New Video: Ethnicity Tag

Hi loves, I’ve been wanting to do more ‘get to know me’ videos, because I think one of the beauties of videos are that it’s a really good way to find out people’s personalities and also the person┬ábehind the writing (if they have a blog). Today I have just uploaded an Ethnicity Tag video, which delves a little into my background, where I am from and just a few facts about me.

Ethnicity Tag

I don’t want to waffle too much here, as I do a bit of talking in the video, but I really do hope you enjoy watching and you get to know me a little better.

You can watch the video here: link

Please please do let me know what kind of videos you guys would like me to film, I really need to get in the habit of filming but sometimes I’ll admit, I do struggle to get ideas of what to film! If you haven’t subscribed to my channel yet please do, and don’t forget to like and comment. I shall speak to you soon, Tanzina x

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