Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017

I remember last year, when I got my hands on the first Essie Retro Revival Collection and consequently fell in love with the colours (you can read that here). The collection consisted of 6 shades which have been discontinued over the past 35 years, but due to demand, Essie decided to bring them back for a limited time. The concept went down really well, so well in fact that they have just launched the Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017, again for a limited time only. I was so excited to see what they bought back to life this time round, as last I found one of my favourite shades last time.  


The collection again contains 6 gorgeous colours, in the following shades:

bold beauty: deep red dahlia
prima bella: a hypnotic pink
chastity: a beautiful milky barbie pink
flawess: a cherry blossom pink
sweet tart: a my nail but better nude
pure chiffon: a peach toned nude

The shades I fell in love with are Bold Beauty and Chastity. They feel like polar opposites to each other, one a deep red which alludes to mystery and a sense of maturity and the other a vivid pink, hinting at an inner princess who is yet to grow up. I love them both, together and separately.

Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017
Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017


This is a beautiful blue toned milky pink, which is vivid and cotton candy like. It has definite bubblegum and barbie vibes which I am absolutely loving. The formula is amazing, it goes on smoothly without any streaks and 2 coats are enough for complete opacity. The formula also dries really quickly which is ideal. With tanned hands, pinks especially lighter pinks are a little hard to get away with but this looks amazing on tanned skin. I suspect this will suit a variety of skin tones. You can pick it up here for £7.99.

Bold Beauty

Bold Beauty is a deep red shade, from the bottle I thought it may apply a little brown but actually it is a true burgundy shade, which red coming through quite strongly. It reminds me a lot of my birth stone, garnet. It feels classy on the nails, and a definite go to when you want to go for the classic chic look. Again it suits my tanned complexion really well, and I am sure it will also suit fairer skin tones just as well. The formula again goes on smoothly, and is opaque after two coats. One thing I will say is that the colour appears darker in the bottle than on the nails. So you may need extra coats to achieve the bottle colour. You can pick it up here for £7.99.

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The Essie Retro Revival Collection 2017 is only available for a limited time, two weeks to be exact! It stops being available to buy on March 14th, so if there are any shades that catch your attention, then be quick! I would highly highly recommend Chastity, I think it is such a beautiful Spring/Summer shade and I definitely will be getting lots of use out of it. I hope you liked this quick overview of the Essie Retro Revival collection, let me know if you’re a fan of any of the shades.

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