A Bengali Bride: The Engagement Party – Outfits

Hi loves, last time we spoke on the Bengali Bride series, I talked to you about our first meeting. A few months after that we had the official engagement witnessed by our families and friends, which is also known as the ‘Cinipaan’. Cinipaan means sugar (cini) and paan leaf (paan) which is a leaf that Bengali’s chew on. Why they call the engagement that, I have no idea, I need to ask my Mum when I remember. If I tried to cover the engagement party/cinipaan in one post, I would miss out so much detail as there are so many parts to it. Today I wanted to talk to you about our outfits.

A Bengali Bride

When I say I want to talk to you about our outfits, you’d think it would be just an outfit of the day, outfits we chose and bought for ourselves, including the beautiful bracelets we chose. Some of them are stunning, and if you wanted to, you can find stunning bracelets here that are similar to mine. However, if you do think that I get to choose my outift, you’d be wrong because you’re forgetting to add the Bengali tradition part in. My outfit was chosen and gifted to me by my future in laws, and his outfit were chosen and gifted by my family. I sent my other half lots of pictures of his outfit and made him choose it, but my outfit was chosen entirely by my future in laws – which was actually really scary as I don’t like relinquishing control over my look, but thankfully it all turned out okay in the end.

We chose a black and gold sherwani (Asian men’s suit) for my fiancé and my in-laws chose a cream and maroon saree for me, which was really pretty and flattering. If you think that we just handed each other’s outfits over in a nice gift bag, you’d be incorrect. It’s like every single act we have in the run to the wedding, is an event by itself. The clothes have to be presented beautifully, and be visually pleasing.

My in-laws gave me a full outfit, so the saree, matching jewellery, matching shoes and a clutch bag to go with it all. Their presentation of the outfit was really pretty, it came in a huge hamper, with the scarf of the saree adorning the handle. The pictures will speak for themselves, they put it together really beautifully. The jewellery was placed on top of the saree, so it was on display. They paired the jewellery really nicely, and although I had another set already picked out for my cinipaan day, I ended up wearing this set in the end as it looked really pretty with the saree. I also add a choker necklace of my own which I thought really complimented the saree.

For our presentation of my fiancé’s outfit, I got a little DIY about it. I really wanted a black and gold theme running through the presentation with a hint of purple, as purple was the theme of the everything for the cinipaan. I’ve actually vlogged the whole preparation of my engagement party – so please bug me and remind me and force me to upload it for you so you can see all of this in real life. But basically, I spray painted two boxes in black and gold, and placed his outfit in one box and his shoes in another. As girls tend to wear more things, such as bags and jewellery, I couldn’t really gift my fiancé any more items for his outfit. So we got a beautiful large black and gold hat style box, and filled it up with pampering goodies for him to prep himself with. I think I bought lots of items from Bodyshop, and also one of his favourite perfumes. I also practised calligraphy writing so I could write ‘To help you look pretty’ really nicely as a tag for the hamper. I’ll be honest guys, I was so impressed I managed to write it out like that. Of course we then wrapped it all up in cellophane, ready for it to be dropped off to his house.

I loved our outfits together, although they were both completely different colours, they complimented each other so much. I loved the process of getting his outfit and gift together, and waiting for his reaction when he received it. He liked the gift box presentation so much he didn’t want to open it, I had to force him to so he could see all the little gifts inside. I hope you enjoy the shots of our outfit as much as I do, I had a mini photo shoot before the event so we could capture some personal memories before we shared the day with everyone. I’m so glad I did that, and I hope I get time to do the same on the wedding day too. In next post, I’ll talk you guys through the cinipaan ‘taals’. Get ready to see a LOT of food related gifts!

Speak soon, Tanzina x

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