Primark Lip Liner Review and Swatches

I tried my first Primark lip liner about 3 months ago. My expectations were very low, I mean how amazing could a £1 lip liner really be? But saying that I was impressed would be an understatement. I was blown away. The Primark lip liners have become one of my most favourite lip liners I’ve ever used. I felt like I had no choice but to write a Primark Lip Liner review for you guys, just in case you were missing out on this amazing steal.

Primark Lip Liner Review and Swatches

There isn’t too much you can say about lip liners, so I am not going to bore you with an essay. Let’s start off with packaging, the liner is cased inside a black pencil and what I really like is that the lid and the bottom of the pencil are the shade of the actual lip liner that is housed inside, which makes picking up the right liner much easier. Might sound like an insubstantial thing, but when you have 10 minutes to get ready for work or run late, you’ll be grateful for the seconds you have by not having to read the tiny print to figure out what shade you picked up! Another thing I noticed and really appreciated was just how easy these lip liners are to sharpen. They sharpen so smoothly, none of that jagged edge sharpening rubbish you get with some other liners.

Now on to the product itself, the lip liner is so rich and pigmented and so creamy. It’s an interesting consistency, it is creamy but still tough enough to stick to your lips rather than slip off. The staying power is great too, the same as any high end lip liner I have tried. I’m used to using lots of MAC lip liners, but I doubt I’ll buy another (except MAC Spice, can’t give that up). These lip liners are just as good, and can I re-iterate that that these lip liners are ONLY ONE POUND.

The colour selection is really generous too, honestly Primark have got this product so right. I picked up the following 8 shades:

  • Red Velvet – A beautiful true nude for my skin tone. It’s not too warm, with the right amount of pink in it to make it really flattering. Interestingly it is called Red Velvet, there is really nothing red about it so not sure where the name choice came from but that aside, it is perfect.

  • Rosewood Mauve – This is a pink mauve, again really flattering and beautiful. It’s an easy to wear shade, you know the ones where you can just apply it and not worry about it clashing, or looking out of place. That is this shade

  • Bordeaux – This is a deep plum shade, it has red undertones which makes it a little bit berry.

  • Toffee –  I love this shade, it is an orange toned brown and perfect along shades such as MAC Taupe, Huda Beauty Trendsetter and Beauty Bakerie Gingersnap which are some of my favourite lip products.

  • Vamp – I was expecting this to be a lot deeper than it actually is, but it is actually a really wearable deep red. Not as vampy as you would think it would be from the packaging which for me is a good thing.

  • Desert Sand – This is a light pinky peach nude, and a shade that is a little too light for my tan skin tone. However I wanted to swatch it for you guys as I know it will suit a lot of other skin tones.

  • Bombshell – This is my kind of summer shade. It’s a no excuses hot pink, a little fluorescent and really beautiful. It reminds me of a MAC shade that I just can’t remember the name of. It is so frustrating when that happens! Either way, I love it.

  • Scarlett – A beautiful, smooth and creamy red. I love this shade and wear it a lot, some of you may know I am a huge red lip wearer so I have tried and tested a lot of red formulas. This is lovely and will suit a range of skin tones.

Out of these, I would say my favourite are Red Velvet, Rosewood Mauve, Bombshell and Scarlett. Red Velvet has quickly become my every day lip liner. I usually pair it with Beauty Bakerie Syruptious and the two just look amazing together. A red lip is a necessity to me so of course Scarlett was going to be a favourite. I’ve been using MAC Ruby Woo liner as my red lip liner and these replaces that without a doubt. It’s creamier, tugs my lips less and looks just as good. I have mentioned it is only £1 right?

To make life a little easier for you, I have decided to create a swatch video so you can see how the lip liners look on me. Of course I am of tan complexion, but if you are not, you will still be able to get the general gist of the shades on offer and know which ones to keep your eyes out for. Also, I haven’t showcased the entire collection. There are still lots more shades to choose from!

You can watch my Primark lip liner swatch video [here]

I really hope you liked my Primark Lip Liner review and swatches, I’ve been meaning to post this forever so I am super glad I managed to before I head off to Bangladesh for 3 weeks! I’d love to know if there is anything else from the Primark beauty range you’d like me to review and swatch, because after all, who doesn’t love an amazing steal. Speak soon, Tanzina x

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  1. Great review, I’m definitely buying the red velvet lipliner for myself! That shade looks amazing on you.

    I can’t find the lip liner in’Toffee’ anywhere, where did you find it? :o

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