A Bengali Bride: My Best Friend’s Engagement

Hi loves, long time no speak on this little series. I haven’t forgotten about it, and I hope to continue on it soon, but today I have an installment that isn’t quite related to my own wedding. Today, I wanted to share the experience of my best friend’s engagement, as it went so well and so beautifully, that I was sure it would interest and inspire some of you. They have already started planning the big day with Ichauffeur Melbourne given the honour of chauffeuring the bride to the ceremony.

Let’s start by saying my best friend is pretty much wonder woman, she is so good at crafts and just organised, on point and a god send during my wedding. There was no question about whether her big day was going to be a success or not, it just was. She created so many beautiful taals herself, created beautiful favours herself and just thought out every little detail. I was just there to make sure her plans were carried out just how she imagined it, and I am proud to say I think I delivered on that front. One thing about Asian weddings, as a bride you need a right hand woman/women and I was lucky enough to have her as one of mine. There was no way she was going to get married with me repaying the favour.

I didn’t do many taal creations, she only tasked me with a few as she is the taal expert and needed little help from anyone. I created personalised cookies, cheated and bought a cupcake bouquet, created an apple taal, made a strawberry laces rose bouquet and got my sister to make a cake pop taal and my mum to make a patishapta one (sweet pancakes stuffed with coconut). That might sound like a lot to some of you, but on my engagement she made double that. And she made ones that require a lot lot more effort and time.

Let me put things into perspective, this is what Yasmin made just by herself:

  • Cute little betel nut jars
  • A Lindor tree
  • The sweetest little paan taal with a traditonal Bangladeshi house
  • An edible sugar cube Taj Mahal
  • A Ferroro Roche cone
  • A Malteaser’s candy tree
  • A Lollipop candy tree
  • A Munchie candy tree
  • A Marhsmallow candy tree
  • Bombay Mix cone platter
  • A personalised chocolate tiered mock cake

Like I said, pretty much wonder woman. On the day itself, I would say everyone was pretty relaxed. I got ready at home and went over and found Yasmin getting her hair done. Her makeup was done by Art of Liza, and although I won’t show you Yasmin’s face, take my word when I say she looked so amazing. I quickly did Yasmin’s sister in law’s makeup and headed over to the venue to make sure everything was in hand and all the taals were being displayed properly. Yasmin wanted the event to be really intimate, so decided against having photographers and videographers as they can detract from the intimacy. However I couldn’t help but snap away on my camera (with her permission) and be the designated photographer for the day along with her brother in law. I think that although unintentional, was such a great idea, it gives the photographs themselves a special meaning and helped capture so many candid shots.

We had a little dessert table at the cinipaan, and I loved how it turned out. I know you did too from your response on Instagram! It was a combination of Yasmin and my vision, and I am so impressed with how it turned out. It’s not too elaborate but sometimes the simpler things look better don’t you think? It did help that Yasmin chose a beautiful cake for the table with matching cupcakes (at my insistence). We both have some props like cake stands, sweets cars, and I recently picked up some beautiful trays solely because I knew they’d look fabulous at her event. As I was setting up the table, I actually accidentally dropped a cupcake! Luckily we had spares and Yasmin didn’t mind at all. I’m so glad that I was able to carry out her vision, she made it so easy for me.

Now for favours. Yasmin wanted something that was special, not something that just gets used and thrown away after a day. So she decided to make a CD with some beautiful verses from the Quran for her guests. Keyword here? Make – this bride is all about the DIY life. She burned each CD and pretty much designed the packaging for it herself. I did some quick work on Photoshop with her ideas and ta-da we had a personalised cover for her CD cases that was in line with her theme. She also had single white roses bought in with tag, which she placed on top of each CD. It looked beautiful.

Overall the actual event was a success. Timings were right, the food was so good. If we did it over again I don’t think I would have changed a single thing and I think she would agree. It was stress and drama free, exactly how it should be. Alhumdullilah for the blessings, and hopefully she has the same experience for the rest of her events.

After the event, I did a quick detour with Yasmin, her niece and her other friend. I took everyone to a park nearby and did an impromptu photo shoot. The lighting was right, and the background gave the pictures an even more magical touch. It’s funny how the best plans are the ones you didn’t really plan out. It just happened.

Now onto the most exciting parts, outfits! Let’s start with Yasmin’s beautiful outfit. Traditionally the groom side chose the bride’s outift and vice versa, although nowadays many brides and grooms choose their own. Yasmin opted for tradition, and her in-laws got it SO right. I love every single detail of her outfit, I wanted it for myself! The jewellery, the saree, the clutch bag, everything was paired so perfectly by her new family. She looked absolutely stunning.

For her family and friends, Yasmin chose a semi stitched long dress that was so floaty and elegant. This wasn’t too expensive, which is ideal for engagement events as you don’t want to blow your budget but you still want to look pretty nice. I love Yasmin’s taste, I pretty much can trust it blindly we have pretty similar tastes. She chose the outfit and I knew it would be a hit with me and it was. I am so glad that she chose something that can be worn again, sometimes you pick up Asian outfits and only wear them once. I can’t wait to wear this again. I’ll post a quick outfit post really soon with more pictures for you all.

I was so happy with how the day turned out and I know my best friend was too. The preparations and tasks felt like so much fun, and even Yasmin commented how she enjoyed the prep of my wedding more than the prep of hers. I think because you don’t have the stress on your head and it’s just so much nicer doing something for the pleasure of someone you love, rather than yourself. I wish I could re-live the day again.

I hope you liked being a fly on the wall at my best friend’s engagement. I know I have so many Asian readers so I hope this was insightful for you and also inspiring too. I’ll speak to you in a couple of days with my outfit details! Speak soon, Tanzina x

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