New Purchase: GHD Metallic (and review)

Hi you. Today as promised  thought I’d share one of my two splurges from the month of December. Before I start, please do believe me I have been trying to behave on the shopping front and I haven’t bought ANY beauty products since September.. well except nail polish remover and an eye liner and that’s practically a necessity. And this was such a good deal that I didn’t want to miss out. And it was red. And I haven’t purchased a hair straightener since 2010. Okay I’ll stop making excuses and get on with the post.



So as you can probably tell from the picture and the title that what I splurged on were these gorgeous ruby red metallic GHDs. I’ve never owned a pair of GHD’s before and I was pretty happy with my current Babyliss Pro Elegance straighteners however I always wanted a GHD. It’s one of those things that I thought I’d get when I was all grown up and I stumbled quite randomly across an amazing deal which pretty much made my mind up for me.



I bought this pair from ASOS where it usually retails for £135 and that is typically how much limited edition GHD’s retail for. For as long as I can remember GHD straighteners have been up there with the best of the best straighteners so I really think this will be an investment. Everyone I know who owns one has never regretted the purchase or given it up. These switch off after 30 minutes of use which really appeals to me as I always get that ‘did I remember to switch it off?’ moment and although I’ll still get that moment, the 30 minute technology will make me feel a little bit better. This limited edition collection also comes with a little carry case for the straighteners and a heat proof mat which is handy.


So how much did I get it for? The GHD’s went down from £135 to £108 which is already a better price than the plain original GHD stylers as they retail for £119 RRP. But that’s not all, at the time ASOS had a 20% off code which I took full advantage off and saved a total of £21.60! Altogether the GHDs cost me just £86.40 which is an amazing price, probably one of the best I’ve come across especially for the new gold plate technology. There were a few GHD deals floating around at the time but they are for the old discontinued plates, and not the gold plates which was what I was after. £86.40, can you blame me for not being able to pass up on that? I didn’t think I’d come across a better deal for a very long time. And it was in red, I’ve said that already haven’t I? Unfortunately the price has gone up on the straighteners on ASOS but it is still less than £135, it is now £115 and you can find it here.


What do I think of it? I’m loving it, I didn’t think it would make as much of difference to my hair as it has, my hair is definitely easier to straighten and it leaves a more shiny and glossy finish compared to before. I really can’t say much other than the fact I think it’s great, and a good investment and I can see this lasting me a very long time. I definitely won’t be repurchasing a straightener for a good long while. I’m very happy with this purchase.

So that is it for my first of two beauty splurges, I’m happy to say I do not regret this at all and if I could go back and rethink this decision I would definitely make the decision to purchase. That’s always a good way to look at things when you make splurges I think. I will do another post soon on my second splurge and it is another hair item that I splurged on but again I think it’s another investment. I hope you are having a good day and guess what? It’s snowing in London! Take care lovelies x

Event: Elemis FreshSkin & Discovery Kit Review

Morning morning. Today I thought I’d highlight products from my most used skin care range which I have using for months and months I mentioned (here). The brand I am talking about is Elemis FreshSkin and I recently attended an event for the brand which educated us on the newest range from FreshSkin. 

