Coming Soon: Elemis Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath

Every now and then you hear murmurings in the beauty world of new product releases, and you cannot help but get rather embarrassingly excited. For example, Revlon Lip Butters and Real Techniques Brushes. Now this is one of those products for me, some of you may not feel as excited as I do but if your taste in fragrance families is close to mine, start counting down the days. 

elemis jasmine and rose milk bath

This the soon to be released Elemis Jasmine and Rose Milk Bath which I actually stumbled across in the Elemis Christmas press show (more info on that coming up). Straight away I zoned in on it, Jasmine and Rose individually are enough to get me leaping for excitement but combined? That’s just asking for trouble. I remember smelling it and sighing because it smelt gorgeous and imagining candle lit bubble bath moments this beauty is sure to create. I just realised… I have just purchased the large size Yankee candles in True Rose and Midnight Jasmine, this truly must be a sign! I cannot wait to get my hands on this.


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elemis jasmine and rose milk bath

The key ingredients in this are Egyptian Jasmine, Turkish Rose Absolute and Camellia Seed oil. There is also Argan oil to help nourish the skin which is always a plus and the main aim of this product is create a sense of serenity and calmness. Well I know I won’t be feeling calm for a while, I’m on tenterhooks till I can get my hands on this. As far as I know this releases on the 16th of November, I shall bring you more information on this when I have it. Watch this space.

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Current Favourite: Luxurious Bath Time Pampering Products

If you’ve read some of my older posts, you might already know I am a huge advocate for some bath pampering moments. I love to indulge in a bit of me time and genuinely find that a little bit of pampering in the tub both relaxes my stress levels and makes me feel better if I’m feeling down. It must be something in the water.. get it?! Okay, fine I’ll be the only one to laugh. Today I thought I’d share with you some products that have found their way into my most used pampering product bag. I have a little shower bag in which I store my favourite products so when I need a perk me up I just grab it and head to the tub. 



The first essential product that always has to be present in order to complete a pampering bath ritual correctly is a candle. I don’t really mind if the scent isn’t that strong even though that is a bonus, it is more for ambiance and to create that relaxed spa like feel to the bathroom. If there isn’t a candle present, it doesn’t feel as special because the lights need to be on and I prefer the lights dimmed as everything is much less harsh.

lush bubble bar

Now what is a bath without bubbles? It is like a girl without shoes, pointless. In order to have a truly luxurious pampering bath I need bubbles and lots of it. I’ve been turning to my stash of Lush Bubble Bars to achieve this as I find they are really really good at creating lots of bubble when you crumble them into the bath. I like to have enough bubbles to completely conceal my modesty and then flick my legs in the air like I’m in some glamorous shoot though the reality probably is I look like a drowned cat! Lush Bubble Bars also have essential oils that soften the water and moisturise the skin and usually range from the £3 to £5 mark. You can pick them up at all Lush stores or online.

elemis skin nourishing scrub

elemis skin nourishing scrub

The Elemis Skin Nourishing Scrub is both a new release and new find and oh my god am I a convert. This smells absolutely divine and have added the Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath to my wish list because I hear that carries the same scent! I’m going to just say it.. this is my most favourite smelling bath product EVER. It even beats my Jo Malone Red Roses Bath Oil. It is also such an amazing scrub, the granules in it are not too fine and they work so well with my ingrown hairs which annoy me to death! The product contains natural exfoliators of rice, bamboo and sand; maybe the different granules are the reason why it works so well as I find most scrubs are either too grainy and crumble off or too weak and don’t actually work.

It also contains sweet almond, macadamia and wheat germ oils which nourish and condition the skin. With scrubs, some I find strip my skin of oil so while they get to work on the dead skin they leave my skin feeling dry. This does the opposite, its creamy and helps nourish my skin making it soft and silky. It retails for £28.50 and you can pick it up at any Elemis stockist or online here.

macadamia deep repair masque

I have had the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque tub sitting in one of my beauty drawers for I’d say at least 4 months minimum. I remember picking it up ages ago as I had heard so many good things about this but never really got round to using it. Silly me right? I did not know what I was missing. My lovely aunt sent me a little care package from Canada and within it was a sachet of the Masque so I finally ended up trying it. It is hands down the best hair masque I have tried, it really made my hair so soft, so silky and I completely can say this product lives up to its hype. It basically conditions the hair using a combination of macadamia oil and argan oil along with tea tree oil and chamomile oil and revitalises dry damaged hair, leaving it looking more healthy and shiny.  When it comes to hair products I don’t have a holy grail item yet, I’m quite promiscuous and chop and change when I feel like it however I definitely can see myself repurchasing this. Good thing I have a tub to get through first! You can pick this up online with great savings over at Cheap Smells. usually 250ml is £23.95 but you can get it for £13.45! You can find that here.

