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I’ve realised that I have never really spoken about blogs I read regularly and YouTube channels I always watch. I read blogs all the time and am constantly refreshing my YouTube subscription feeds, so I thought today I would talk about some of my favourites and tell you all why I love them so much. I think it is always nice to spread the love and let other people discover your favourites too. Some of these, if not all, you most probably have come across before as they are very well known, but if you haven’t I hope you come to love them as much as I do.

favourite blogs

Makeup Savvy


I have been reading Makeup Savvy for years and years and years. It was actually one of the very first blogs I ever read, before I even knew the term ‘blog’ existed! Over time I have actually got to know the writer, Fee, but I promise I have loved her blog long before I knew her. All the posts are so well put together, and the photography inspires me every time I read a post. She has so many interesting posts, and has an opinion I actually trust. I have gone on to buy so many recommendations she has made, and loved them just like she promised. Not only that, Fee is a fountain of tips and tricks and is always willing to help where she can. If you were interested in blogging, she has so many posts on the topic – with both the plus and not so great points to it too. I actually have gotten a lot of pointers from her photography posts so if you are into photography I would suggest you check them out. Even though I am subscribed to Makeup Savvy on Bloglovin’, every time I am in the mood to read a blog I am so used to typing the address into my address bar and going onto it that way. I guess it has become a habit over time and I am always pleased to find a post I haven’t yet read.

The Londonerthelondoner

Talking about typing a blog address straight in, this is another one where I do that too. I love Rosie’s blog, it is what dreams are made of. No, literally, my dreams are of food and travelling and her blog is full to the brim of that kind of content. Her blog has so many beautiful photographs of exotic locations, and mouth watering food. I have become more of a foodie over the last few years and I have tried out many of Rosie’s recipes and they have all turned out delicious. She describes food so well and has added many restaurants to my must visit list. I also love her Anti-Diet philosophy and often go back to read it again. If you love fashion, beauty, food and the look of exotic locations then The Londoner is a must read.

Vivianna Does Makeupviviannadoesmakeup

I love Anna’s blog and her channel, but I especially love reading her blog posts. I love how she words things, her personailty really shines through from the way she writes, and that really is something I would love to emulate. She has a really good sense of humour and feels really relatable, and I love her taste in home decor especially. She recently bought apothecary drawers (see post here) for her beauty bits, and even though I have no space for it now, I really want to buy it as I know I need it in my future dream house. I just can’t risk it not being available later on! I saw her a few weeks back at the Eylure Fleur lashes event and I really wish I went over and told her how much I love her blog/channel because I think it is always nice to let someone know that you love their work right? Next time!

Jaclyn Hilljaclynhill

I feel like Jaclyn is actually one of my friends, she just has that kind of personality. I absolutely adore everything about this girl despite not knowing her at all, she is so fun and hilarious to watch with amazing makeup skills. Her makeup looks are to die for and she seems so loveable as well, such a killer combination. Whilst watching her videos I actually laugh out loud, which I dont do very often over beauty videos. She is of course the lady behind Becca Champagne Pop highlighter which I need oh so much. If you havent watched one of her videos yet, do it and you will probably be as hooked as I am. I found her through Instagram, so you might want to follow her there too.

Chloe Morellocloemorello

From the shore of the US to Australia. Chloe is an Australian beauty who is just so stunning in my opinion. Although that isnt the sole reason why I watch her, she has really good makeup tips and tricks, including one genius video about pantyliners (if you havent seen that yet, find it here). She too has a really nice personality which I think is a must on all social media platforms especially YouTube. I have been watching her for a few years now and I love the makeup looks she creates, she is very talented. I also love her Australian accent, I often try to imitate it but I fail pretty spectacularly.

Samantha – Batalash Beautybatalashbeauty

Samantha from Batalash Beauty is a super talented makeup artist that I found through Instagram, where she is huge. She is someone I have been watching for about a year now, and again she has a pretty awesome personality along with amazing makeup skills. She is actually quite an inspiration as she is very young, I believe she is around 22, but she has chased her dreams and done really well for herself. She has a blunt, straight cut attitude to life, which I like because she doesnt beat around the bush when it comes to discussing topics. There is so much you can learn from watching her videos because she explains her makeup process really well. Although she is more of a recent find, she has become a firm favourite of mine and I think she may become one of yours too.

 I have so many other channels and blogs I love, but if I started listing them all I would be here all day. I think I should make this a regular feature and do it every couple of months or so, as I think it so nice to just spread the love. Let me know some of your favourite blogs and vlogs in the comments and I will make sure to check them out. Tanzina x

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