My Resolutions Update – February

Good morning, and welcome to my February updates. How are we even in the middle of March? Where is this year going? I wanted to touch base, and like last month (check that post here) I wanted to pen a resolutions update for February. I feel like this makes me feel a little teensy weensy bit more accountable for the resolutions, and potentially might make it more likely for me to actually complete my resolutions this year, unlike any other year before. Plus, sometimes I like having a nosey at what is happening in someone’s life, so maybe you’d like a nosey at mine!

January was a very draining month for me, and I am happy to report that February was not the same. My spirits are back up, and although I definitely did hit the occasional bump in the road, I am working to be more positive and happier. I’ve been keeping myself busy, and I think that has been helping me drown out some of the negativity that is present in my life. I spent some time with my family, I went out with my friends quite a bit, and all in all had a pretty good month. Let’s get onto the resolutions and see how I have been getting on. I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of been dreading this.

  1. Get Fit & Tone Up – Ugh. Okay so I am happy to report that I went to the gym… once. But hey that is a 100% improvement on last month! Who am I kidding, this hasn’t been great. In my defence I did start fasting at the end of the month, which makes going to the gym a little trickier but honestly I could have done so much better. Again for March, I am going to try turn it around, so who knows, maybe next month will be better. Although knowing me, that is being severely optimistic. I have taken out my trusty Fit Bit, so let’s see if that makes a difference. Leave me your username in the comments if you have one!
  2. Fix Blog, Blog More and Upload More – Hurray my blog is fixed! From a technical point, I am happy with how the blog is functioning. I wouldn’t say my blogging has dramatically become more consistent, but I have started writing more posts. I am aiming for a blog post once a week and a YouTube video once a week. I am happy to report that I have been consistent with you Youtube uploads (my channel) and may consider increasing my uploads to twice a week. Let’s see how it goes, I don’t want to run before I can walk.
  3. Become a Positive Person – This one is really hard guys. I find it so hard to switch my mind off from thinking about some of the rubbish situations I have been in, and how people have behaved and it is definitely a struggle letting it all go and concentrating on my happiness. In comparison to January, my mood has improved hugely and I guess this is a work in progress. I’ll get there I am sure, what doesn’t break me only makes me stronger.
  4. Start Praying More – This resolution makes me so happy, and probably contributes hugely to the above resolution. I have been praying consistently and honestly it has done wonders for my mental wellbeing. I have also started taking Arabic classes, and I can already see an improvement after 4 lessons.
  5. Create a Home – As discussed in last month’s resolution update, this one is parked for now. But exciting things are slowly starting to happen.
  6. Learn How To Wrap a Saree – Ugh, haven’t even visited this resolution once this year!
  7. Wake Up Earlier – Okay this is still something I just can’t seem to conquer. I still rush every morning. I still waste away my weekends when I could be doing something more constructive than just sleeping in. I am going to try this weekend to wake up earlier than usual and go from there. If you have any tips on becoming a morning person, they would be greatly appreciated!

So here we are, Feb updates completed and already in the middle of March. I’m finding it both daunting and motivating writing these update posts, I think it makes me answer to myself. I hope you guys are getting on well with your resolutions, I’d love to hear about them. If you don’t already, make sure you follow me on Instagram (@makeupatoz) as then you will get daily updates on my resolutions. Speak soon! Tanzina x

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