Asian Outfit of the Day – Best Friend’s Engagement

Hi loves, as promised today I have an outfit of the day post for you. This is a little throwback to my best friend’s engagement, which I have written all about [here]. We went for a white and gold theme, and of course the friends and family matched that theme to a tee. My best friend actually chose this outfit, and the second she sent me the pictures I approved. Today’s post is going to be mostly pictures, as I am sure that is the most interesting part of an outfit of the day post.

Asian Outfit of the Day

If you read the aforementioned blog post, you’d know I made a little sneaky detour after my friend’s engagement and had an impromptu photoshoot at a local park. With the lighting just right, it would have been silly to not join in and take a few pictures of my look too. I just love how the pictures turned out, so this post is really just an excuse to share them with you.

The dress was from Memsaab, a shop we have in my town but they also have an online shop. It’s actually a replica of another design they have, but when I compared the original to the replica, I couldn’t see or feel much of a difference. Due to the dress price and also how pretty it looks, this dress is now on pre-order. We picked it up in the colour gold, but the mint shade is beautiful too.


Dress – Memsaab £35 – pick it up [here]
Jewellery – Bees (Green Street, London)
Lipstick – Beauty Bakerie Mon Cheri £16 – pick it up [here]

I hope you liked my Asian outfit of the day post, do let me know if you would like to see more posts like this. I do wear Asian/Indian/Bengali clothes quite a bit, even more so since I got married so maybe I can do more posts like this in the future if you enjoyed it. Speak soon, Tanzina x

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