Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blushers Acid and Trip

Hi loves, this week I’ve been so busy doing bits and bobs that I haven’t had much chance to blog or write about my favourite bits. I am actually heading off to sunny Dubai on Monday, and I haven’t even started packing yet ! (It is Wednesday as I type this, it’ll probably be the weekend by the time this post is up). However I can’t wait till when I come back from my THREE WEEK holiday to tell you about these two lovely products that Daniel Sandler has bought out. 

daniel sandler watercolouur blushers

daniel sandler blusher acid

daniel sandler blusher acid

These are the beautiful Daniel Sandler Watercolour in Acid and Trip, Flurocent-ly fabulous but not something the less adventurous of us should run from. Firstly Acid, it’s a hot pink, bright and beautiful and a little bottle of magic I have been getting a lot of use out of. This can be applied very lightly to create a beautiful natural pink finish to the cheeks or amped to create a bold finish to your complexion. I actually made a mini video on Instagram to demonstrate a natural finish and I had a lot of people commenting and tweeting me saying they did not expect that such a subtle finish could be achieved. I love using DS Watercolour Blushers, they create a much more flawless finish than normal powder blushers do and this one is no different. You can also apply it to the lips too, just literally paint on with a lip brush or dap it on with your finger tips. I’ve been using it on both my lips and cheeks. If you would like to know exactly how I created the look you can read here..

daniel sandler blusher trip

daniel sandler blusher trip

Next we have Trip, and this I am saving for my holiday, as I think coral cheeks are more summery – well for me at least. Once the sun starts peeking it’s head out of the cloud all my coral lipsticks and blushes make an appearance and this little bottle will make a very welcome addition to that collection. Again with this colour you have the option of amping it up or even creating a more subtle finish. I’ve seen Daniel demonstrate it on his model’s lip and cheeks and it looks absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to use it to brighten up my spring/summer days.

You can buy the blushers here for £15.50

That is it for today’s post, I did mean to try schedule as many posts as I can for when I am away but please do forgive me because I simply could not find the time! I will try and get a goodbye post up but if I don’t, bye for three weeks! Okay I better stop typing and start packing as soon as possible because at this rate I will be going Dubai with an empty suitcase. Eek I am so excited to go. Speak to you soon loves :) Tanzina x

For NARS sake!: Foreplay Palette

Why, oh why do NARS keep doing this to me. I though UK used to be called Treasure Island, not Avoid-at-all-costs Island! Am I just not good enough for them *sobs*. Just take a look at this in order to understand my anguish. I introduce you to NARS Foreplay palette, my latest unrequited love that clearly doesn’t feel the same way about me. Before I get into I’d like to say why does every makeup product have a sexually charged phrase included? We’re not on https://www.tubev.sex/?hl=es looking up different porn categories, they’re beauty products stop selling us sex.

This palette is basically NARS Orgasm de-constructed. The large pan is the iconic NARS Orgasm, then there is a matte pink, matte peach and a gorgeous gold highlight shimmer. You can basically create your own ‘Orgasm’ shade to suit yourself by layering and blending the colours together. However, as usual, it is out of reach for us UK NARS blush/bronzer lovers and is a Sephora exclusive. Ah how I drool for you, unattainable palette. BUT I try to reconcile myself by telling myself it’s okay, I’m not a huge fan of the renowned Orgasm shade, I already have it [read here] and although the gold shimmer highlighter would no doubt really compliment my tan olive skin tone, there will be other palettes.

And actually the rumour mill is saying there WILL be another palette released after the success of the Sephora exclusive Danmari Palette which again I was unable to get hold of. There is going to be another palette similar to the Danmari one, and bound to be amazing just like its predecessor. Great news right? NOT. Apparently it will be a Nordstrom exclusive, and we don’t have one those either. Why couldn’t it be a Selfridges or Harrods exclusive. I don’t care if it’s even Sainsbury’s exclusive or Primark, just bring it to the UK! Is there something the other countries are doing that we are not? Do I need to write to my local council, the prime minister? Oh gosh, I’ve clearly become obsessed with beauty products.

For all you lucky so and so’s, the Foreplay palette will be $49 and will be released in the ‘Fall’
I didn’t really want it any way. Hmphh.

Beauty Budgeting: April Buys

Hey lovelies, can’t believe we are almost in June. I have one more exam left TOMORROW and I am done! I’ve got lots to share with you especially my latest skincare discoveries that have become such a staple in my life. But for now I have a monthly haul. Remember when I said I will stick to buying only things I really really need/want? That hasn’t gone too well.

My purse clearly doesn’t like me this month. The first thing I’m going to share with you are the lipsticks I picked up. I have no idea what made me decide to pick up these lipsticks, I think it was just one of those impulse buys! Please remind to not go near make up counters for a very long time because lipsticks have suddenly started shouting my name when I walk past them!

