Wishlist Wednesday #4: ZOEVA Brush Set

Hello again. At this rate, it feels like we seem to talk on these Wishlist Wednesday posts, but with how topsy turvy my life has been recently, I am not actually surprised. So what item am I lusting after this week? If you’ve been a bit Sherlock Holmes-ey today, you would’ve read the title and seen the picture below and know already that I am really hankering for a Zoeva Brush Set to join my ever growing collection of makeup brushes.

If you were to ask me which Zoeva brush set would you actually like, unfortunately I couldn’t give you an answer unless ‘all of them’ is an acceptable response. But the truth is, they do all look pretty amazing. I’ve got a couple of Zoeva brushes in my collection, and I genuinely use them every single day. I have 228 Luxe Crease which is the most amazing shadow blending brush which I use every time I apply eyeshadow. I also have the 142 Concealer Buffer which is a MUST for blending in my under eye concealer. Last but not least, I have the 110 Face Shape which is pretty special, I always use it with cream face products such as cream highlighters and blushes.

The matter of fact is, I want a Zoeva brush set, so this item too will find it’s place on my wish list. I think if I had to, had to choose, although I couldn’t pinpoint a particular set, I think I would go for the Rose Gold variety as they look just stunning and would be a very welcome addition of my gazillion brushes. I have actually been picking up pretty much everything I feature on my Wishlist Wednesday posts, so I expect to be picking up a Zoeva set in the very near future.

I hope you liked this quick Wishlist Wednesday post featuring some really pretty Zoeva Brush Sets. Do let me know which set you would go for. Speak soon, Tanzina x

My Very First Zoeva Haul

Hi loves, another haul post today! It seems like I have been shopping a lot but I promise I haven’t, I picked up a few pieces when I went to UMAE and as I promised, I thought I would share it with you all. Today it is my Zoeva haul, Zoeva is a brand I have been meaning to try out for a while now but I never really saw any of their products in person so I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to pick bits up or not. However when I went to UMAE, they were at the Love Makeup stand and I just couldn’t resist.

Zoeva haul

zoeva brush haul

I thought I would start off with the brushes I picked up, after all Zoeva are known for their brushes. I was really tempted to pick up their Rose Golden Complete Eye Set but I knew I wouldn’t use all the brushes so I behaved and resisted the temptation to take it to the checkout till! Instead picked up the following brushes: 110 Face Shape Brush, 142 Concealer Buffer and the 228 Luxe Crease. It was actually David Horne who introduced me to the Face Shape Brush, he used it whilst he applied his GlamBase Wheel (find my review here). I absolutely loved the ‘bounce’ of the brush and just how good it was at both applying and blending product. The Concealer Buffer brush reminded me so much of the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease brush which I use pretty much every day to blend my concealer. I’ve now been using the Zoeva version and I have to admit, I may just love it more! I picked the Luxe Crease brush as I have a thing for amazing blending brushes and this one is particular looked pretty special. I’ve used it a couple of times already and my initial observation was pretty good, I love how good this is for blending!

110 Face Shape Brush – £8.95
142 Concealer Brush – £7.95
228 Luxe Crease Brush – £6.95

zoeva makeup haul

zoeva rock n roll bride

zoeva rock n roll bride

zoeva rock n roll bride

I had no idea Zoeva did makeup, did you?! It wasn’t till I saw it in person that I cottoned on, all this time I just assumed they were a brush company. Recently I have been looking for a creamy warm dark brown pencil liner as I love using that type of shade on my bottom lash line. I have some plain pencils but I wanted something with a little ‘oomph’ to it and the Zoeva Graphic Eyes Pencil in Rock ‘N’ Roll provided just that. The consistency and product itself reminded me a lot of the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencils, but just at a much cheaper price range. It sets quickly and doesn’t budge which is exactly what I need for a long day at the office. The colour itself is a dark brown with beautiful red and pink glitter which is such an unusual combination. It is a subtle sparkle and not too glittery, so it is very wearable. It is easy to smudge before it sets and is a great colour to add definition to my eyes without being as harsh as a black shade would be. It retails for £5.50 here and I would definitely recommend it.

