QVC: Behind the Scenes and Sarah Chapman

Hi lovelies, hope your all okay. I recently was able to visit the QVC studios and see a bit of shooting last week which I was extremely extremely excited about. I’ve visited the studios before, but this time round I was able to drop in to show featuring the beautiful Sarah Chapman and pick at her brain a little bit after the show during a meet and greet. I thought I would show you little back stage action, and make you realise just how different things are behind the camera and talk a little bit about what I discovered regarding QVC.

Home shopping really is a convenience to so many people, and when your sitting down and watching people present the latest beauty finds and amazing deals it’s hard to imagine what really is happening behind the scene. See I’ve worked on beauty counters before and I mistakenly thought that QVC was a little bit similar to that. A lot of claims are made on counters that hold little truth behind it and I thought maybe QVC did the same.. they ‘beautified’ the truth. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The Advertising Standards Authority heavily monitor what is being said and whether there are lies involved, and QVC stick strongly to their rules and regulations. Sometimes brands come out with claims that cannot be proved, and if a brand on QVC attempt to do that then QVC will make them stop if they wish to be featured on the channel. Much more trust worthy than retail shop assistants hey?!

IMG_5600A huge do not disturb sign!


Above we have a couple of snaps from behind the scenes, a On Air sign outside the control room and the control room itself. This is where lots of important actions occur such as camera control and sound control. You know how presenters have little earphone thingys in their ear? This is where the person who talks into it sits. They tell them things such as how long left till break or how long till the camera comes back to them. Also, notice when QVC inform us that there are only 50 items left, or the item is about to sell out? The person telling the presenter that is in the control room. And again I used to be a bit of sceptic thinking is a product really selling out or are they just trying to convince us to buy. Well again they are not allowed to lie, and that is the complete truth. I myself saw how quickly Sarah Chapman’s Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex started selling out, the products go really quickly!



I peeked into some of the dressing rooms were presenters and guests get ready and I have to admit I mentally planned how my dressing room in my mansion will look like. Look at those huge mirrors surrounded by lights. Currently at home I’ve also set up a huge mirror going across the wall like the first picture, well not that big ..but it most definitely doesn’t come with lights and the glamour. The studio also has a salon for models to prep and ‘chilling out’ rooms where guests and presenters can sit and relax. It really is rather luxurious and much bigger than I imagined!




As you can see from the pictures above, there is no huge camera crew (like I had imagined) instead there are robotic cameras. AND the thing that really surprised me was the lack of auto cue! Everything everyone says comes from their own mind, their own knowledge. They aren’t being fed seductive words to entice the viewer, only what they know. From the pictures above you can see Alison Young talking to the lovely Sarah Chapman about her latest launch ‘Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex’ which happens to currently be a QVC exclusive at the moment which you can get hold of here. Currently it’s on a special price of £45.58 and had great feedback when samples were tested at the QVC beauty bash. I’ve actually been able to get my hands on the product, and I will try to bring a more in depth review on it for you.


QVC have a lot of different studios, and here in another one prepped and ready for a show on bed linen. Apparently there are hidden sets, for example you pull the bed forward and behind a bath room set comes out! With fitting and fixtures like these, I think I can see myself moving in to the QVC studios. Really, you wouldn’t mind being locked in there for the night. In the morning you can head over to the salon and get ready in luxury!

I really had such an amazing time at the studios and it was really great meeting Sarah Chapman and getting to talk about her different products. My stand out favourite was the Overnight Facial which was this gorgeous luxurious feeling oil which you massage in to you skin every night. It smelt absolutely gorgeous and has definitely been added to my never ending to buy list. Honestly it smelt so so good, the jasmine notes really stood out and didn’t smell synthetic at all. You can have a look at it here 

Overall I had a great time at the event, getting to tour the studios and see how live shows work in more depth. I hope you all enjoyed this post and were able to get a little bit more of an idea what goes on behind the scenes! I will definitely be bringing you a few more product reviews from the QVC beauty stash so keep an eye out for that!

Happy Blog Birthday and Elemis Giveaway!


