Sunday Riley Skincare Review

Hi loves, today I wanted to do a Sunday Riley skincare review, as I have been using a couple of Sunday Riley products for a few months now and I wanted to share my thoughts with you. The products are more on the pricey side, but as I was getting my skin ready for my wedding I thought it was worth investing in. You may remember my Wish List post (here) where I spoke about Sunday Riley skincare, I purchased the products quite soon after that.

Let’s quickly start with my skin type, my skin in dry/normal and can sometimes verge on the side of really dry. I get dry skin patches regularly especially in the colder months, which can play havoc when it comes to flawless makeup application so that was something I wanted to remedy before my wedding. I was really unsure which skin care product to pick up for myself from the range, I wanted two or three but was unsure which would be most beneficial for my skin type. Eventually I chose Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil and Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. I’ll do a quick review on both so you know what I made of them.

I knew I wanted to choose a Sunday Riley face oil, as I guess that is what they are renowned for, especially the Luna version. I was so close to choosing Luna over Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil, but in the end opted for Flora due to its higher moisturising benefits. It promises clearer and healthier looking skin and is more aimed at anyone with especially dry or lacklustre complexion (irrespective of age). In terms of application, it comes with a dropper which I think is perfectly made and deposits just the right amount for my full face and neck. It sits on the skin well and feels like it really quenches my skin and sometimes I just wear this in the day and it really does keep my skin moisturised. If I have dry patches, two or three days of this eliminates my dryness which is amazing. I do have one negative about this, which is the scent. The scent isn’t the most appetising, slightly medicinally, I can’t quite describe it. For me this isn’t an issue, it is worth the benefits, but my husband cannot stand the scent at all and is always complaining about it. Simply for that reason alone, I won’t be repurchasing it even though I wish I could! If they change the scent I will definitely repurchase, but that might change the amazing formula. If you haven’t got a super scent sensitive partner and have similar skin complaints, please try this out, it is life changing. This retails for £70 and you can pick it up here.

The second product I tried was the Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream as I wanted a really hydrating moisturiser to compliment the facial oil. The product promises to intensely hydrate so I wanted to give it a try to see if it delivered on that front. It also promised to brighten and clear the skin, which is something else I wanted as I wanted to look radiant for my big day. I found this cream to be really effective, again it truly moisturised my skin, it takes a little while to sink in but it eventually does. It feels luxurious on the skin, and feels like it almost coats it before sinking in. I usually use this in the evening as part of my night time skincare routine but sometimes when my skin is extra parched and tight in the morning, I apply a little on then too. Overall something I don’t regret picking up and something I would definitely repurchase. This has lasted me now over 3 months, so you don’t really need to use too much of it either. It retails for £60 and you can pick it up here.

I was extremely fortunate, after incorporating these into my skin care, my skin was absolutely perfect for my wedding. No dry patches, glowing skin and no blemishes in sight. I was really concerned I might get a spot or two as my skin was still getting used to the new products and all the stress of the wedding was going to break me out but I was so so lucky to have had no issues at all. Although I do credit that to a lot of prayers, a large part of it is also down to these two products. Thank you Sunday Riley for coming to the rescue!

Thank you for reading my Sunday Riley Skincare review, I hope it has been useful for some of you especially those who suffer with dry skin like me. I am thinking of purchasing the much talked about Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil next, I am hoping it smells less potent than Flora and provides a good punch of hydration to my skin. I will keep you updated if I do splurge.

Speak soon, Tanzina x

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  1. LOL less “potent” like K’s nappies potent?

    Love your review, I have an oily nose of late so I need to try something from Sunday Riley for that.. btw looooove your pictures, you’ve definitely upped your game

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