Cult Beauty Wish List + Becca Champagne Pop

For the longest time, I have had lots of products on my wish list from Cult Beauty and although I pick up the odd beauty buy here and there, it has been a while since I got everything I wanted in one go. However, a few days ago I heard the amazing news that the Becca Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop highlighter was heading to the UK, and it was going to be stocked in none other than Cult Beauty! I decided I needed to let you know about the release and also share a few beauty bits I have my eye on. Without much further ado, here is my Cult Beauty wish list.

Cult Beauty Wish List

Champagne Pop UK

So of course, the very first thing I will have to pick up is the Becca Champagne Pop, this has been on my radar for the longest time as it has been so hyped in the beauty world, it would be a crime if it didn’t find its way to me. I have been informed that it will be released on Cult Beauty on the 17th of December so I already have my alarm set to make sure I don’t miss out. I believe this will retail for £30 so if you and a friend pick up one each, it will be enough to qualify for free P&P from Cult Beauty. That is always an attractive offer!

Huda Lashes UK

For the longest time I have coveted Huda Beauty lashes, however with them being so hard to get hold of in the UK, I haven’t really had the chance to bring them home to me. I could of course have picked them up from various offshore websites but the cost of shipping and then tax has scared me off. However Cult Beauty now stock them, and I have eyes on the Samantha style. These are definitely on the pricey side for lashes, going at £15.50 a pop, but I am too curious to not pick up a pair. I am sure I will get a lot of use out of these, I’ve had some lashes for a couple of years now!

Cult Beauty Wish List

If you’ve read this blog for even a short while, you are probably sick and tired of me raving about Anastasia Beverly Hills so I will try to keep this section short and sweet. As you know I love Anastasia products and only use her brand for my brows. I have run out of the Brow Wiz and almost the Clear Brow Gel, so they need to go on my wish list as I definitely need a restock. The brow gel is the best one I have tried and the Brow Wiz is perfect for the natural look. The Brow Wiz retails for £15.50 and the Brow Gel retails for £16.50.

Cult Beauty Wish List

Okay I promise this is the last time I will mention Anastasia. I have wanted to pick up some of her liquid lipsticks for a long time now however again just like with the Huda lashes, the tax and shipping charges have prevented me from picking them up. However I have heard quite a few good things about the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lips, and Cult stock quite a few shades that have caught my attention. These retail for £15.00 and I think I have to add them to my Cult Beauty wish list just to see how good they really are – simply for research purposes of course.

Cult Beauty Wish List

Last, but definitely not least, is a perfume that has been on my radar for YEARS. I kid you not, I have been wanting to try this for the longest time, but if you see my ridiculous perfume collection you would understand why I haven’t picked it up just yet. I have way too much perfume, I was gifted perfumes for my birthday in January that I still haven’t opened! However, there was a huge hype around Escentric Molecules, which is a perfume that alters on every person due to your body’s pheromones. The whole concept really captures my attention, and I will just have to try it out eventually to satisfy my curiosity. I might not pick it up this year, but it is definitely on my radar. I think I would probably start with Molecule 01 before I try any of the others. You can pick up a refill 30ml size here for £27.00.

I hope you liked my Cult Beauty wish list, as expected it is brimming with makeup products, I think once I’ve ticked off these goodies I will start looking at the skin and body care selection as Cult do stock some really good brands such as Therapie and Sunday Riley. Let me know what is on your wish list, and if there is anything I should add to mine. I can’t wait for the Champagne Pop launch! Tanzina x

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