I hope you liked my Zoeva haul, it wasn’t a huge one but I have to admit I have caught the Zoeva bug and am tempted to pick up one of the sets! For those of you who were in my shoes, unsure whether to take the plunge, I would recommend that you do as they really are good quality brushes at a very good price point. I am very happy to report that my very first Zoeva haul was a successful one! Speak to you soon, Tanzina x

Nanshy Masterful Collection

Over the past few years there is a clear trend of expanding brush collections in most beauty enthusiast’s makeup stash. When I first started showing an interest in makeup, good quality brushes came with a hefty price tag, and the 15 year old me could not even phantom spending £30+ on a MAC makeup brush. The 24 year old me now still can’t get round to it willingly! However as the demand for makeup brushes grew, so did the range of affordable good quality makeup brushes. I don’t think I have one single makeup brush in my collection that costs over £30 and only a handful over £20. More and more brands have come out with good quality brushes with small price tags and today I want to talk about one of my favourite brush companies, Nanshy

Nanshy Masterful Collection

Nanshy Masterful Collection

I’ve raved about Nanshy before (here & here), and today I wanted to show you a huge brush collection they launched a while ago. I’ve been really incorporating them into my makeup routine for the past 3 months and I think it is time now I spoke to you all about it. I’m aiming to do a makeup look video in the near future so hopefully then you can see the brushes in action so I will try to keep this post short and sweet. Nanshy launched their Masterful Collection last year which entailed of 12 brushes for both face and eye applications. The collection contains the following brushes:

Eye Brushes:
Angled Detailer Brush
Crease Brush
Blending Brush
Shader Brush
Pencil Brush
Liner Brush

Face & Lip Brushes:
Contouring Brush
Blush Brush
Powder Brush
Stippling Brush
Foundation Brush
Lip Brush (with cap)

Nanshy Masterful Collection

I’ve been using the Nanshy Eye Brush set for over 6 months and I have fully implemented into my daily makeup routine. I also have the Nanshy Face Brush set, but none of the face brushes are the same as the one in this set. My stand out favourite face brush from this collection is the Foundation Brush. It’s an angled traditional foundation brush however I use it for a complete difference purpose. The angled shape is perfect to blend out cream contour and I use it pretty much every day. I also adore Contour brush as I use it for both contour and blush powder application.

Nanshy Masterful Collection

The collection retails for £49.99 here, and although in bulk that is quite a large sum to spend, it works out to be £4.16 per brush which is very reasonable in my opinion. Especially for someone who wants a good collection to start off with, this collection will be more than enough to create most looks. I definitely see myself getting a lot of use out of this collection.

I hoped you liked this quick look at the Masterful Collection. I’m thinking of creating a makeup look video using this set so please give me ideas of what you would like to see. Until next times loves, have a great day! Tanzina x

The Face Edit: Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set

Hi loves. I accidentally forgot to renew a part of my site and my blog was down for a day! Noooo.. but it is up now (evidently!) and I’m back to being happy again. I haven’t done a ‘Face Edit’ post in a while and today I thought I would get back into the swing of things with a quick look at a brush set in my collection. This is for all my cream/liquid product lovers, I have got you covered here. When it comes to foundation/cream product brushes I prefer to use synthetic so I had to introduce you to this set. 

nanshy brush set

nanshy pro brush set

nanshy professional brushes

If you were after a set that answered all your cream base product needs, then this it. This is the Nanshy Professional Makeup Brush Set and it contains four synthetic brushes. The bristles are all soft and easily washable – something I look for especially in base brushes as I wash them much more often than eye/brow makeup brushes. The brushes don’t shed during washes and they also stay in shape after washing. I’ve been unlucky enough to experience brushes that are completely ruined after their first wash and I’m happy to say this set doesn’t contain any of those! The handles are also thick so easy to hold and use.

nanshy brushes

I thought I would quickly talk you through the brushes and what I use them for. Lets start with the egg shaped brush, I like to thing this one to be a beauty blender in brush form. The bristles in this brush (and all the rest) are very dense meaning that you get a lot more control and the product goes where you want it to. I’ve been using this mostly for my concealer, it fits under my eyes perfectly and also blends well too. I also use it for my cream highlighter on my cheekbones, again I get more control and I love the finish. This has to be my most used/favourite from the set. Next we have the angle brush. This is perfect for apply cream products especially cream contour. I do my best fish face and use it to swipe on the contour product and buff it in. I also use it to buff in cream blusher – something I’ve been using quite a bit but that’s a whole new post!

nanshy brushes

Next are the foundation brushes. Now everyone uses foundation brushes differently so you might use yours different to mine, but this is how I use mine. The flat top brush I find is great at stippling product on, so when I want really full coverage (very rarely) I use this to build up layers without it looking too cakey. This also is dense enough to swirl and buff in product too. The round top foundation brush is one I use more often, it’s perfect for that light natural skin finish, I just buff in the foundation easily and the shape does remind me of the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I also use this brush for applying translucent powder to set the makeup, it is a multi tasker and on lazy days I also use it for blush! I think this one is my second favourite from the set even though they all are great. The stippling one is going into my freelance makeup kit as some clients do want more heavy finishes to their makeup and that will be perfect for them.

nanshy brush set

The Nanshy Professional Brush Set retails for £29.95 which I think is  reasonable price for a set of four considering one MAC face brush costs more than the set combined. The set isn’t one of those which will be ruined after a year, I can see the brushes lasting years and years and years, you get the point. You can find it here, since it is on Amazon you can also read reviews of what people think so just don’t take my word on it – it has some amazing reviews.