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. I know, the blog birthday was on the 1st of December however I have only just had enough time to fully celebrate it and celebrate it I did! I decided no birthday, blog or not, wouldn’t be complete without cake and also a nice range of my favourite things. So after a meal out at my local much visited Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I tucked into the goodies featured in this post. Warning: drooling may occur (will definitely occur in my case)



I popped along to Harrods earlier in the day to pick up these goodies, I adore Harrods food hall, dare I say even more so than Harrods beauty hall? I was going to pop along to Laudree and pick up a range of different macaroons, but this raspberry with pistachio and chocolate macaroon seduced my taste buds first. I had to take it home. I knew I had to get some sort of cake, macaroons weren’t enough so I picked up two slices of my favourite Harrods cake, the Frasier, it really is absolute heaven on your lips. Oh I just realised it seems as though I was having a little eating festival all by myself, I wasn’t! I was sharing the day with my one of my closest friends although I have to admit I wasn’t too happy about sharing the cakes, even though it was her treats!



I decided that I needed a cheese board to make the day complete along side my favourite olives. I always forget to check what the olives are called, but they are the most buttery textured delicious olives ever. They look really fresh and you can pick them up at Harrods also. I also picked up a bottle of my favourite drink, Belvoir Lemonade and completed the day by tucking into the cheeseboard.



I’m definitely a greedy guts at heart, and I don’t mind that at all. You can’t say I neglected my blog birthday at all now can you? I really have enjoyed blogging for a whole year and will hope to have another blog birthday food festival next year! Obviously it will have to be a bigger festival as it is a bigger birthday. Now no birthday is complete without presents so I have a lovely giveaway for you all to enter, just to say thank you for reading and supporting me over the past year. Blogging really has changed my life in many ways and for that I am really grateful. The Elemis giveaway will go up tomorrow, I thought it would be nice for it go live on Christmas day, and will be open for a month. So keep a look out for that, and again thank you so much for reading – Tanzina x 

Elemis at QVC: Amazing Special Value Deal

Hi lovelies, today’s post is about a special deal that I am so so excited about sharing with you all. I’ve been really lucky to have been given the chance to share this deal with you all and if your a skincare fan like me, you won’t want to miss this.

Wednesday evening I was invited over to the QVC studios for the unveiling of Elemis’s Special Value collection which is exclusive to QVC. I honestly didn’t know what to expect, and I really didn’t expect the collection to be as great as it was. When I hear big brands doing ‘amazing savings’ deals they usually save you about £10 or the products come in sample sizes which you usually can pick up at counters or magazines for free (sorry Benefit!). However this deal really is a dazzler.

I introduce you to the Winter Skincare Secrets Collection by Elemis which is QVC’s biggest beauty Today’s Special Value of the year! Within this collection you have six products, one being the luxurious Evening Blooms Dry Body Oil which you cannot purchase elsewhere. You can’t even get hold of it on the Elemis website. The oil contains notes of ylang-ylang (I love saying that), jasmine, vanilla and others and smells really divine. You warm it up in your hands and it goes on really luxuriously, sinking into the skin rather than sitting on top and the scent lingers for ages. It really has a relaxing and soothing scent which I hope will help my sleeping patterns.

You also get a full size Quiet Mind Bath Elixir which by itself retails for around £22. I am yet to try this as I am in London and have no access to a bath tub so I definitely will be taking this home with me in the weekend. However the scent! It’s so relaxing and the consistency seems thick and it is said to produce bubbles, it definitely feels like a serious contender for my much loved Jo Malone Bath Oil. I will keep you updated on that front, I do hope it beats the oil as it is so much more purse friendly priced.

Next you have a Gentle Rose Exfoliator, which smells of Moroccan rose and contains Jojoba beads that gently exfoliate your face. I’ve only used this once since I’m in a rush to let you know about these products in time for the deal however I am already impressed. It’s not too harsh and the fragrance is perfect for in bath exfoliating, your relaxed state of mind will only be aided with the fragrance rather than disturbed. To buy this is around £27, can you see that we’ve already gone well over the £50 price mark?

