My Makeup Removal Holy Grail

Hi loves! I get asked about skin care quite often and today thought I would share with you all some of my holy grail items. I literally feel like I could not live the life I lead without them, as if I didn’t have them my eye makeup tendencies would have to be dramatically reduced.  I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged but I do have some sort of excuse, kind of! I have created two posts ready to go live but I can’t seem to find time within daylight hours to take pictures. One of them is a foundation post and I thought I better show that in daylight because you can’t really get a good representation in indoor lighting. But without much further ado let us get on to my holy grail items.

makeup remover



Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover: I believe this is a Boots owned brand that you can’t get anywhere else (sorry if you can’t get hold of it!). This is a duo phase eye makeup remover that I use on a daily basis  (when I wear eye makeup) to get rid of tough mascara residue and all kinds of eye makeup including glitter. To be honest if this was discontinued I could grudgingly make do with another brand, such as the Bodyshop Camomile Eye Makeup Remover, but this is definitely my favourite and I don’t like to be without it. It breaks down makeup really well, doesn’t hurt my eyes or sting them and is quick and easy. It is also extremely affordable at £3.99 when on full price but usually there are offers around the Botanicals range. I picked three up last week half price at £1.99 (at time of publishing this post, it is still half price!). Find it here.

makeup remover

makeup remover

Boots Cotton Wool Double Faced Pad: Now these I cannot live without. I love how the cotton pad is seamed together which means the layers don’t separate, and I love the two textured sides. They are perfect for using with my makeup removers and usually one large pad is enough for both my eyes. If I use the smaller ones, as I sometimes prefer to do, I use up two pads. Now I think Bodyshop have similar ones but I have never tried it because it was pricier than these beauties. I pick the large cotton pads up for £1.89 and the smaller ones are the same price. However 80% of the time it is buy one, get second half price. With Bodyshop ones priced at £2.50 I have no reason to look elsewhere. You can pick it up here.


Bioderma Sensibio Micellar Solution: Ah my beloved Bioderma, my favourite discovery. Coincidentally I found this and my favourite person in the whole wide world the same summer, a summer I remember fondly. I use this as a makeup remover pre-cleanse, it takes away any oily residue left over from the eye makeup remover, and easily breaks down concealer, blush, lipstick etc. I find it  very refreshing, and it pretty much removes all makeup. I still cleanse using my Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm just to deep clean my skin but my flannel usually comes up clean. I have lost count of how many bottles I have been through, and I usually always have a back up ready. That reminds me, need to pick up a back up! You can pick up Bioderma Créaline H2O Micelle Solution 2 x 500ml for £22.10, bargain!

I hope you liked a little peek into my makeup removal routine, it is one that took trial and error to perfect and now I am really happy with it. Talking about things I am happy with, I recently updated the look of my blog and this is my first official post on the new design. I hope you like it! It is pink and girly but I think I like it. I was going to opt for black and I might eventually but I like it having a little more colour. Let me know what you think! Speak soon, Tanzina x

My Most Used Eyeshadows

Hi lovelies, I feel like  I haven’t typed on here for so long (it’s probably only been around a week). This week was an exciting one for me, I traveled quite a bit around the country staying in different cities as part of my work training. Although it was rather glamorous at times I desperately craved my family and bed and am very happy to be sat in bed while I type this. This post is about my most used eyeshadows, all the ‘Best of 2013’ posts had me thinking what products do I use all the time and when it comes to eyeshadows it is rather easy to choose. (Warning: This post is quite in depth)

favourite mac shadows


favourite mac shadows

My most used shadows are from MAC, housed in quad palette, and go with me everywhere (especially this week as I have been travelling). I actually had never tried any MAC shadows previous to my introduction to these ones, and actually the shadows were part of my very first proper MAC haul (read about that here). I use these shadows in pretty much every single makeup look I create and also use the shadows in my makeup kit for clients.