That is it for today’s post, it feels like ages since my last one but I think it’s been around a week. I should have a giveaway up for you all sometime this week so look out for that and until next time I shall speak to you soon. Lots of love, Tanzina x

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Gel Eyeliner: Yay or Nay?

I’ve always wanted to use gel eyeliner, always wanted to compare it to liquid and pencil eyeliner and also see how well it lasts on my waterline. I’ve used a gel eyeliner before by Boot’s 17 but it dried within days and I had a feeling it wasn’t a good representative of all the other gel eyeliners in the market so I kept telling myself I will one day try a better quality one. Well now after about a year or so, or more probably, I finally got round to it and have purchased a few gel eyeliners to try out. Read on to see if I remained disappointed or did indeed change my mind. [For swatches, scroll right to the bottom]

[For swatches, scroll right to the bottom]

I ended up going all out and purchasing three gel eyeliners and a gel eyeliner brush. I was then kindly given the chance to try an Avon version, and automatically I thought ‘yes! perfect opportunity to compare’. I picked up two MAC fluidlines as I heard so many good reviews about them and I also grabbed a Bobbi Brown Long-Wear gel eyeliner simply to try a different brand. The Avon one is a Super Shock eye liner, I’ve tried the gel eyeliner pencil and am extremely impressed so I thought it would be good to see how well the gel compares. The brush I picked up was the MAC 266, which is NOT synthetic bristles. I now wish I picked up the synthetic version as it work well with cream products but what can you do? It does the job and I’m not disappointed in it. I may purchase the 208 which looks like it would do a better job and use the 266 for my brows as it is amazing for that. It is priced at £16.00

I knew straight away that I needed to try MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I love how creamy it is and I now use this every time I decide to line my eyes, I no longer use liquid eye liner! Do I prefer it overr liquid eyeliner? It depends really, gel eyeliner seems to give a more soft lined look and liquid provides much more crisp lined eyes. So I think I like both, but if I have one I can definitely live without the other. I really do love the creamy texture, and it stays well on my waterline. The colour is pure black, not that grey black, and I haven’t got anything bad to say about it. You can pick it up for £14.00

This is MAC Fluidline in Dipdown. It’s a lovely matte brown and has all the amazing creamy qualities like Blacktrack. I purchased this because sometimes I want a little softer look for my eyes, and after using this in a bridal make over on a client, I decided I needed one for myself. Staying power is good, and it doesn’t smudge. I’m happy with it and I realise now I need to start using it more because I keep going back to Blacktrack and neglecting this one. Again this is £14.00

This is the Bobbi Brown Long Wear gel eyeliner in Colbat Ink that I picked up. From the pictures online it looked like a navy blue, but a navy blue that looked more blue than black, does that make any sense. Because I love navy blue eyeliner, or blue eyeliner full stop but this product has disappointed me a lot. When I put it on, it looks more black than anything really and doesn’t translate from what you see in the pot when applied. Also the texture, it’s not anywhere close to as creamy as the MAC Fluidlines and is more stiff to work with. On the plus side, it does stay on the waterline really well but if I could go back I probably wouldn’t have purchased it. Some people like the texture a lot but I guess it is more personal preference really. You can pick it up £17.00 but I would recommend seeing it in person first.

Now some good news to balance out the negative above. I was given the chance to try this Avon Super Shock gel eye liner in Shimmering Sapphire and it is exactly the kind of blue I was searching for. And the texture, it glides on really well and is creamy too. It is still navy blue enough for me but bright enough to notice that you are wearing a colour other than black. Staying power is really good, it doesn’t smudge at all and stays on the waterline. I don’t think it can beat Avon’s Super Shock eye liner pencil in the eye liner battle but what can realistically? I really do love it and it’s the cheapest of the lot at £6.oo.

Bobbi Brown & Avon side by side


A closer look

Hope you all enjoyed reading the post, and my thoughts on the eye liners. Overall, gel eyeliners are definitely a yay, I can see myself repurchasing MAC Fluidline and Avon over and over. I hope you all have a lovely day and I shall be speaking to you soon! 

Tanzina x