Wish List Wednesday #2: Sunday Riley Skincare

Hi loves, if you read my first Wish List Wednesday post last week, I have decided to share with you a few special products that catch my attention every now and then. For the longest time now I have been eyeing up Sunday Riley Skincare, I’ve heard amazing things about their range and have been so intrigued to try it out. I am ‘sort of’ happy with the condition of my skin right now, but any improvement is always welcome. I am quite conscious that I have reached my mid 20’s now, I’m starting to take skin care a little more seriously as I know the investment now will pay off in later years.



So if I haven’t harped on about it enough yet, I am getting married this December (more on that coming soon, so keep an eye out!). As with any bride, I want to look my absolute best for my wedding, it will be the most memorable day of my life thus far. So I am thinking about investing in some Sunday Riley skin care, as it seems to work really well for 90% of people who have tried it. I have my eyes on their skin oils, two in fact. I have heard amazing things about Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, which helps reduce the sign of ageing as you sleep and also helps correct signs of skin damage and every day exposure. Everyone says positive things about this oil, despite what kind of skin type they have, and I feel like my dry skin would lap it up. I think it has retinols in it, which scares me slightly as my skin hasn’t been exposed to it but I know it works wonders on people so I am keen to give it a go. It isn’t cheap at £85 for 30ml but I feel like it may be worth it. You can pick it up here.


The second item on my wish list from the Sunday Riley skincare range is another oil, it is the Sunday Riley Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil. This is an oil which is supposed to boost the radiance in your face, which I really need. My skin like I mentioned is dry and it becomes lacklustre so a boost of radiance sounds heavenly. The product mentions that is quenches thirsty skin, which is a great way to describe my skin so it definitely has been on my radar for a while now. I’m not sure why I haven’t taken the plunge and bought it yet, as I am tempted to straight after I finish this post! It retails slightly cheaper at £70 for 30ml and I feel like it will last a while. I would personally use this in the morning. You can pick it up here.


My third and final product is one I discovered quite recently actually. As I’ve heard so many good things about the oil I was wondering if they had any good moisturisers. So I did a little research and came across the Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream. The product contains Papaya enzymes which gently resurface the skin, eliminating dulling dead cells to reveal the more luminous skin underneath. How good does that sound? I’ve had really good experiences with gel creams, mainly Elemis Marine cream, so I have high hopes for this version. This cream is aimed at dry and dehydrated skin types which describes my skin perfectly. This retail for £60 for 50g, which would last me almost 3 months. Not cheap, but potentially life changing. You can pick it up here.

I hope you liked a second peek at my wish list, I think I might just pop over now to Cult Beauty and pick up some of the Sunday Riley skincare. Let me know if any of their products have been on your radar! I shall speak to you soon, Tanzina x

And ooh, if you haven’t seen my latest YouTube you can catch it below. It’s a haul video!

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