My Skincare Routine for Dry/Normal Skin

Hi loves, I have finally, after years of being requested to, created my skincare routine video for you to enjoy. My skin type is dry/normal, veering more on the dry side and recently I have been using a combination of products that have been really working for me. You may have read about some of it in this skincare post. So I hope you enjoy watching my skincare routine and finding out what products work for me.

I will say though, I do get a few comments on how my skin is clear and smooth in the past, and I wanted to make it clear that isn’t because I have an amazing array of products I am using, nor because I have found a magic solution. A lot of it tends to be due to different skin types, and typically dry skin types are a little clearer when it comes to spots and breakouts. However we also do get really rough textured skin due to the dry patches and age quicker compared to skin that contains more oil. The grass is always greener on the other side and all that.

Anyway, going back to the video you can see the video below or [click here] if you can’t see it.

Products Mentioned:

I hope you like the video, I would love to hear your suggestions for future videos as well. I am thinking of doing more swatch videos, so let me know if there is anything in particular you would like me to be swatching – however any video suggestion is welcome. Speak soon, Tanzina x

P.S I am starting to do Instagram Live videos recently, I just hosted my first one on Saturday and it was so nice to have people tune in and ask question and I LOVED how interactive it was. I am thinking of making it a thing for Saturday’s so please tune in if you are free. My Instagram is @makeupatoz, I will put up details of timings as we get closer to the weekend.

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