Before I take you through the pictures like I always do with events I just want to show you this little travel/discovery kit which has been a life saver for me. The problem with skin care is that you can’t live without it and for someone who hates depotting products.. When you travel you have to carry the whole thing with you. This is where this little beauty comes in and helps me lug less luggage across London every weekend! I introduce you to the Fresh Start Discovery Kit (£19.90), which contains products I use in my every day skin care routine.
The discovery kit was created so people can discover the whole range without having to fork out lots of money only to discover the range wasn’t for them. I find that to be such a clever idea and think much more brands should do that, I know Benefit do it sometimes but it isn’t a part of their permanent collection. Also, it can work as a travel sets as the sizes are really generous and can last you quite some time. Within the kit there are two products I’ve mentioned to before, the Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser and the Peachy Perfect Gentle Cleanser which you can read all about (here). The kit also contains a exfoliater called Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash. I’ve actually have the full size exfoliater at home already and have been using it for a while. It’s a lovely every day exfoliator that I adore and coming across it here makes me realise it deserves it’s own blog post so look out for a review soon. Now onto products I haven’t used from the range before.
There is a night dream called the Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser. It doesn’t feel super heavy like I envisioned it would be and I honestly do notice that my skin feels more hydrated in the morning in comparison to other creams I use at night time such as the Softly Softly. It isn’t as intense as my much loved Oilatum, however as my skin has been well looked after for quite some time now I notice that it doesn’t need such extreme moisture as often and is more than satisfied with this night time moisturiser.
The second item that I haven’t tried from the range is face masks, and this kit contains three sachets of Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask. I’ve used on hence why I’ve only got pictures of two, I couldn’t tell you all about it if I hadn’t tried it right? First impression, I absolutely LOVE it. This is my kind of face mask, does a great deep clean and dries really well on my face. I get that tight face frozen feeling that I crave from masks, and upon taking the mask off my skin does feel super clean and soft. The masks contain natural clays, goji berry extract and frankincense which is great for getting id of impurities and after having to wear foundation and heavy make up over the weekend I definitely needed this. It would be 10 out of 10 if it wasn’t for one problem, the face mask sachets are really really small, at only 3ml, and I really wish they were bigger. There is just about enough for my whole face, but I really do wish there was a little more. 5ml should be minimum but other than that it is perfect. I just checked the full size mask set, and they are over double the size of the masks included in the discovery kit – now it makes perfect sense why they are smaller here, after all it is a discovery/travel set!
Now enough of me rambling, take a look at pictures from the event. We had the opportunity to try out FreshSkin facials and get our nails and hair done.
Being educated on the latest range by the beautiful Emer, I’m definitely more of a pink girl!
Potential Christmas pressies maybe?
The discovery kit!
See those Essie pinks at the front? They’re exclusive Essie for Elemis FreshSkin nail colour! Gorgeous.
A beautiful igloo like cocoon where I had my facial done at the hands of the talented Emer
The next few pictures are of my hair, Electric Hairdressing were doing lovely moisturising hair treatments and hair styling at the event and I was fortunate enough to have the lovely Ky Wilson make my hair look super fabulous. He really worked wonders as you will be able to see below. He also is a fellow blogger and you can take a peek into his life (here). He actually works at the Electric salon, and I couldn’t recommend him enough, was an absolute pleasure to meet.
How super sleek and shiny does my hair look? It felt like silk – no exaggeration 
Shiny, shiny, shiny!
Ta-da, very retro and glamorous. I absolutely love love loved Ky’s finished work. Please do ignore my face, 
I just had a facial so had practically all my make up removed!
How tidy and shiny and pretty does my hair look? I still cannot get over it!
I liked my hair so much that even though I had no plans for that evening, I made plans! Hair like that deserves to go out, not be wasted at home. I had lots and lots of stares from men, women, girls, pets.. and I knew it wasn’t because I forgot to wear an essential item of clothing, no it was because for once my hair looked amazing. I liked my hair so much, that even though there was such a lack of make up in the picture.. I still made this hair my MakeupAtoZ facebook picture. Yes, that is true admiration.
The new MakeupAtoZ facebook picture
That is all for today’s post for Makeup A to Z, quite a bit to read I know. I have a very exciting Elemis Fresh Skin give away coming up very soon so keep an eye out for that, until next time have a great day! – Tanzina x

Quick Review: Babyliss Waving Wand

I don’t have any hair curlers, well I didn’t till this one came along. Actually that’s a lie, I have an extremely thin barrelled curler which unsurprisingly doesn’t get much use! That doesn’t mean I’ve gone this long without  curling my hair, I do, but with a straightner and not a curler. I realised that to get the soft waves I craved, my straightner was not good enough so I decided to purchase this BaByliss Waving Wand. I had heard some amazing things about it and at the time (around the end of December) it was on offer in Boots from £30.63 to £20.63. I happened to have enough advantage card points so of course I bought it. Bargain!

What I love about it:

Well quite a lot actually! I really like how it has several temperature heat setting so I can use the lowest temperature and not feel to guilty about ruining my hair. I really like how quickly it heats up and how quickly the curls form so I don’t need to leave my hair wrapped around the  barrel for too long. I don’t know if it’s just my hair, because my hair does usually hold in curls, but I find that I don’t need to use hairspray to keep the curls in all day, they just last.

What I DON’T love:

I’m happy to the list here isn’t long. I don’t love the fact that sometimes the curls are too tight and springy and are more ringlet curls rather than waves. But I guess the more I experiment with the wand, the technique of creating the perfect waves will come to me. After all, practise makes perfect right? But on a positive note, after brushing the curls down a little, the ringlet nature of it goes away and your left with pretty curls.

Overall, I’m really happy that I got this wand/curler! I think it was a wise investment of advantage card points and even if I didn’t have those points I would have bought the curler/wand as it was a good deal. I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of myself after using the waving wand.

Picture from yesterday’s post


SLS-Free Products

If I could change one thing about myself, well many things, one of those things definitely would be the way my hair sheds. Honestly, it sounds revolting but my hair just does not want to stay on my scalp. I used to have such thick hair, like super uncontrollable thick hair which I of course hated at the time but now would do anything to have back. Currently my hair is medium thickness but I find so much of my hair all over my house that it’s just getting worrying for me as I think one day I’ll go bald! It is normal for your hair to fall daily, however I think mine is just too much.

