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Hi loves, thought I would link my latest YouTube vlog for you. I don’t really vlog often, my life simply isn’t exciting enough to vlog everyday. I can already imagine how mundane it would be, you’d see me driving to work, driving back from work, and then blogging/eating/watching programmes and then going to sleep. Exciting stuff right? Not! However every now and then I am lucky enough to get invited to some exciting product launches, or PR events, whatever you want to call them, so I thought I would take you a long with me to see what goes on behind the scenes.

PR Event/ Bloggers Event VLOG

You can find the video here

I was really excited to go see the new Urban Decay store, I’ve been a really rubbish UD lover and I haven’t yet visited the Covent Garden store so I really wanted to make sure I saw the Brent Cross store as it was so close to me. Although it wasn’t the biggest store I’ve been to, the girls there were so lovely, so helpful and I just loved how pretty the store was. Brent Cross shopping centre actually has free parking, so if you guys wanted to check that store out I would highly recommend. Try out their concealers if you haven’t yet, they are amazing.

I shop at Next quite often actually, I love their homeware and clothes, and I always buy children wear from there whenever I am gifting someone as the clothes are such good quality. But I will be honest, I haven’t really paid much attention to their beauty collection. Clearly I was missing out! I really enjoyed the Next Beauty event as it really opened my eyes up to their beauty offerings. I will definitely be trying out more bits from the store and create reviews and looks for you all.

The final launch I attended was one I was extremely excited about, Sleek are launching a new Cream Contour palette. I am a huge fan of Sleek, I’ve been using them from my early makeup days and my very first contour product was actually from Sleek years ago. Years before I even knew what contouring even was! So you can imagine my excitement over the cream kits. It was a great event, they had celebrity makeup artist Gemma Aldous demonstrate all 3 kits (light, medium and dark) and she taught me how to chisel my cheekbones properly. I can’t wait to start using these kits myself, I will definitely do a review for you all in the coming few weeks.

 I hope you liked my PR Event/ Bloggers Event VLOG, I really enjoyed filming it for you, I thought it was a great way to bring you some of the latest beauty news as usually I am used to sharing them with you with pictures on the blog rather than in video format. Do let me know what you thought, and if I should do more videos like this next time I go to a PR event. Speak soon, Tanzina x

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