Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review

I though I would do a quick Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara review for you all today, as this is a mascara which has just launched in the UK on the 1st of February. I have been using this for around a month now and really trialling it out just to see what my thoughts on it are.

Elizabeth ArdenGrand Entrance Mascara

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review

Elizabeth Arden is a brand I really like, mainly due to their 8 Hour line however this was the first time I was trying a mascara from the brand, so I didn’t really know what to expect. When this first arrived, I did really like the packaging as it was a bright red, meaning it wouldn’t get lost in my every day makeup stash, and I wouldn’t be digging around trying to find it in the morning. Honestly I think I should do a video or post on my every day makeup stash, it is a mess and in dire need of organising!

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara Review

Immediately upon pulling out the wand, I thought okay, I could get along with this mascara as it was a plastic wand. After years of trialling mascaras, I tend to favour plastic wands although every now and then I am impressed by the fibre ones. The wand has a slight curve to it which really helped in lifting my lashes, I didn’t realise how much of a difference that would make, but it really made my lashes stand out.

I don’t really build my mascara up, when I do, my lashes glue together really unattractively and it just isn’t a pretty sight. However with this mascara it was so easy to build my lashes, and they looked so defined and obvious. I’ve inserted a couple of before and after pictures below just so you can see the impact this mascara made to my lashes.

Grand Entrance

Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance

I didn’t even know my natural lashes could look that long! I am truly impressed with this mascara, it has been a very long time since I used a new mascara that made me stare at my lashes so much. I took these pictures yesterday, but I couldn’t contain myself, I had to share it with my friends and social media straight away because the before and afters were so impressive.

I find the formula to be very black, which is a necessity for a dark hair gal like me, and also to be the perfect consistency. Actually scratch that, the first 3 or 4 times I used it, it was slightly too wet but as I used it more, it became the perfect consistency. Like I mentioned, it builds up really nicely which not all formulas do, and it doesn’t clump my lashes together. It is definitely more of a lengthening mascara, however volume definitely does build up as you build the mascara up.


Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Review
Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Review
I thought I would make you guys aware of a special deal Elizabeth Arden are currently doing for the release of this mascara. Usually it is priced at £22 however to celebrate it’s launch, they are selling it for £15 all month this February when you take in an old mascara from Elizabeth Arden in store OR you can actually pick it up online for £15!  You can pick it up here.

I am so in love with this mascara, I actually featured it in my monthly favourites (if you haven’t seen that already I’ll leave a link below #shamelessplug). I have been using it literally every single day I wear makeup for the past month or so, and it is definitely a mascara I would recommend for someone looking for length and looking to build up mascara without clumping. If you do want to try this mascara out, I would advise picking it up as soon as possible so you save a bit of money.

Click here to see my Monthly Favourites video.

I hope you guys liked my Elizabeth Arden Grand Entrance Mascara review, it has been a bit of a picture heavy post but I just loved how the pictures turned out that it was really hard not to put 50 pictures in! Let me know if you would be interested in trying this mascara out, and if there are any mascaras that are your favourites! Tanzina x

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