Wishlist Wednesday #6: Kat Von D & Too Faced

Hi loves, I’m back again with a Wish List Wednesday. I thought it was another one of my series that just turns to dust, but hey it is still going. Today’s wish list is a bit of different one, it is actually me wishing for something that I technically have. I am of course talking about two amazing products, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara.

So I actually managed to get hold of the mini versions of both products. How good are mini products, it is such a great way of trying out products without committing to the full size versions just in case you hate them. Too Faced and Kat Von D did a collaboration, and I pretty much squealed when I heard about it. I’m going to whiz through both products and tell you why I love them and why they are firmly on my wish list.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner

I am not a fan of eyeliner pens, I feel like they run out too quickly or don’t distribute the liner even and sometimes the nib gets all bobbly and ruined. This however is unlike anything I have ever used, it has a brush tip meaning it distributes the liner evenly and the brush doesn’t get ruined. The tip is SO fine, and so easy to work with. It’s made me fall back in love with liquid eyeliner. I’ve been using this mini version for quite a while now and it shows no sign of giving up. It is so precise, have I said that already? It’s just that I’ve never been able to get such a thin line in my inner corner before. I will 100% be picking up a full size version FOR SURE. This retails for £16.00 and you can pick it up [here].

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

I don’t know what took me so long to try the original version of this mascara (I’ve used the waterproof version before) because clearly I was missing out. This makes my lashes STAND OUT. Like you cannot miss my lashes, it makes them more defined and thicker looking too. It took me a while to get the hang of using this mascara, intially it does deposit a lot of product which is annoying, but I quickly learned to wipe it down on the mouth of the tube and it was just perfect. I am assuming as it gets drier, and you use up the product, you won’t need to do this anymore. Regardless I need the full size in my life. This retails for £19.00 and you can pick it up [here].

If like me you’d like to sample the products first before you go and purchase the full size, find the Kat Von D x Too Faced mini kit [here] for £18.00!

That’s it for my Wednesday Wishlist. I found that most products I mention on these posts, I tend to pick up. I should do a post sometime in the future labelled Wishlist Purchases just so you know which one makes the grade. Do you have a favourite liquid liner or mascara? If so, I’d love to know more. Speak soon ! Tanzina x

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