The next product you get in the collection is this lovely moisturising Skin Nourishing Shower Cream with also retails for around £22. It has won multiple awards and contains Macadamia and Jojoba oils and after one use I can already tell why it’s an award winner, post shower my skin felt hydrated. I’m almost annoyed at discovering these products because I know they’re going to stay stuck on my repurchase shopping list. I haven’t been able to fully trial this out as I’ve only had a day since getting them however I will definitely try my very best to get back to you on how I’m getting along with the products.

Next, this is feeling endless, is the Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser which is another award winning product which retails for around £29. It contains ylang-ylang (I just love saying that) lavender, moringa seed peptide and is said to help against pollutants especially if your living in the city like me. I’m really looking forward to trying this out and comparing it to my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish and No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser.

And finally the collection features the hugely popular and multi award winning Pro-Collagen Marine Cream in a 30ml which would retail for around £40. This is said to increase moisture and hydration levels up to 45% and has even more greater qualities for more mature skin, especially concerning fine lines, and wrinkle depth. I haven’t yet tried this and I may get my mum to trial this out and report back, or I may take it up on the hydration offer and see what it does for my winter dry skin. However it goes without saying this is a huge big seller from the Elemis range and many people will love to see this featured in the collection.

-Also you get that lovely makeup/toiletry bag that’s been in the pictures, it’s hugeee. And is good quality as well, it will definitely be my new beauty travelling bag.

So how much is this I hear you ask? The prices have gone well over the £150 mark already. How amazing would this deal be for a £100? But no, QVC are hosting this collection as the Today’s Special Value at the amazing price of UNDER £50! I can’t believe how cheap they are selling this for especially in time for Christmas and I will 100% be purchasing this even though I already have one and will be giving bits away as gifts and keeping some cheeky bits as back ups!

This is definitely my first Christmas gift idea post, and really your getting six gifts for under £50 which is such a good saving. Plus they aren’t just rubbish six gifts, they’re some really good presents to give someone and I know I would’ve been happy to receive any one of the items from the collection. Plus with QVC, you can pay in 4 instalments and QVC have such faith in these products that you can returns them even after use because they are so sure you’ll love them – they are offering that guarantee. So when does this launch? This launches exclusively on QVC  this Saturday (the 1st of December) at midnight and then will be shown throughout the day on the Sunday also. I could not recommend this enough!

In the studio, behind the cameras 

Getting the microphone fitted

Showing how to use the oil

Talking to the lovely Debbie

Using the Dry Body Oil 

So that is it for today’s post, it’s one I’m really passionate about and I know I will be tuning in to grab this even though I already have one set. I just think they would make such good gifts and I can now officially announce this collection as my first Christmas Gift Guide beauty product! I was able to do a little bit of guest presenting for QVC and have video footage of myself, but I’m still debating whether I should upload it! But I shall leave you with some behind the scenes photos above. Until next time lovelies, I hope you all have a great day x

Press Preview: QVC SS13 Event

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a preview event, and of course I jumped at it. I was able to attend the QVC Spring/Summer preview event, yes you read that correctly – Spring Summer! I haven’t even started on possible Christmas present posts and brands are already thinking so far ahead! It’s crazy how far in advance they have to plan and predict. I thought I’d quickly talk you through the event and items that really stood out to me.

I kind of knew what to expect as this was my second QVC event however this one was much more different compared to the last one I attended. The AW12 event was in a huge room and this one was hosted in lots of different rooms showcasing lots of different items and ranges. On to the pictures!

The first room I headed into happened to be a craft/office type of room holding lots of little craft treasures and pretty stationary. The brand that automatically jumped out to me was Anna Griffin, I loved the old school feel to the products, the patterns on the stationary, notebooks and stamps and it definitely made me want to grab them all and take them home with me. I was lucky enough to be given a sticky note pad from the range to take home and you can be sure to expect that appearing on Instragram! (I’m Makeupatoz there).

Gorgeous detailed card making kit

Wish my university desktop looked like that!

The next room was the beauty room and I automatically gravitated towards this skincare range that I heard of but never really discovered. Luckily there was a representative from the brand there who briefed me in and also demoed the product. Emma Hardie is a natural skincare brand which has quite a bit of a cult following especially over in America and I really am looking forward to discovering the brand and getting to know the products. My initial reaction to the products was love, it felt super hydrating and I will definitely try to find out more and try products and let you all know my thoughts. I had no idea how many amazing deals QVC actually host, I was speaking to an Emma Hardie fan today who was telling me you can make such good savings at QVC sometimes are opposed to popping into Space NK. I’ve definitely started learning much more about QVC in the past few weeks.

