Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

I thought I would do an Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade review, especially seeing that my swatches post on this was one of my most popular posts ever! I use this product religiously, I have been using it pretty much most makeup days since I laid my hands on it, so I it is time give you my opinion on it. There are quite a few reviews floating around on this product however I wanted to share my experience with you all.

Anastasia DipBrow Pomade

Let’s start with the shades I use. My colouring is dark, I have dark hair and brows, brown eyes with a tan yellow complexion. My brows are naturally dark, as you will see in the below pictures, and personally I do not like making my brows darker than they already are. For that reason, the DipBrow Pomades I have used the most are: Medium Brown, Chocolate and at times Dark Brown. Find swatches of them below.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade Review

Currently I use Medium Brown the most, it doesn’t seem like it is a shade that would match me but somehow it works. Like I said I don’t like making my brows darker than they already are, as they stand out enough alone as it is! I used Chocolate quite a bit also before the shade Medium Brown was released but at times I could overdo it and go too bold. Dark Brown I like using on the tail of my brow (the end) and sometimes I do like that part dark and bold.

For application I use two items. First is a spoolie, I personally really like the spoolie at the end of Anastasia Sable Duo Brow Brush #7. It’s small, strong and really good at brushing through my brows with. However if you wanted to use a cheaper alternative I can’t see why that wouldn’t work, it is just personal preference. For the pomade however I don’t use the corresponding Anastasia Beverly Hills Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush #12. I like to have a very precise application so I can create single lines to imitate brow hairs and also have sharper edges. I use this C160 Angle Liner brush from Crown Brushes which I find works perfectly, AND it is only £2.29. However I found that the product works much better with a clean brush, so I just wipe my brush on a wet wipe to clean off any deposit and then dip it into the Pomade. I would highly recommend using a clean brush every time you use the Pomade as this helps you get the best results.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brushes

I don’t like to fill in my brow completely with the Pomade, instead I like to do light strokes to outline the brow and fill in any gaps. I find this helps create a more natural look, which is more flattering to my face. However on days where I want the ‘perfect’ brow, I do the same process and lightly fill in the brow using the Anastasia Brow Duo Powder in Dark Brown. Find below my ‘natural brow’ vs. my ‘perfect brow’. FYI, I clean up underneath the brow with a light concealer.




When it comes to staying power, I really have no worries with this product, it just stays. I have never worried about it smudging or fading and find it last perfectly all day, 12 hours +. I would say that the Anastasia brow line most definitely contains the best brow products I have ever used, especially the Brow Wiz. I would recommend brow shaping newbies to use the Brow Wiz first as the Pomade can seem a bit scary and it is so easy to end up with Drag brows, which you may not want. The Brow Wiz has such good precision but that is a whole new post!

Today I mainly wanted to show you how I use the DipBrow Pomade as I know so many of you are intrigued with this product, and some people are scared by it! I hope you found this post informative and if you have any questions, just write it into the comments and I will be sure to reply back to you. Also, if you want a tutorial, let me know. Speak soon, Tanzina x

The DipBrow Pomade retails for £15.00 and you can find it here.
The Brow Duo Powder Retails for £15.50 and you can find it here.
The Brow Wiz retails for £17.00 and you can find it here

Brow raising discovery: Japonesque Brow Kit

Hi Lovelies, hope your all okay. Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA recently, its May and I’ve had towers of assignments and exam prep to get through! But I’m not abandoning ship just yet, I will try and post as often as possible and I have a post for you today about the latest addition to my I.Can.Never.Live.Without section of my make up collection.

 I’ve been using Urban Decay for quite some time, and have a few of their eye shadow palettes including both Naked and Naked 2. Yet the one product I have been using constantly (meaning at least a couple of times a week) from them has been the UD Brow Box. I am now on my second Brow Kit and I have not been tempted to turn to any other brow product since discovering it.

My much used and rather mucky Brow Box

Even the much loved and raved about HD brow kit, which I have, goes unused. Benefit also have a brow kit, and even that has not made me want to switch from my much loved UD Brow Box. Stencils, pencils, powders… all have failed to compare. I guess once you find a good thing, it’s hard to replace. I assumed that the UD Brow Kit was going to be one of those holy grail items in my life, which I will constantly repurchase. That is, until this :And it is Pink!

This is the Japonesque Brow Kit. It’s fair to say that this has made a massive difference in my beauty routine. I love doing the ‘natural’ look which consists of just a little bit of lip balm or colour, my speccies and I’m ready to go. But usually making my eyebrows look a bit tidier makes a massive difference from looking like I was in a rush and looking effortlessly groomed.

However the Japonesque kit (£21.00) seems to be a mega upgrade from my good old brow box, it has so many more appealing aspects to it. Let’s start with the palette. Inside the palette, you get two pans of powder shades and a wax pan. You get a much larger mirror than the UD one, and also a brow brush AND a spoolie. To be honest I don’t use the brow brush unless for emergencies and I use my own brush. However the spoolie is really helpful, especially if I’ve put too much product on my brow.

Comes with a mirror where I can actually see my eyebrows (unlike the UD one)

The next item in the kit is a godsend, especially as I have struggled to find a great pair of tweezers. I have now thrown away my old pair. These tweezers grabs the tiniest of hairs, and it’s so handy as it’s in the kit and right next to the brow products. Japonesque are known to have great tweezers, so if you’re looking for great tweezers I would suggest going to them. (I feel like I have just over used the word: tweezers, a little bit too much right now!)

The tweezers tip is handfiled

Next to that in the kit is a clear brow gel to keep your brow in place, and that definitely has helped in the downpour of rain we’ve recently been experiencing here in the UK. The wand inside the clear gel is a thin mascara wand, which looks perfect for my bottom lashes. However I don’t know if it’s safe to do so and will have to find out from Japonesque. – I have now checked with the lovely PR team and they’ve let me know it is perfectly safe to use on lashes!

Finally, the last product are some stencils. There are three different arch shapes, so for those who aren’t as confident and don’t wish to freehand this will be perfect for them. Also, for those looking for a particular arch these stencils will be very handy. I haven’t used them however as my eyebrows have a funny shape so I just follow it’s natural growth and I am happy with that.

Overall, I am so pleased with this kit. It is extremely travel friendly and easy to throw in your bag. Unlike the UD brow box it doesn’t come open in my suitcase, and I no longer need to carry a spoolie and tweezers every time I leave London. The kit is definitely sturdy and great for travelling with as it has all you need for your brows in one kit. The powder shadows aren’t chalky and don’t have fall out and also double up as eyeshadow for me. There is no such thing as a prefect product but this does come close. The only negative thing I could say is, I wish the wax pan was much bigger. At least as big as the Urban Decay Brow Box wax pan, as wax uses up much faster than shadow. Also, I don’t have any use for the brow stencils, but that’s just me and I can see other people loving them. I’m just not a stencil fan. What else? I guess it’s a common mistake a lot of brow kits make, the brow brush! They need to come with longer handles to be useful, and I only use the little on emergency touch ups. However I know that this kit will be a staple in my collection and I love the packaging and the design of it. I definitely would recommend this, and no I’m not just saying that! You can buy this product here for £21.00

My first encounter with Japonesque as a brand has been pretty amazing, I’m trying out their brushes too and will get back to you guys on what I think of that! Hope you all have a lovely weekend and fingers crossed you will be hearing from me soon.