My New Years Resolutions

It’s funny how just a random date in the calendar can signify a new beginning for so many millions if not billions of people. It is an opportunity to reflect on the previous year, grab a new slate and start over again. Last year was a funny year for me, in so many ways I ticked off things I wanted to get done, but in other ways I feel like there are heaps I didn’t get done. But I guess that’s why we get to start over again, learn from our mistakes and start a new chapter. I’m not usually one for resolutions, but this year I thought I would write down my new years resolutions and for once, try and stick to them. It’ll be interesting to see if at the end of the year how many I’ve ticked off.

new years resolutions

1. Get Fit & Tone Up

I thought I would start off with the most cliche resolution of all. Just like many many people, I would LOVE to get fit. I would like to tone and finally have a body I am confident of. Last year I gained 11 pounds, and when I weighed myself on the 31st of December, I had finally lost it all! I would now like to lose another couple of pounds but most importantly I would like to tone up and lose that dreaded belly pouch. I have started going to gym classes such as Body Pump and HIIT classes but I only go about once a fortnight which is a bit rubbish. However I am aiming to start going a little more often and also do short toning exercises at home on days I don’t go to the gym.

2. Fix Blog & Blog More

So at the end of 2014 I was loving the way my blog was going, my stats were up and I was feeling more and more motivated to blog. Suddenly my blog just crashed, Google wasn’t sending any traffic my way and it felt like all my motivation was sucked away. However after months and months of patience and SEO work on my blog last month I had finally got it back to where it was. Hooray right? No, not hooray. Just as I had finally fixed my blog I was hacked by a malicious website and although I managed to remove the horrid website now my blog is slow and clunky and it is making my stats go down. I’ve also just noticed some of links have disappeared off Google. I am so worried I will end up where I was in January 2014 but this time I am more prepared and have some experts to help me get my blog back to its old self. I am determined not to let my hard work go down the drain as this blog is truly my passion. So yes, my aim is to make sure my blog is back working like it should be and that I remain consistent with my blogging.

3. Start Doing More YouTube Videos

This one is a little self explanatory, I would love to become consistent with posting YouTube videos. I do enjoy filming them and uploading them but hate editing which has stopped me from uploading as often as I would like but I am going to aim to combat that and upload a little more often. I’ve actually filmed two videos which I am hoping to put up soon. Ideally I would like to post once a week but maybe once every fortnight to start off with initially. We shall see!

4. Become More Organised

I would say in the last 6 months I have become a lot more organised than I used to be, with the aid of a diary, but I often write down things and then don’t accomplish them. I feel the above resolutions will be impossible without being organised as it all goes hand in hand. So yes, I would like to be more organised and actually accomplish the things I plan for my week. I’m starting this year determined. I also want to get my home organised and tackle cleaning jobs where and when they occur. Bissell products make for great additions to your cleaning arsenal; learn more here.

5. Start Thinking About Settling Down

This is a bit of a personal one, as I don’t usually write too much about my personal, family and love life. I am 25 on the 19th of this month and I feel emotionally and mentally ready to get into the ‘I want to settle down’ headspace. I think I have matured quite a bit last year and finally am starting to believe that I am no longer a child and I definitely am a fully fledged adult (unfortunately). The moment I realized that I had matured was probably when I finally got round to getting life insurance from PolicyMe. I never used to be so forward thinking. But this is the sort of thing that you have to consider once you start thinking about having a family of your own. So this year I would like to make some definite plans in regards to settling down, I would like to start thinking about marriage and the future. I know it is a bit vague, and I think I intend it to be as I myself don’t fully know what I want exactly, but ideally I would like to start carving out a direction for myself. It might not happen this year, but I would like to start working towards it.

I hope I come back in December 2016 and have at least ticked off 4 of these. 80% success rate is a pretty good success rate in my opinion. I would love to know if you’ve got some resolutions similar to my new years resolutions, I suspect the body related one is going to be a popular one! I’m really glad I’ve noted these down, hopefully this post will serve as a reminder of things I want to accomplish in 2016. Speak soon, Tanzina x

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