Sleek Matte Me Lipstick Swatches + Review

I’ve been using Sleek Matte Me liquid lipsticks for years now and have now collected a fair few shades. I’ve done a review on a couple of shades before, but I wanted to share some Sleek Matte Me Lipstick swatches with you today and also do a quick review. I’ve created a little video as well, so you can see how the shades look on me. It’s not easy to find good liquid lipsticks that are also affordable, but these are my favourite ones in the more affordable range. 

The shades I have are:

  • Birthday Suit – a classic wearable peachy toned nude
  • Bitter Sweet – a pretty coral pink
  • Shabby Chic – a muted dark pink
  • Velvet Slippers – a muted deep plum
  • Vino Tinto – an intense deep berry
  • Fired Up – a dark crimson
  • Old Hollywood – an oxblood red
  • Rioja Red – is a true bright red

My swatch video, click here if you can’t see it.


Like I mentioned, I have been wearing these liquid lipsticks for years now, and have been slowly expanding my collection. My favourites still remain as Birthday Suit and Rioja Red which I reviewed here, but Bitter Sweet and Shabby Chic are close seconds. I would say some shades aren’t as pigmented as others such as Vino Tinto and Old Hollywood. However the others perform really well.

In terms of formula, I find these to be really comfortable, they aren’t drying on me and don’t flake or go patchy which is a pet hate of mine when it comes to liquid lipsticks. I would say the trick here is to apply in thin layers and build the colour up, the max layers I need for full colour coverage is only two layers. If you find it to be a little on the dry side, just apply a really thin layer of lip balm underneath and you will be fine. These last for hours on me, 6 hours plus on days that I am not eating much. They don’t peel off either when you do eat, rather they just fade a little which is okay as it isn’t as unflattering as peeling lips. The formula is quite liquid, but it dries really quickly and evenly which is ideal. I hate it when it doesn’t dry immediately and you have to sit and wait for it to.

The amazing thing about these liquid lipsticks are their price mark. These retail just under a fiver at £4.99. You can barely get a lipstick at that price nowadays let alone a liquid lipstick. The second great thing about this price is that they’ve kept it at the same price as it was in 2015 when I first got my hands on these, which is pretty remarkable since brands tend to increase yearly especially if the product proves to be popular, which this one has been. Go Sleek MakeUP! You can pick these up [here]if you feel like experimenting, I’d highly recommend Rioja Red as that is such a beautiful bold pin up red.

 Make sure you watch my video to see the swatches, and see how the colours translate on my skintone. I am hoping to get back into making YouTube videos so make sure you watch this space. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do! Speak soon, Tanzina x

Wishlist Wednesday #5 : Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip

Hi loves, welcome back to Wishlist Wednesday. Okay so today’s products may be cheating the system a little bit, does it still count as a wishlist product if I have already placed and order and the product is now on it’s way to me? But honestly guys researching Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip for this blog post got me craving them so much, that I kind of just had to place an order.

So today we are going to talk about Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips, they’ve only recently sparked my interest after my friend Safiyah over at Safiyah Tasneem told me that they were her favourite liquid lipsticks. She says they really don’t budge and I think that was enough for me to want them. I’ve never purchased anything from Beauty Bakerie before, so I am really interested in trying something from the brand and seeing for myself if they are worth it.

There are a few shades that have caught my attention, Mon Cheri – which looks like a gorgeous classic red. Unfortunately it seemed like it is not only me who was after this, when I first searched for it, it was sold out on Cult Beauty – however I have just checked today and it is back in stock! If you want it, grab it, because I bet it will sell out. Next we have Syruptitious which looks like a pinky brown that would be right up my street. We also have Gingersnap which looks like a burnt orange brown, unlike anything I have in my collection so I want to see how this looks on me. Finally we have Fortune Cookie, I am in two minds about this. It looks like a brown/grey toned nude which MAY suit me but may be too light. I’m finding it hard to make my mind up about this one.

One thing I will say is, do not choose a colour by looking just at the pictures on the Cult Beauty website, because I think some of them are not true to colour and the shades look different in real life. So I’d suggest checking out Beauty Bakerie’s official website and then coming back and purchasing from Cult Beauty because nobody wants to pay ridiculous custom charges and shipping fees! Also check out their Instagram @beautybakeriemakeup.

These retail for £16 each, I don’t actually know if I think this is too expensive or just okay, considering we pay £15.50 for MAC lipsticks. I don’t think they’re extortionate and if they live up to their reputation, it’ll be worth every pretty penny. You can pick Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips up [here].

I’d love to know if you’ve picked up any Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip and if so what shades? Let me know what is on your wish list, if there are any products I should keep my eye on. I’ll definitely make sure I keep you up to date when my Beauty Bakerie haul comes in. Speak soon, Tanzina x