QVC Exclusive: Men’s 4 piece Face & Body Essentials Collection

So I have been ridiculously excited to share this post with you and as you can tell from the title – it is that time of year where Elemis launch exclusive sets which contain amazing products at an even better price. I’ve been promising more men care posts for you as I have a trio of men in my family who are more than happy to review products for me so today I thought I would start off with the Elemis Men’s 4 Piece Face & Body Collection.

QVC Exclusive: Men’s 4 piece Face & Body Essentials Collection

This is a quartet of Men’s skin care products and a great way to introduce oneself to high end skin care. Elemis is one of my all time favourite skin care brands and has been for quite a few years so I was really excited to see if their offerings for the male groomers lived up to the female counterpart. It is a great men’s grooming kit and it is sure to be a great gift. Let’s face it, real men are well-groomed. This is why they should all be clued up on this Manscaped Depilatory Guide. There is nothing wrong with doing a little bit of research before deciding how best to treat your jungle. For many, they haven’t even considered Depilatory. Come on guys, it’s the 21st Century! I love that Elemis have launched this set in time for Christmas, if you are stuck on present ideas for a loved one then here is your solution. Without much further ado lets get on to the products.

Ice – Cool Foaming Shave Gel 200ml

This is the Elemis Ice – Cool Foaming Shave Gel, a high performance shaving foam that promises to smoothly moulds the face for a clean, close shave. It contains Chinese Date, English Oak and Witch Hazel to help defend the skin against irritation and razor burn, whilst softening the facial hair to result in an easy shave. Now unfortunately I haven’t had much time to get the products tested out so as I write this the gel has only had one use. Here is the verdict: ‘It feels ‘smooth and glidey’ when used and makes you feel as if your using a newer blade even though the blade isn’t close to being new. It also does make your face feel fresh and cool’. Hopefully after a few more uses I will be able to bring you a more detailed review, do let me know if you would like that. I think it will be a hit if the QVC reviews are anything to go by, lots of pleased users are leaving great reviews. Apparently it works great on legs too.. I may have to take this back. The individual RRP for this is £21.00

Deep Cleanse Facial Wash

elemis Daily Moisture Boost

We have two face care items in the set, and if the men you know are anything like the ones I know, a two part skin system is as much as you can poke them with the beauty stick. Anything more they tend to become slightly overwhelmed. This is the Elemis Deep Cleanse Facial Wash and the Elemis Daily Moisture Boost, a duo of skin care items that does exactly what is says on the tin. The Facial Wash retails for £18.50 and the Moisturiser itself is actually an award winning product which retails for £29.00

revitalise me shower gel

The finally product of the quartet is a shower gel which I think probably has the chance to be the favourite of the bunch for my trio of testers. It promises to awaken your senses, containing mango to condition the skin and powerful essential oils of thyme, basil, neroli, mandarin and lime to revitalise. The response I got from one use of this shower gel is ‘Wow, you really can tell the difference between normal shower gels and this one right?’ – I assume normal means Lynx and the likes of that. I think it’s interesting to see how even the most beauty/cosmetic world illiterate person can pick out the differences between good quality and substandard variations. This retails for £17.00.


The set comes with a wash bag that had my trio of testers arguing who gets it as it really is a handy bag to throw in your toiletries. I love what Keeley Aydin, the Elemis Leading Skincare Specialist has to say about splitting up the gift set. She says ‘Great to be given as a complete collection or can be split into two gifts; a shaving and cleansing duo. The only problem will be who gets the wash bag?’ . I think with the holiday season upon us this is really a great gift, the products themselves individually are amazing too so for people on a budget this is four men ticked off your list. Now talking about budgets want to guess how much this is?

It will be retailing for £38.64 saving you over £45 from the RRP! Considering that one item costs £30 by itself I think that is a great deal. This limited edition Men’s 4 piece Face & Body Essentials Collection will be available on Sunday 17th November on QVC, while stocks lasts. I will be picking up another set as one set divided by three people really didn’t work out for me. I think I may have started a war in the MakeupAtoZ HQ!

