Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipsticks

Good morning guys, hope your day is going well. Today I am going to jump right into it and talk to you about the Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof lipsticks. A package arrived on my doorstep containing three of these Lord & Berry beauties and it made me squeal in delight. I have actually heard quite a few good things about Lord & Berry, but just hadn’t picked anything up from the brand myself. I was excited to finally try something from them, and also try their liquid lipsticks as I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. Matte and long lasting? Yes please! I wasn’t sure what to expect however as I hadn’t really heard much about these before.

I was excited to see that the colours I received were all colours I could see myself wearing and suiting. I received three lipsticks in the following shades: First Lady, Pop Pink and Brave Red. I’ll quickly talk you through the packaging before I go onto the product themselves. The lipsticks are housed in a lip gloss like tube with a really nice wand. The wand is slightly longer than your average doe foot applicator and is also slanted for easy application. There is 7ml worth of product in each tube. In terms of formula, the consistency is a little bit like thin paint, it seems like it will be drying but it is actually really comfortable due to the essential oils the product contains. It dries really matte, really fast which is amazing. It is annoying when you have to wait a long time for the product to dry down so I was so glad to see that wasn’t the case here. The coverage is what blew me away, such perfect and full coverage. One swipe and your lips are covered. Oh that and the staying power! I actually have just kissed my hand several times like a weirdo to see if the product is actually kiss proof and I can report that it is. On my first application I applied lots of lip balm under the lipstick, and had a little transfer so I would suggest you avoid doing that! Now lets talk colours.

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick First Lady

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick First Lady

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick First Lady

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick in First Lady

This colour is a gorgeous browny nude. It’s so perfect for my skin tone and I think it looks quite similar to a 90’s brown lip. It has subtle golden shimmers running through it but I didn’t really see them appear on my lips. That being said, this is still my favourite shade and one I find so easy to wear.

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick Pop Pink

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick Pop Pink

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick Pop Pink

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick in Pop Pink

This is pretty fuchsia hot pink, it is bright and vivid and couldn’t have come to be at a better time. It reminds me of a good summer, so I am looking forward to wearing it this season. It reminds me of some of old MAC lipstick shades like Girl About Town that I’ve neglected in favour of liquid lipsticks.

Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof Lipstick in Brave Red

This is a classic red shade, and a staple in all makeup collections. I feel like it has some blue tones to it and will remind you of classic hollywood sirens. As it is so easy to wear, and provides such good colour payoff in just one swipe, I’ll definitely be turning to it when I want a quick and easy red lip.

Overall, I am pretty impressed by these products. Enough so that I want to try more things from the brand, I’m hoping they too will impress me just as much. The liquid lipsticks retail for £15.00 and you pick it up here.

Hope you liked my Lord & Berry Timeless Kiss Proof lipstick review. I’ve been wanting to share this with you guys for what feels like forever, but have had so much going on I haven’t been able to. So glad I finally am, because I am hoping you are like me and love to discover new brands and products. Let me know if you have any liquid lipsticks on your radar that I should be picking up! Speak soon, Tanzina x

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