Resolutions Update – April

Good Afternoon Guys, and happy May. I can’t believe how quickly the month of May has come round, how are we almost half way through 2018? Time is just flying, and if I am honest, I am not complaining. I want the year to hurry up, and for goals to be met. It’s time to do a resolution’s update, for the month of April.

Let’s talk about the month of April, it was a largely positive month. I did have a couple of bumps that made me feel a little low, but every month has been an improvement since the disaster of January. I’m happier, healthier and grateful for the blessings I have. I stayed a week or so at my parent’s house, the plan was to knuckle down and film lots of videos and create content for my YouTube channel but really I just relaxed, de-stressed and enjoy quality time with my loved ones. I find staying at my parent’s house every now and then works wonders for my mental health, being around my family really grounds me and leaves me feeling so positive and happy – even if I do miss my husband a bit too much. I am hoping to go over again at the end of May so I’m really looking forward to that stay. In terms of my work, my career is doing well and there has been some improvement with my progress in April, I’ve been doing this particular job for 6 months now, and I can see that things are finally clicking into place. And in terms of my social channels, although I haven’t really seen any significant growth, I feel like I am interacting with people more via Instagram live sessions and lots of private messages, so that makes me feel good too.

Now let’s talk resolution updates:

Get Fit & Tone Up –

This resolution is seeing some improvement, I have been going to the gym every week, even if it is just once a week some weeks. I am seeing a gradual change in my fitness levels, I can actually jog a little now, and there’s been slight changes to my body. I am losing a little of the belly bloat, but it still has a long way to go. I’m unsure what May is going to look like, I will no doubt lose weight as Ramadhan begins mid-May but I don’t want that to stop me going to the gym, so we will see if I can keep up the momentum in May. I definitely struggle to go to the gym and I really don’t know if I will ever become that persons that craves to go to the gym. I wish I do though!

Post More Content on YouTube and Instagram –

So I’ve changed this resolution around a little, as we discussed last month, I am stepping a little away from my blog until I hit 10K on my Instagram and YouTube, I want them to be my focus point for the next few months. April was an okay-ish month content wise, I wasn’t too fulfilled by the content I was putting out and I kind of used the excuse that I wanted May to be super productive so I was just gearing myself up for May. I uploaded my Hen Do (watch it here) on YouTube which was exciting as I filmed that almost two years ago! I am hoping to see some growth in May, how amazing would it be to actually hit 8K on both my YouTube and Instagram, but I kind of feel like I would set myself up for failure if I aimed for those numbers, so any growth would be great. Maybe I should take some instagram growth tips from danielle bregoli.

Become a Positive Person –

This is such a constant battle, one which I hope I am slowly defeating. It is really all about tweaking your thinking, and living in the moment. I am trying to find some self-help books to read which will also help me think more clearly and stop letting my emotions control me. I am even considering therapy eventually to help me reach my goal, but as my money belt needs to be tightened going forward, I may have to delay that for the time being. But guys, honestly since January, there has been so much progress and I feel hopeful for the future.

Start Praying More –

I am going to be honest with you, this is the one which has been upsetting me. I have been letting myself down, and have not been as consistent as I would like to be for this goal. I’m going to do something about it though, May is going to be significantly different. When I pray, I feel happier. I am so glad Ramadhan is coming really soon, as that will really help provide me with the guidance that I need.

Create a Home –

There hasn’t been too much progress with this, we are in the process of looking at builders and getting quotes. I can’t wait till the day that actual building work starts and I can see our new home start to take shape. In the meantime, I am looking at Pinterest boards and inspiration images. I have my eye on a book called Mad About The House by Kate Watson-Smyth so I will probably pick it up and maybe even create mood boards for our new space later on this year. I’m trying to shop less but that isn’t really working out too well. I keep buying things for the kitchen!

Learn How To Wrap a Saree –

This one isn’t really going too well. I’m a little concerned if I will ever master it! I’m just going to have to make some time for this, and spend a whole day just practising.

Wake Up Earlier –

I’m not really getting very far with this resolution. I have always been a night owl, and slept through many afternoons, and it is something which is so frustrating but old habits seem so hard to break! I see weekends as rest days, and then hate myself for wasting away my free time with sleep. I know part of the problem is the fact that I have married someone who is exactly like me, a night owl, and we end up watching a movie every night or getting into bed really late. I think I have to just be strong, and head to bed around 10PM every day rather than 1AM which is what I am doing nowadays. I’m working on this, but any tips would be highly welcome.

So that is it for my April updates, with some resolutions I am making progress, and others I am falling a little behind in. I am really excited for May for a few different reasons: Ramadhan is coming so my spirituality should be in a better place, I am really hoping to post an Instagram video every other day so I am excited to see what that means for growth, and the weather should be getting warmer. I really hope you find these updates useful as I really love writing them. Make sure you check me out on Instagram (@makeupatoz) for daily doses of my life. I’ll speak to you soon!

Tanzina x

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