Do you think you will be picking this set up. I also have some good news to share with you all.. I will be giving away this set and another set on Monday so make sure you come back for that. All the details will be on Monday’s blog post, I can’t wait to share it with you all. Now for all the women out there who want to treat themselves as well as the men, then don’t worry I have an amazing, dare I say better, set coming up for you too! Ooh I have just spotted that the set has been launched online for £35.38! Grabs yours now before they sell out (here) Tanzina x

For the Men: Dove Men+ Care Review

Today I’m stepping on to a new territory and writing about a topic that I’ve been meaning to broach on the blog for quite a while but never got round to. I’ve been wanting to write about the men side of beauty, skin care and health but attempting to convince the men in my family to cooperate was a challenge and a half in itself. I’ve completely won over my Mum and sister, they are quite willing to change up skin care routines, implement more products in to their lives but my Dad and brother, they are in a rut that they refuse to budge from. I’ve seen men be able to take advice for their hair from places like ChaptrHair, so why can’t I bring them over to the beauty world too? However finally they agreed and have been testing out some products for me.

dove men+ care review

I made my Dad and brother try out some products from the Dove Men+ Care range just a little over a month ago, I wanted them to try the products fully for at least 28 days before reporting back because otherwise they probably would’ve just nodded their heads and said yes, yes it’s great just to get rid of me! Today I have my Dad’s feedback on a couple of the the products from the range and I thought it would be great to share. I did have to nudge him to get information, for example I had to ask him if it made his skin feel more moisturised rather than him sharing that information with me freely. Men eh? The men in my family are definitely not metro-sexual, quick easy and simple routines are definitely more favoured.

dove men+ care review

dove men+ care review

The first product that was tested was the Dove Men+ Care Revitalise Shave Gel, which promises to instantly revive tired skin. Now my Dad has always as far as I can remember used Gillette for his shaving needs. Never tried anything else, he used to use shaving foam when I was a little girl and then moved on to the Gillette shaving gel when it came out. I would know, I’ve been stealing his shaving gel for as long as I’ve been shaving my legs! After some moaning and groaning he agreed to give this a try. This is what he had to say: He said that it IS different from his previous one, the razor glides through more smoothly and shaving is slightly more faster than before. His skin doesn’t feel as stripped of moisture as it used to after shaving and it is less irritating. As for reviving skin, he didn’t really notice that much of an impact but his skin from my point of view does look more brighter and less dull skin. However that may be a mixture of this product and the one below! As far as reviews go from my Dad, that was a thumbs up. This retails for £3.49, cheap and cheerful, and I think Gillette may have seen its last day. Now that I’m back at home, I can resume stealing his shaving gel again (our secret!)

dove men+ care review

dove men+ care review

I introduce you to Dove Men+ Care Aqua Impact Body and Face Wash. This was slightly out of my Dad’s comfort zone, he is a simple man no frills and no fuss as has been using his Dove Original soap bar for absolutely ever. He likes the scent, it does the job and he sticks to it. I’ve bought him face wash from the Clinique Men’s range because the soap definitely has drying effects on his face however it was too much fuss for him using a separate face wash so it was passed on to my brother. However after confiscating his soap he has been using this product on both body and face. The Dove Men+ Care Micro Moisture technology promises to fight against the cause of skin dryness so I was interested to see if that promise was upheld on my Dad. He told me: The product lathers really well though he does miss his soap as he feels it gives a deeper clean (I think that is in his head) and the scent is nice, not too overbearing like the shower gels I use! He isn’t getting any dryness in his face and likes that he can use one product for everything. Also he thinks that 200ml for £2.75 is an absolute bargain. He has gone back to his soap, but uses this on the face and when he feels his skin is getting dry he reverts back to using this for both body and face. I think his skin does look brighter on his face so thumbs up from the both of us.

You can pick up Dove Men+ Care Products from both Superdrug and Boots.

I hoped you liked today’s post, something a little different from me. I have been getting my brother to try out more products from both Dove and another brand and will report back soon on his thoughts. He goes through shower gels really fast so I’m getting him to try out a few and share his thoughts. Until next time lovelies, take care!