I’ve been to doctors about it as it can be related to eating, stress, nutrients etc and as I try to eat more healthily it only makes sense to look into products that are healthy for my hair. Fee, from Makeupsavvy suggested trying SLS-Free products for my hair and before she mentioned it I didn’t even know what SLS was! Fee explained that after using SLS-free products she noticed less hair falling in the shower, split ends etc and after her blog post on SLS I could understand why! Rather than attempt to explain it myself I think reading her post would be much more helpful to you (and make more sense)

Read: Why she switched to SLS-free products here
Read: About toxin free products here

I went to Boots and after searching the shelves for SLS free shampoos I found Organix Hair, a brand that has SLS and paraben free hair products. Usually the shampoos sell for around £6.99 each however it was on a 2 for £8 deal so I picked up two bottles. I chose Organix Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Shampoo. Conditioners don’t have SLS in them or similar harmful chemicals so I saw no need to give up my beloved Aussie 3 Min deep conditioner!

Sorry about the slightly rubbish photo quality. Used an Iphone camera and there was bad lighting!

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and although initially all I noticed was that it lathered slightly less than my Aussie one, there wasn’t much change. However now I notice that the plughole doesn’t need to be unblocked everytime I have a shower, and that to me is a very good sign! It still hasn’t been long enough for me to fully reap the benefit so I can’t say how it works in the long run, but I don’t feel like the shampoo can’t provide something that SLS shampoos do provide. I think I have I converted to SLS free shampoos for good, and hopefully will work up to quitting SLS altogether! Also the Organix range smells ah-mazing, that seals the deal in my books.

Did you know about SLS products before?
Would you give it up? 

Updated: My Hair & Kerastase Elixir Review

I have many plans/resolutions for 2012 but one of the main ones concerned my hair. I’m fortunately blessed with hair that doesn’t grow too slowly however due to lack of care, too much heat, bad shampoo’s etc. I did try hard to take better care, by using heat protectors and such but in the end, my hair still contained broken and split ends. Also the shape of my hair, was in a V-shape with many layers which resulted in the bottom of my hair looking really fine and wispy whereas the top half of my hair was okay.

Before: My hair all swept to one side in December

I really wanted to change my hair so it looked more fuller, and had been craving a straight cut style for so long, however to get the straight cut I would have to cut off a lot of hair so the length was level. Eventually I decided that I had to go for the chop and booked myself into a lovely salon in Covent Garden. The hairdressers was called ‘Micheal Barnes’ and I opted to go for a Moroccan hair treatment so my hair would be extra special in time for my birthday, which was the next day.

Whilst having the treatment I decided to ask my hairdresser a few questions regarding hair care and how to make my hair look better. He asked me what temperature I used on my hair stylers such as curlers, straightner etc. Obviously I used the highest as it took the quickest time styling my hair. He seemed rather disappointed at my answer, and informed me that my hair was neither curly enough nor thick enough to require the highest setting and I was just making my hair worse.

After: The length of my hair (taken on my birthday (January) while I redo my lips!)

He left me with a few tips that I’ve started to put into my normal hair routine. Whilst blow drying my hair (something I never do) he used Kerastase Elixir, a hair oil treatment containing lots of precious oils such as Argan oil. A lot of you may know about the Moroccan Oil which he also demonstarted and they both retail for around £30. The oil left my hair feeling literally like silk, and I was amazed how perfectly straight my hair was simply by using a blow drier. I initially hesitated buying the Kerastase Elixir, because the price was quite expensive for a hair oil however after a lot of patience, it came on BuyaPowa which is a website where you can participate in a co-buy and get products cheaper. It was only £5 cheaper (including p&p) however that was enough for me to take the plunge.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now and have had a few compliments on my hair already comments such as your hair looks healthy and the word ‘glossy’ keeps popping up. I can’t help but admit that does make me feel happy! I use it on damp hair before blowdrying and sometimes leave it in my hair for an hour or two before shampooing and this results in my hair feeling super soft and tamed. I don’t get greasy hair often, so putting this oil in my hair didn’t catalyst a huge oily mess in my hair (thank god) but after a day of using it AFTER washing my hair, my hair felt much greasier than normal so I was a little concerned about how it would fair on people with more prone to greasy hair. I guess if you concentrate around the ends and mid length of your hair, it shouldn’t be a problem. Overall, I am really happy with this and I just hope that the benefits of this product is more than just a short term benefit! I guess I just will have to wait and see.

TIP: I was told to try mixing it in with my conditioner, apparently that will result in even more glossy, healthy shiny looking hair however I haven’t tried it yet but I can see how that would make sense.

What I’ve changed:

My hair cut
I now don’t use the highest setting on any stylers, instead I use the lowest and it works just as good
I try to only straighten my hair twice or three times a month, it is hard but I’m getting there
I take better care and use different products such as Kerastase Elixir
AND, I no longer use SLS for my hair… more on that in the next post!