I then decided that the cake section just looked too good to resist and I needed to pick up a macaroon. But other than making you guys lust over cakes, which I am currently doing, I just wanted to show you the plates and crockery that the desserts were placed upon. You can also pick these up at QVC, I love how they have a vintage feel and that cake plate especially is calling out to me.

The next room I ventured into was the fashion/bedroom room, which held quite a few spring/summer fashion pieces. But before we talk about that please take a few seconds to appreciate the bedding and cushions! I absolutely love it, it looks so cosy and it probably appealed to me even more because I’m in the market for bedding, my room (at home not London) needs bedding to pull the colour scheme together. I will definitely be taking a look at QVC to see what options they have as I was so impressed with the bedding above! The fashion pieces were definitely screaming summer, I really loved the Lulu Guinness lipstick clasp bags, they look adorable.

I had a peek at the jewellery section, I’m not a huge jewellery wearer so I didn’t really expect anything to catch my attention too much however this piece above really appealed to me. It’s like a statement bracelet/cuff that is really unique as it is made from beads and stones and fabric and I can really see this setting an outfit off. I’d pair this with minimal jewellery, imagine this and a plain black maxi dress in the summer, with red lips of course. it’s Rush by Dennis & Charles and I desperately want it. Below are a few more jewellery snaps.

The next bit of the post is snapshots of beauty items that QVC hold. I won’t talk too much through them as the pictures really speak for themselves, QVC have a huge portfolio of beauty brands.

Liz Earle Cosmetics

Liz Earle Brushes – need to try these! They felt super soft

New Liz Earle hair oil that is launching next year – I will definitely try my best to get more information for you on this. It felt really light so would be interested in seeing how well it works. 

This is the brand that really really caught my attention. I spoke to the lovely Hayley about it at the event, who was really helpful. This is a brand that I’ve never come across it’s Mally and the cosmetics really felt like good quality and reminded me so much of my loved Urban Decay. I will try my best to get more information on this for you all.

The Mally eyeshadow palette -does it remind you of anything? I need to get hold of this to compare to Urban Decay!

Hair goodies

A perfect gift for lipgloss lovers, and it’s under £20. You can also buy this and divide it up between people or keep it all for yourself!

What jumps out to me straight away is the Seche Vite topcoat! I love that to pieces and QVC  now stock it. The lovely Livi from QVC however has said the Nails Inc topcoat is a serious contender and I think I shall now have to get hold of it to compare.  I still believe Seche Vite will win easily!

QVC also now stock Benefit cosmetics!

So that is all from the QVC press preview, I hope you all enjoyed the preview as much as I did! I definitely saved the best till last, I always find that the beauty section is always the best. QVC have really impressed me, I’ve recently been discovering lots more about the brand and the channel and I have to admit I really didn’t realise how amazing a company they were. I will have another post up very very soon regarding QVC where you will understand what I mean. Okay, I can’t hold it in any longer..  I was able to actually go to QVC studios and do a bit of guest presenting, how crazy is that! But that is a whole new post that should be up tomorrow fingers crossed. I really enjoyed attending the preview and seeing what is coming up over the next year and had such a lovely time talking to the girls hosting the event. They were very informative and helpful and that’s always great to see. Stand out brands to me were Emma Hardie, Mally cosmetics and of course Rush jewellery.

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures, have a lovely day! Tanzina x

Event: Elemis FreshSkin & Discovery Kit Review

Morning morning. Today I thought I’d highlight products from my most used skin care range which I have using for months and months I mentioned (here). The brand I am talking about is Elemis FreshSkin and I recently attended an event for the brand which educated us on the newest range from FreshSkin. 