The first, and my favourite of the two, is a Shieseido lipstick named RD304 , and it from the Perfect Rouge collection and I’ve actually really been enjoying it. It’s unlike any other colour I have and it is quite moisturising and lasts quite well. I love the feel of the packaging, it definitely feels luxurious and high-end. I’ve never had a Shieseido product before, and I’m looking forward to discovering more stuff from the brand. I can’t fully explain the colour to you, and I’ll try do a swatch soon. But to describe it, I would say it isn’t a bright red nor a deep red but more an in between colour, so a strawberry red. There is also a slight white shimmery finish, which is extremely slight so it still suits me well. I think it’s the warm undertones that make it wearable for me and it goes on very smoothly.

It costs £21.00 to buy (here)

The Benefit lipstick is called Wild Card, and this was definitely an impulse buy! I wasn’t looking to buy anything at all when I walked past the counter but then thought oh, I have a couple of Benefit Silky Finish lipsticks maybe I should grab a Full Finish Lipstick. I went for a wine red as that was a shade I don’t yet have. To be honest, I haven’t really worn it yet and it has been just lying around. It is really pretty and suits my warm skin tone but I’ve had super bright reds and pinks on recently and Wild Card has been neglected. I will pop it in my makeup bag to remind myself to use it! It feels really creamy to apply.

It costs £14.00 to buy (here)

Okay, next is a product which I deem the very best topcoat in the world. I was introduced to it by my aunt who bought it over from Canada for me, and has completely changed nail polish application for me. I think I will constantly re-buy this product for the rest of my life. It is the Seche Vite topcoat and I need to do a review on it for you guys!

I bought the Seche Vite from Buyapowa, which is a co-buy website, and it was actually a duo co-buy. That meant that the Seche Vite Base Coat came with the topcoat and both together were £11.50 excluding P&P. I was extremely happy to be able to get the deal as the topcoat by itself is usually £11. The base coat is… a base coat. It’s meant to fill in ridges and such but I’m not really a base coat fan and could’ve done with out it. But I decided to go for it anyway because I do have polishes that stain my nails so thought that would protect me from them.

To buy them normally:
Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat costs £10.50 to buy (here)
Seche Base costs £9.95 to buy (here)

Okay the next and last but certainly not least product is the one I am most excited about. Remember when I said I wanted to expand my NARS collection, as I really like their products? Well I certainly have! I went and got this lovely blush which took me forever to chose. It is in the shade Taos and I love her (the blush). I went intending to buy NARS Orgasm as it is so raved about but after swatching it I was rather underwhelmed, and no orgasm isn’t a Useful reference and hot mature content @ m-porn.xxx. It isn’t that amazing on my tanned skin tone but it is really nice. The lovely makeup artist recommended a few colours instead and Taos and Torrid immediately caught my attention. Taos is super pigmented and so pretty that I ended up choosing her. You literally need on swipe and your brush is packed with colour, I know it will last forever. You need to apply it with a light hand, and it’s red coral tone with golden fine shimmer is a perfect compliment to my skin tone. I just love it.

It costs £21.00 to buy (here)

I was speaking to the beauty advisor for absolute ages, and they happened to have held a makeup master class the day before in store. NARS stands don’t usually have samples at all, but due to the master class they had some left. Because she knew I wanted to try Orgasm, and they just happened to have a sample of it, she gave it to me just to be nice! She also threw in a primer sample for me to try, how lovely of her especially as she didn’t have to. Best customer service ever.

NARS Orgasm

NARS Pro-Prime

That is all for my April haul, and believe me when I say I have been far naughtier for the month of May. Something I am definitely not proud of and I really need to get myself in check. I have been placed under a self imposed beauty spending ban, so that means NO beauty buying until at least August. Ah, it is going to be so hard to resist because I think I’m become a bit obsessed! No matter, the ban is in place and it cannot and will not be lifted. Even if NARS goodies become £2.00 each. (Slight exaggeration, if that was to happen I will buy the whole collection!) Wish me luck for tomorrow, and hopefully the next time I speak to you I will be elated over the completion of my exams! (Just remembered I need some cuticle stuff *sad face*)

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Sleek MakeUP Launches

Sleek MakeUP is a brand that I’ve been loving ever since it first appeared on the shelves of my local Superdrug. Now this is even before the eyeshadow palettes were named i-Divine, back when I started collecting them they were called just the normal Sleek Palettes and I THINK there was only one palette, and it was not packaged the way they are now. What I’m trying to say is my love affair with them started right at the start of their launch and they still haven’t disappointed me yet! There is lots of exciting launches in the pipeline so I thought I’d share with you what to look out for and grab the minute they hit the shelves.

