Event: Eylure Fleur Lashes #lashdeforce

It has been forever and a day since I done an event post, since moving out of London I tend to not go to many PR events any more. However when I heard that Fleur De Force had collaborated with Eylure, I knew I had to pop along to the launch and see the new lashes that were coming out. As you may know, I am already an Eylure fan, so I was really interested to see the new #lashdeforce offerings. I thought today I would give you a little peek of the event and Eylure Fleur lashes.

Fleur De Force Lashes

Eylure Fleur Lashes #lashdeforce

The event itself was pretty stunning, the décor very whimsical and very Fleur. I have been watching Fleur’s YouTube channel for years now and it was really lovely to meet her in person. She was very welcoming and look absolutely stunning, even prettier than in the videos. With YouTube being such a huge platform and YouTubers amassing such a huge following, it is really easy to let it get to your head but she was very humble and lovely.

Eylure Fleur Lashes #lashdeforce


Fleur & Fabulous

I pottered around the room and took a few snaps of the lashes, there are 4 styles that are being released. The most dramatic style in the range is called Fleur & Fabulous. It is the perfect night out style for someone who doesn’t like too much drama but wants to add some emphasis to their eyes. You can pick this up [here] from Boots for £5.95

Simply Fleur

Simply Fleur

Simply Fleur

Next we have Simply Fleur, this is most natural style from the collection, it is very light and petite and the type of lashes you could get away with calling your own. I think I would pair these with the no eyeliner makeup looks, as the lash band so undetectable, it would blend in with my natural lashes seamlessly. You can pick this style up [here] for £5.95

 Couture Fleur

A lash collection can’t be complete without individual lashes and I really want to get my hands on Fleurs take on them. She has come up with a set called Couture Fleur, which are knot-free individual lashes with tapered tips to help blend in with your natural lashes. What I find annoying about individual lashes is that they usually have one row of long, one row of medium and one row of short. I know that I won’t make use of all the long ones so it puts me off buying individuals. However this set has two rows of medium and the rest are a mix of long and short which is the perfect ratio for me. They also come with 2-3 day glue, which is understandably stronger than the normal Eylure glue and they also come with a special oil based lash remover so ensure your own lashes aren’t damaged. You can pick this up [here] for £6.95

fleur loves

Fleur Loves

Fleur Loves

Fleur Loves

Finally, I have saved my favourite till last, the Fleur Loves set. This is such a pretty ¾ length set, which looks so natural when you put them on. They are so easy to apply and really blend in with your natural lashes. The style is slightly messy making them look more realistic, with a flare at the end to add some drama to the look. The ends of the lashes are tapered to look even more natural and they feel so light when worn that you sometimes forget you are wearing lashes. As they are ¾ lashes, they are much easier to apply and you don’t need to trim them to make them fit, meaning they are perfect for both lash pros and lash newbies. I know I will definitely be picking up more of these. You can pick this style up [here] for £5.25


The lashes are now in Boots stores nationwide and online.

I absolutely love the Eylure Fleur lashes collection or #lashdeforce as they are otherwise known, it is right up my street as I really do like the natural with an edge of drama look. I am tempted to stock up on the Fleur Loves sets as I am worried everyone will fall in love with them like I have and I will never be able to get a set when I really need it. I will definitely be creating looks with these lashes, so I will share them with you all soon. I hope you liked the sneak peek of the event, which style is your favourite? Tanzina x

Sneak Peek: QVC A/W 2014

Hi loves, recently I had the opportunity to nosey around the QVC A/W collection and obviously, obviously I concentrated for on the beauty side of things. As with all QVC events, I love to take pictures and share them with you all so you know what is coming up in the new season. I do have to admit, most of my attention was monopolised by Tarte cosmetics, there presence in the UK has me lusting way too much. So without much further ado, here are the things that caught my attention.













There are so so many amazing brands available at QVC, if I tried to capture a picture of them all we’d be here forever. Tarte is definitely at the top of my list of things to try, and I think it is Josie Maran Argan Oil infused products second? Also did you know that Tarte stock are going to stock my favourite hair masque in the world?! It’s the Macadamia Deep Repair masque which I cannot recommend enough.

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek at the QVC A/W preview, do let me know if you have your eye on anything. You can find some amazing products and brand over on the QVC site (beauty section especially) so if you haven’t already checked them out, find them here. Until next times love, have an amazing day. Tanzina x

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GOSH A/W 12 New Releases

Hi my loves, hope you are all doing okay. I am so exhausted as I write this as I was at a photo shoot this morning (it’ll be the next morning when you read this!) which was rather draining on four hours sleep! That combined with heat in the studio, due to lighting equipment, is just too exhausting to comprehend. I may or may not have ended up having a four hour nap. Can I just add that I was also fasting so no water to cool me down? Yes I am hosting a Tanzina feel sorry for me pity party in which donations in the form of shoes and handbags are much welcome!

Okay enough about me although I do admit, that is my favourite topic to rant about. I haven’t done an event post for a while so thought today I would show you a few GOSH beauties that are soon to be released for the Autumn/Winter season. I’ve got my hands on quite a few goodies so expect some reviews and makeup looks coming up but until then, this is a picture walk through of the event and new launches.

gosh cc cream

gosh cc cream review

GOSH are releasing a CC Cream, which is an illuminating foundation. CC Cream is short for colour correcting cream and this particular one offers five results in one easy step. It is oil-free and without any parabens or perfume. There is also a BB Powder that will be released alongside it which comes in four shades.

gosh mascara

gosh mascara

GOSH are also bringing out two new gorgeous mascaras, the Waterproof Volume Mascara which retails for £7.49 and the above Daring Lashes Extreme Volume Mascara which retails for £7.99. The Daring Lashes looks perfect for creating baby doll lashes and I can’t wait to put the two mascaras to the test!

gosh nail polish


GOSH host some gorgeous nail colours, as you can see from above, and the new offerings that really caught my attention where the pretty matte glitter polishes – I want all three! They retail for £4.99, very affordable, so it is just a matter of time until they are mine.

gosh lip liner

These are definitely my favourite release from the whole collection, and I definitely will be doing a post dedicated to this gorgeous lip pencils. They’re so creamy, apply really well and stay on too! They too are very affordable, retailing for £4.99 and come in five new shades.

gosh smokey liner

GOSH have also introduced some new eyeliners, the Smokey Eye Liner which help creating the classic smokey eye become really easy. They smoke out really well without looking patchy and the sponge at the end is really surprisingly helpful. They are waterproof and come in four different shades. This will be retailing for £5.99.