Before I take you through the pictures like I always do with events I just want to show you this little travel/discovery kit which has been a life saver for me. The problem with skin care is that you can’t live without it and for someone who hates depotting products.. When you travel you have to carry the whole thing with you. This is where this little beauty comes in and helps me lug less luggage across London every weekend! I introduce you to the Fresh Start Discovery Kit (£19.90), which contains products I use in my every day skin care routine.
The discovery kit was created so people can discover the whole range without having to fork out lots of money only to discover the range wasn’t for them. I find that to be such a clever idea and think much more brands should do that, I know Benefit do it sometimes but it isn’t a part of their permanent collection. Also, it can work as a travel sets as the sizes are really generous and can last you quite some time. Within the kit there are two products I’ve mentioned to before, the Softly Softly Daily Moisturiser and the Peachy Perfect Gentle Cleanser which you can read all about (here). The kit also contains a exfoliater called Skin Glow Exfoliating Face Wash. I’ve actually have the full size exfoliater at home already and have been using it for a while. It’s a lovely every day exfoliator that I adore and coming across it here makes me realise it deserves it’s own blog post so look out for a review soon. Now onto products I haven’t used from the range before.
There is a night dream called the Dreamy Sleep Night-Time Moisturiser. It doesn’t feel super heavy like I envisioned it would be and I honestly do notice that my skin feels more hydrated in the morning in comparison to other creams I use at night time such as the Softly Softly. It isn’t as intense as my much loved Oilatum, however as my skin has been well looked after for quite some time now I notice that it doesn’t need such extreme moisture as often and is more than satisfied with this night time moisturiser.
The second item that I haven’t tried from the range is face masks, and this kit contains three sachets of Deep Clean Purifying Face Mask. I’ve used on hence why I’ve only got pictures of two, I couldn’t tell you all about it if I hadn’t tried it right? First impression, I absolutely LOVE it. This is my kind of face mask, does a great deep clean and dries really well on my face. I get that tight face frozen feeling that I crave from masks, and upon taking the mask off my skin does feel super clean and soft. The masks contain natural clays, goji berry extract and frankincense which is great for getting id of impurities and after having to wear foundation and heavy make up over the weekend I definitely needed this. It would be 10 out of 10 if it wasn’t for one problem, the face mask sachets are really really small, at only 3ml, and I really wish they were bigger. There is just about enough for my whole face, but I really do wish there was a little more. 5ml should be minimum but other than that it is perfect. I just checked the full size mask set, and they are over double the size of the masks included in the discovery kit – now it makes perfect sense why they are smaller here, after all it is a discovery/travel set!
Now enough of me rambling, take a look at pictures from the event. We had the opportunity to try out FreshSkin facials and get our nails and hair done.
Being educated on the latest range by the beautiful Emer, I’m definitely more of a pink girl!
Potential Christmas pressies maybe?
The discovery kit!
See those Essie pinks at the front? They’re exclusive Essie for Elemis FreshSkin nail colour! Gorgeous.
A beautiful igloo like cocoon where I had my facial done at the hands of the talented Emer
The next few pictures are of my hair, Electric Hairdressing were doing lovely moisturising hair treatments and hair styling at the event and I was fortunate enough to have the lovely Ky Wilson make my hair look super fabulous. He really worked wonders as you will be able to see below. He also is a fellow blogger and you can take a peek into his life (here). He actually works at the Electric salon, and I couldn’t recommend him enough, was an absolute pleasure to meet.
How super sleek and shiny does my hair look? It felt like silk – no exaggeration 
Shiny, shiny, shiny!
Ta-da, very retro and glamorous. I absolutely love love loved Ky’s finished work. Please do ignore my face, 
I just had a facial so had practically all my make up removed!
How tidy and shiny and pretty does my hair look? I still cannot get over it!
I liked my hair so much that even though I had no plans for that evening, I made plans! Hair like that deserves to go out, not be wasted at home. I had lots and lots of stares from men, women, girls, pets.. and I knew it wasn’t because I forgot to wear an essential item of clothing, no it was because for once my hair looked amazing. I liked my hair so much, that even though there was such a lack of make up in the picture.. I still made this hair my MakeupAtoZ facebook picture. Yes, that is true admiration.
The new MakeupAtoZ facebook picture
That is all for today’s post for Makeup A to Z, quite a bit to read I know. I have a very exciting Elemis Fresh Skin give away coming up very soon so keep an eye out for that, until next time have a great day! – Tanzina x