Current New Products
Blush By Three


Pink Sprint

Brown Sugar


I really wish I knew these were coming out previous to buying lots of their blushes, if I did I would’ve bought all of these! The colours all compliment each other in the palettes and are so handy to use. The thing I like most about it is that they’ve thought about the fact that some people like different tones of the same colour as a blush, and not just one block colour. With this palette you have the option of using different tones if you wish to do so. And, how good are these for travelling?  know that Lace is really popular and sold out at many stands but hopefully I will be able to get my hands on either Lace or Pumpkin soon! There are 5 different palettes and are all priced at £9.99

Upcoming Launches
Face Form

 You might already know from my last (very late) February favourite product post, that the Sleek MakeUP Contour Kit has been a firm favourite of mine for quite some time, however I have a feeling that it is about to be replaced sometime very soon. Sleek MakeUp have created a new product which doesn’t make you think, is it Blush vs Contouring, instead they pair them together with complimenting colours. This is a new palette with a contour colour, highlighter and a complimentary blush. It comes in 4 shades to match different skin tones. I love how now I probably won’t need to carry a blush when I’m travelling as I travel from London nearly every weekend. They will retail for £8.99
This is what the four palettes will be called and what they will contain:

Fair- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and Rose Gold Blush
Light- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and Rose Gold Blush
Medium- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and a bronzer
Dark- Contouring powder, highlighting powder and a darker bronzer

Although the face form does come in 4 shades however I have light and medium here to show you.



Base Duo Kit

Sleek MakeUP are launching a new foundation compact which consists of  light coverage foundation and setting powder in one compact. The Base Duo Kit contains a foundation and setting powder with two mirrors (one in each compartment) and is really handy as you find two types of bases in one kit that compliment each other and not only do you not need to search for two matching bases, you don’t need to go digging through your bag/make up collection to touch up on your foundation. I love that they have so much colour range across all their foundations, and this one is no different. This kit comes in 18 different shades but that’s not what attracted my attention the most… what did was the SPF 15 the foundation contains. I actually have played around with this foundation at a launch, and found that it is light but you can build it to a heavier coverage and it dries to a semi-matte finish. This will launch in March and will retail at £12.49

Base Duo Kit In Barley (01)

Eua La La Pencils

Sleek MakeUP are launching these lovely pigmented pencils which you can literally use anywhere! They’e not limited to just lips or just eyes. I know realistically you can use any make up pencil anywhere you want, such as using a lip liner in your waterline but sometimes a pencil that works well on your lips won’t work as well on your eyelids and vice versa. When I swatched these pencils the consistency did seem rich and pigmented so I’d be really interested in trying them out! They hit Superdrug on the 11th of April and will be priced at £3.99 each. I’m loving the look of the red and orange one especially. 

Overall I have been super excited about all the Sleek MakeUP 2012 launches especially the Face Form. I love how there are 3 new 2-in-1 products, and especially as I travel so much it makes it much more convenient. When I first got my UD Naked palette, I used to travel with that but now I’ve gone back to travelling with my Sleek MakeUP Storm palette as it’s so much more lightweight. I guess Sleek MakeUP always impress me with their lightweight packaging and I’m happy to see that they are still carrying this on with their latest products. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for luxury packaging but when it comes to travelling, convenience and comfort always win.

Benefit Hervana Review

Hervana, benefit hervana, benefit blush review

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite a while, but unfortunately I have not been able to. New found respect has emerged for bloggers who write a post or two a day!

My first impression of the blush in real life was ooh, it might be a bit too light and purpley for me, as some Benefit blushers have been too light, such as Dandelion. The box itself was awfully cute but my favourite bit about the blush was the smell, I don’t know how to describe the smell but does have a sweet like smell to it. But I have found my Coralista blush also has a really nice smell to it, so maybe it was meant to be like that!

The packaging feels sturdy and I like the fact that they have carried on including the little mirror as some of the old bush powder boxes don’t have the little mirror inside. However for 80g £23.50 is pricey, and is definitely in the high end price range but because Benefit blushes have made a bit of a reputation for themselves I can see why it is so popular!

benefit hervana

I was told that you can use the individual shades in the blush as eyeshadow, and the light creamy white colour as a highlight under the brow bone, and I can see that working however I haven’t tried it out yet. Will need to do that sometime soon because it would be interesting to see the colour pay off as an eyeshadow. I really do like the colour layout, as I can choose the intensity of the pink and depending where I swirl the brush, I can make the pink darker or lighter.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the brush that comes with Benefit powders, as I find it doesn’t distribute the colours well on the cheek. Benefit seemed to have listened to the complaints, as they have now made the brush slanted however I’m still using my good old blush brush to apply with, as I feel it does a much better job! (Sorry about no image of the brush, it completely skipped my mind to take one!)


(With flash and not much natural light)

I was really pleasantly surprised by the blush to be honest, even though I was dying to get it I wasn’t 100% sure that it would suit me, and was worried it would be too purple. However it goes on my skin as a nice pink flush and not look as I have plastered lots of blusher on!

Without flash and in natural light

This blush reminds me of an Estee Lauder blusher that I have been lusting over for such a long time, called Plum Nuance. The colour is pinky purple, and now I’m glad I didn’t buy it as Hervana does the job just as well. I really like the pigmentation as it isn’t as pigmented as Bella Bamba, and for me that is a good thing as I can afford to put quite a bit of blush on before it goes a bit over the top! It does look quite natural which is a definite plus.

Overall, I am really pleased with this blusher, and it was a pleasant surprise that I would get along with it so well. After seeing pictures and swatches emerging over the past month, I started having a few doubts think a) it’s going to look to purple on me and b) it is going to be too light for me. I’m really glad that I have given Hervana a chance as now I am definitely a convert to it!