Wishlist Wednesday #4: ZOEVA Brush Set

Hello again. At this rate, it feels like we seem to talk on these Wishlist Wednesday posts, but with how topsy turvy my life has been recently, I am not actually surprised. So what item am I lusting after this week? If you’ve been a bit Sherlock Holmes-ey today, you would’ve read the title and seen the picture below and know already that I am really hankering for a Zoeva Brush Set to join my ever growing collection of makeup brushes.

If you were to ask me which Zoeva brush set would you actually like, unfortunately I couldn’t give you an answer unless ‘all of them’ is an acceptable response. But the truth is, they do all look pretty amazing. I’ve got a couple of Zoeva brushes in my collection, and I genuinely use them every single day. I have 228 Luxe Crease which is the most amazing shadow blending brush which I use every time I apply eyeshadow. I also have the 142 Concealer Buffer which is a MUST for blending in my under eye concealer. Last but not least, I have the 110 Face Shape which is pretty special, I always use it with cream face products such as cream highlighters and blushes.

The matter of fact is, I want a Zoeva brush set, so this item too will find it’s place on my wish list. I think if I had to, had to choose, although I couldn’t pinpoint a particular set, I think I would go for the Rose Gold variety as they look just stunning and would be a very welcome addition of my gazillion brushes. I have actually been picking up pretty much everything I feature on my Wishlist Wednesday posts, so I expect to be picking up a Zoeva set in the very near future.

I hope you liked this quick Wishlist Wednesday post featuring some really pretty Zoeva Brush Sets. Do let me know which set you would go for. Speak soon, Tanzina x

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    • The third set looks so amazing, I think I need to collect them all :) Do let me know if you pick it up too

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