I thought to round this post up I’d throw in a few existing GOSH products that I have my eyes on, mainly the brow products and the gorgeous pigmented cheek products. GOSH really do have some hidden treasures in their range and I’m looking forward to playing around with the new pieces. Is there anything you have your eye on? If so, let me know in a comment below. Until next time lovelies have a great day, Tanzina x

REN Moroccan Rose Otto Range

I’m a huge fan of rose scented products and Morrocan Rose really appeals to me as its deviates away from the tradition English rose scent we come across in scented products here in the UK. A quick ‘Morrocan Rose’ search on Google brings up many mentions of REN Morrocan Rose Otto range and that itself is very telling. Putting it quite simply, I don’t think anyone does Moroccan Rose better than REN. It’s been a while since I last done and event post so today I decided to flag up some gorgeous images I took at the REN Moroccan Rose Otto event, and discuss a product from the range that I am absolutely loving.

ren moroccan rose otto range

The event was held at the decadent five star St Pancras Renaissance Hotel which is ‘famous’ for being the shooting place of the Spice Girl music video ‘If You Wanna Be My Lover’. Just a little tidbit of information thrown in there. We entered a room that was lit up with rose scented Dipytique candles, and a wave of gorgeous rose scented aroma hit us when we walked into the room. The presentation of the products were beautiful and we watched a really informative video shot in the Moroccan rose villages which talked us through the rose collecting process and the way the petals were made into a ‘nectar’ which is used in products such as the REN Moroccan Rose Otto range. It was really enlightening to see the whole rose industry aspect of the product. We also got to meet the director of the documentary that was made on the whole rose gathering process and test out the products. It was a beautiful event as you will see from the pictures below.

ren moroccan rose otto range

ren moroccan rose otto range

ren moroccan rose otto range

We were also given some food to nibble on, and maybe because I am typing this on an empty stomach I feel like I really should include them! They also served my favourite bottled coconut water yay, it’s the closest to fresh coconut water which I adore.

ren moroccan rose otto range

ren moroccan rose otto range

ren moroccan rose otto range

ren moroccan rose otto range

I attended the REN Moroccan Rose Otto event quite some time ago, I think sometime in early May and I have really tested the products out fully before reporting back. I usually tend to do that with skin care, body care, hair care items because you need time to form opinions on products like that whereas eye shadow and lipstick really need just one day to figure out.

Ren moroccan rose otto sugar body scrub

Today I’m going to discuss the gorgeous REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish. The word gorgeous was a huge giveaway on my thoughts about this product. It’s a real sugary scrub which immediately made me sigh ‘yes’ in the Herbal Essence advert kind of way, I love a scrub that you can actually scrub with and get a true exfoliation out of. I have been applying this onto dry skin just before I dip into the bath and it has been working wonders on my dry patches and ingrown hair. Tan lovers out there – this will ensure you aren’t left with patches.

Ren moroccan rose otto sugar body scrub

After giving myself a good ol’ scrubbing, I step into the bath and the scent just lingers in the water and the oil from the scrub really softens my skin and makes it feel soft and nourished. There is olive and almond oil in the product, and rather than that being just washed off in the bath once I step out my skin still remains nourished. The scent is luxurious and really relaxing, a spa like product in your own bathroom. If I could change anything about it however it would be the packaging. The rest of the range has weighty luxurious packaging, I’ve just purchased the bath oil last week which is packaged lovely, however this tends to remind me of a nutella tub! However the product inside is not reflective at all of the packaging, and it definitely will not deter me away from repurchasing. That being said, it’s been a month of use and I’ve gone through about a quarter of it so think it might last me awhile.

Ren moroccan rose otto sugar body scrub

I have just used up one of my Elemis body oils and have begun trialing out the REN Body Oil so I will report back on it soon. So far it looks very promising. Now you can pick this baby up here from REN’s own website or at any REN distributor. It is priced at £32 for 330ml which I find very reasonable for a luxury scrub.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post lovely and you can always keep up to date with my posts through Bloglovin’! Tanzina x

QVC Customer Awards 2013

Hi loveys! Today is a quick post letting you all know that the QVC Customer Awards 2013 are now OPEN!

QVC Customer Awards 2013

My love for QVC is quite apparent, I’ve written some rather lengthy posts on it, and reasons like this just strengthen it.I love how they take feedback from customers and deem it important. Amazing customer service is key, and feedback really helps me shop better especially online as I can see what other buyers of the product thought about it.

Every year QVC hold a QVC Beauty Awards and this year is no different. Customers can vote across twelve categories and the winners will be announced on the 1st of July. I will also be testing out a category and reporting back so keep your eyes out for that! Now nominations end in just FOUR days so get voting, if your favourite is in a category, back it! You can vote here:

QVC Customer Awards 2013

I can’ t wait to find out what products win this year, I wonder if it will be the same as last year or different. There are a lot of my favourites in the categories so I will be voting for them. Take care lovelies, I hope you all have a lovely day!x