essie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and upload your best nail selfie using #essiexrankin and @essieuk.

I think I will definitely have to take part in this competition, can you imagine how amazing it would be to have your picture taken by Rankin! I would love to know if you too are tempted by this competition. Oh also, let me know what your favourite shade from the collection. Speak soon, Tanzina x

The Next Nail Colour Collection

I’ve never really ventured into the Next beauty collection, and although I have heard good things about it and seen it in store, I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never really looked into the collection further. Bad beauty blogger. However after attending a Next beauty press event, I was really intrigued to find out more about their beauty offerings. I’ve recently been wearing a shade from the Next Nail Colour Collection that I had to share with you all as I’ve fallen rather in love with it.

Next Nail Colour Collection

Next Nail Colour Collection

Next Nail Colour Collection

I’m not really one to opt for grey, brown, black shades on my nails as I though they would look dull when worn and not really attractive. However the pearlescent finish on Molten Platinum caught my attention and I was intrigued to find out what the formula was like as well as I’m always on the search for long lasting formulas.

Next Nail Colour Collection

Next Nail Colour Collection

Next Nail Colour Collection

Molten Platinum applied like a dream, I used 2 coats and I got a really opaque finish. I’ve been wearing this shade all week and I’ve actually had quite a few people comment on it. It’s like a gunmetal grey shade, with tiny shimmers running through it that adds another dimension the polish. It is quite an unique shade as well. What has impressed me most about this polish is the formula, it applied really smoothly and no lie, I’ve worn this over a week now with very very minimal wear and tear. I topped with my favourite top coat, Seche Vite, and the result was a really shiny glossy grey nails that I can’t stop admiring.

These nail polishes are really affordable at £4 each, and you can pick up 3 polishes for £8 which to me sounds like a pretty sweet deal.



Next beauty have a lot more nail polish shades in their Next Nail Colour Collection, I was gifted a baby blue polish with silver glitter running through polish called Frozen (quite fittingly) which I think will make for a very pretty summer shade so I will definitely be dipping into that in the coming months. I’ve also been having a look at their makeup collection, and some pieces such as the Smoky Eye Shadow Quad in the picture above have really caught my attention, so I’m quite excited to try more products from the range. Initial swatches show the palette to be really pigmented, so I am waiting to try it out in a look before I can report back and let you know if it is really as good as it looks.

I hope you liked this quick overview of my first Next nail colour, I would love to know if you have ever tried anything from the Next beauty range and if you have any recommendations for me. Speak soon, Tanzina x