mac carbon swatch

mac brown down swatch

The palette consists of four eyeshadows, and a lot of thought went into choosing them. First shade is MAC Carbon, a deep matte true black. I chose this shade because a true black is essential in makeup looks whether it is to add slight depth, smudge the liner, create a smokey look or any other reasons. Next I chose MAC Brown Down, described as a teddy bear brown. All the shades I house in my palette are matte shades and this one is no different. I like to think of this shade as a crease and contour shade. I apply it to the crease of my eye lid to create depth or sometimes just to define the contour of the lid a bit more. I also use it on the bottom lash line quite a bit to softly define it. There are so many different uses for shades like this, if I started listing it then we’d be here all day! Oh, I also use it to define my brows slightly if I can’t get hold of a brow product.

mac wedge swatch

mac brule swatch

The next shade is MAC Wedge, a satin matte taupe beige shade (quite similar to Urban Decay Naked shadow actually) and it is what I call a ‘transitional’ shade meaning I use it mostly to blend out colours and soften harsh lines. For me the shade is slightly warmer than my skin tone so for that purpose it works really well and I can easily layer a highlighting shade over it. I would say for paler skin tones, this would work really well as your eye contour shade. Finally to complete the quattro we have MAC Brule, a matte soft cream beige shade. This is my highlighting shade, perfect for highlighting under the brow and inner corners. I sometimes (read: most of the time) get lazy and also use this as my blending shades and for simple looks that works perfectly fine. I prefer a soft understated highlighter under my brow, I find shimmery finishes look to try-hard on me and I only use those for heavy makeup looks. The only thing I find annoying about this shade is that MAC are now bringing out a neutrals palette and I don’t have any shades from there except from Brule. I hate having doubles and I want that palette!!

That is it for my favourite shadows, although there are only four they are hands down my most used. I have always been tempted to purchase the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette but I’ve always put it off because I have this quad which I think does the job just the same if not better for me. If your thinking of buying some MAC shadows I would definitely recommend these and if you don’t like these then I would recommend going for shades you really know you will use often as the shadows are quite pricey.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, I was worried I was yapping too much however I did want you to know exactly why they are my favourite and I think you now do! P.S It’s my 23rd Birthday tomorrow! I feel like this will be a life changing year for me, I have just started my career and fingers crossed this year will bring me lots of happiness. I think I am going to just spend the day at home with my family, it’s been many years since I just stayed home with them on my big day and I think it is about time I done it again. Until next time, have a lovely day! Tanzina x

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Favourite Product of the Month: January

I have decided to do a monthly favourite post. Initially the plan was to do a post featuring quite a few products that I have been using through out the month, but in the end decided to feature ONE product that I keep going back to. I have realised that my current love in the make up world are lipsticks. I have picked up  few lipsticks in the past two months and also a few lipliners. I know that it used to be eyeshadows, however because I have so/too many, maybe that is why I’m grabbing lip products now?!

I am usually a red lip kind of girl, but recently I keep going back to these two products (yes, I know its meant to be one product but they’re a combo!) and have worn them numerous times last month. They have been a staple in my make up bag. I think maybe because it is winter, I am going for a little less vivid colour such as red (as that is more summery) but not too dull because I simply hate nudes!

MAC Speedial

The first of the two is MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in: Speed Dial. It can be layered on to make it brighter but I like having the option of both brighter and sheer, depending on my mood. The application is quite glossy and shiny, so I don’t need a lipgloss and the days I want it too be more matte I apply for lip liner and less lipstick.

Wearing Speedial over No7 Plum Lip Liner

The second is another No7 product, which is No7 Perfect Lip Pencil in: 05 Plum, and I feel the darker colour as  base makes the lipstick pop a bit more, but also if I want it to, it makes the lipstick a bit more matte and more toned down.

So that is it for my favourite product(s) of the month, I know it is meant to be one product but as I have been using them together I have made the decision that I will pretend they are one! Thanks for reading and I hope you all have stuck to your resolutions throughout the month of January.

-MAC Lipstick: £13.50
-No7 Lip Liner: £7.50