2016 Resolutions Update

I thought I would do a resolution update, as at the beginning of the year I was so passionate about my New Year’s resolutions. I was motivated, looking forward to the new start and I made a mental and physical note of all the things I wanted to achieve this year. As with all things, life does get in the way, and things don’t always pan out how you wanted them to. I thought I would revisit my resolutions just to refresh them in my mind and keep track of my progress.

2016 Resolutions Update


1. Get Fit & Tone Up

Well, where shall I start with this one. The above picture/e-card pretty much sums it up for me. January was a flop, I didn’t go the gym once and I put on 2 pounds. Although I am not concerned at all about the 2 pounds, I was really bummed out at about my overall fitness, I haven’t been eating well or drinking enough water. Exercise has been a foreign word. However I am not being too harsh on myself, I have been so drained of energy and have been struggling with my health all month. I finally had a blood test last week, I suspect my iron levels have dropped quite a bit. I am hoping to sort out my health this month, so fingers crossed I will back on track with this resolution very soon.

2. Fix Blog & Blog More

This is a resolution I am so happy about. So in my New Year’s resolution post I mentioned I have been having issues with my blog for the longest time. It is so disheartening seeing your stats drop unexpectedly and it does sometimes take away the motivation to blog. However I ploughed ahead, and finally, after a bit of SEO help and perseverance, I feel like my blog is doing the best it has ever done! This January was the best month for me since I first started blogging, so it has definitely motivated me to keep at it. I am slowly now going to concentrate on updating parts of my blog and make it prettier. I am okay with the amount of blog posts I have been creating recently as well, but I think I will try to aim for more posts each month.

3. Start Doing More YouTube Videos

Yay, another one that is still on track! So for the month of January I posted new content on my YouTube channel each week, and so far I am happy with how this resolution is going. Ideally I would like to post two videos a week, but I am not going to attempt to run before I walk. Fingers cross, this continues. I’ve inserted my latest video below just in case you were interested to check it out :)

Click here to see video.

4. Become More Organised

Hmm, I don’t know how I feel about this one. Due to my lack of energy and just feeling unwell, I haven’t managed to get a lot of things done last month. I am not beating myself up about it, but it would have been nicer to feel revamped and ready to tick off every box in my diary. However that being said I am making more lists on my phone of things I need to get done, and I am finding that quite helpful. For example, I have made a small start at decluttering my home office. I just need to get some storage boxes to keep all of my files and paperwork safe. Watch this space! Oh, I also picked up the book: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying which I have heard so many people rave about. I am hoping reading this will make me tidier and more organised, I can dream right? If you’re thinking of decluttering your home, take a look at these storage sheds for sale.

5. Start Thinking About Settling Down

This is a bit of a funny one, because you can’t just magically make it happen, these things happen when they want to. I feel like I am getting into the headspace of, okay life isn’t going to be just about me forever, I do want to share it with someone but I don’t think I expected to see this goal progress in the space of a month. I think this will develop over the course of the year, and I am hoping I will have more direction with my life by the end of the year. We shall see what happens!

So it terms of progress, I’d say 2.5 out of 5 which is better than nothing right?! I do feel a little let down by my health if I am honest, but I am remaining positive and hoping once I figure out what is wrong I will be okay. I am actually making monthly resolutions now, of little things I want to accomplish each month, because I really think doing this resolution post has helped give me some direction for this year. Here are a few of my February resolutions, bear in mind I am not expecting to master them all!:

  • Post 6 videos this month – potentially do-able
  • Blog 10 times this month – again do-able
  • Work on designing a new header – I need inspiration for this, so need to do some research
  • Lose 2 pounds – might struggle with this one due to how I have been feeling recently, I might swap it with just feel better health wise.
  • Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and de-clutter my whole room – maybe not my whole room…
  • Practise wrapping a saree – how can I be a Bengali girl and not know this!

I hope you liked my little 2016 resolution update, I would love to know if you have any resolutions this year and how are you getting along with them? Please let me know if any of my resolutions ring true with you! Tanzina x

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