Those are my current pampering favourites of the moment, and I can see myself going back to them over and over again. I think it is great when you can find firm favourites as then you stop wasting money on trying to find products that work for you, only to be disappointed. Let me know if you enjoyed today’s post and if I should do more favourites. Take care lovelies!x

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Lush: Amandopondo Bubble Bar

‘A beautiful rose and lemon bath, for when life is being a bitch’

That’s how Lush describe this little baby and I have to say, I definitely agree. I made a little bath time post recently (you can read it here) and I told you all I was looking for a cheaper alternative for my lovely Jo Malone Red Roses bath oil and I think I’ve found that in Lush Bubble Bars. I love how you can decide how much of it you want to use by crumbling it in to your bath, I used about a 1/4 of this and that was enough to create lots of bubbles and smelt really divine.

The Lush Amandopondo (what kind of name is that?!) is said to be a rose and lemon bubble bar but I definitely smell more roses than lemons. When you hear lemons, you think refreshing, well I certainly do. but I wouldn’t say this bubble bar is one of those type of refreshing and revitalising soaks. It’s definitely a more relaxing, I-can-fall-asleep type of bubble baths. The price for Lush bars vary depending which one you go for, but this one is quite cheap at £2.75 and I think should last you around 3 baths. Overall, I was satisfied with this bubble bar and look forward to trying lots more from Lush. I definitely think that Lush bubble bars are their best products, I’ve tried moisturisers, hand creams, shower gels and soaps and these bars remain my favourite. I’m yet to try a bath bomb, but I just feel its not worth my money for a one time use. Maybe if there was a special occasion or I was super super down I may dedicate a day to pampering and treat myself to a bath bomb.

That’s all for today’s post. I shall be sure to share with you all if I find any more bath time goodies that I think are worth sharing with you all. I’m still on the search for bubble bath in a bottle that has a really strong scent which isn’t pricey, I struggle to find any that I am 100% satisfied with so when I do find one I shall be sure to let you all know about it. I may have a look at the Arora range as I was so impressed with their shower gel, maybe their bubble bath will be just as good! Until next time lovelies, keep smiling.

Tanzina x

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Bath time: How to start smiling again

For a couple of weeks I was going through lots of ups and downs and overall feeling absolutely terrible. I was feeling super sorry for myself, and feeling drained. You know that feeling of being an emotional mess and not knowing what the hell is happening with your life.. like your losing control of everything you ever knew, most of all your heart? Yup, that was me. Sometimes it’s surprising how much a little pampering really brightens your day up (or night in my case). I just wanted to share with you all a little formula that really did make a massive difference on my outlook and somehow managed to leave me with a smile. It has now become a weekly/fortnightly treat that I keep coming back to in order to recharge my smile.

I introduce you to my trio of feel good products. Bath oil, face mask and a candle. It was a combination of these things that I think played a significant part of pulling me out my black hole – of course 99% of it was in my head (completely contradicting myself here) but I don’t think I would’ve gotten there without that one night of soaking in the bath and giving myself a pep talk, does that make sense? It was around 4am in the morning, I couldn’t sleep, and decided to crack open my first bottle of Jo Malone bath oil simply because I couldn’t keep waiting forever for that ‘special event’ to come so I could use it.

I absolutely love this Yankee candle in Winter Wonderland, it smells so good! I bought this just before last Christmas I think and only got round to using it now. I had this burning by the bath tub and I was really impressed with the scent as it wasn’t weak at all. I’ve had a few Yankee candles that did disappoint me in the past but I was happy to see this one wasn’t one of those. You can pick up these from Clintons, this little jar was around £8.39

This natural mud mask has been really good at relaxing me, its really rich and good at deep cleansing my pores. It’s the type of face mask that you just lie back with, takes about 15-20 minutes to dry, so it isn’t one of those slap on and off type of face masks. It’s clay based, which I love as I love that tight dried feeling you get just before you wash it off. This is by Spa Find, and it is the Stabilising Mud Mask and I definitely would recommend it. I’ve been using it once a week for the past month or so and my skin feels soft, radiant and very clean after using it. It’s definitely a luxurious product, you can tell the difference between this face mask and any other £1 one you may pick up from the supermarket. You can pick it up here for £28.50

And finally, the key ingredient, this gorgeous and I mean gorrrrgeous bath oil by Jo Malone in Red Roses. I ordered this online and was worried that it wouldn’t smell as nice as I hoped but it was better than I expected. I’m rubbish at describing fragrances, but I was worried it’ll have that sickly synthetic rose smell but I was pleased to see that I was wrong. It comes with a price tag of £38.00 so for me it’s not an every day product, but I have decided I’m not going to save it for special occasions instead I’m going to save it for days when I’m really down and need something to perk me up. Plus I can only use it when I’m at home (with my parents) as my flat in London doesn’t have a tub. How annoying! You only need about a cap full of the bath oil and it feels silky and foams up a bit too. Imagine that, with your bathroom lit by candlelight – it’s no surprise that I feel recharged after that soak.This was taken the next day, I’m no longer lying in bed all day in pj’s and now back to living life with a smile.

That’s my trio of feel good products, I realise that I can’t keep repurchasing the Jo Malone bath oil so I am looking at alternatives for the bath, alternatives that hopefully won’t cost as much! I will definitely be updating you very shortly after I pop down to town to pick a bath goody up. Hope you guys have had lots of smiles- Tanzina x