MAC Whirl Lipstick Review

Hi loves, today I thought I would do a quick overview of the coveted MAC Whirl lipstick. I picked this up a little while ago, and have been wanting to wear it for so long but I was faced by the #bloggerproblem of needing to take pictures of the product before being able to use it. I finally managed to snap some pictures recently so now I can do my MAC Whirl lipstick review for you.

mac whirl review

MAC Whirl Lipstick Review

MAC Whirl Lipstick Review

I really was not surprised to see MAC come out with a lipstick edition of their ever so popular Whirl lip pencil. Some of you may know of Kylie Jenner, who became very well known for her signature dusty rose pout. There was a time she stated that a mixture of lip products including Whirl helped achieved her full pout but of course now it is common knowledge it was actually the work of a doctor. However regardless of our personal views on that snippet of celebrity culture, I found the colour she wore on her lip to be very pretty and so did many others it seems. This lipstick wasn’t too hard to get hold of luckily, there were many available at the MAC St Pancras store when I popped in. If it is out of stock when you visit, don’t worry as this is part of a the permanent line and is here to stay.

MAC Whirl Lipstick Review

MAC Whirl Lipstick Review

If you’ve read my MAC Whirl Lip Pencil review, then this is going to sound very similar. MAC describe this shade as a ‘dirty rose’ and I can see why. This is what I said when I reviewed the lip pencil, I thought I would simply copy and paste as the same can be said for the lipstick:

It is a brown pink dusty rose shade, which is neither warm nor cool. It is very neutral meaning it would flatter a lot of skin tones, from light to medium deep; However I would like to add that I find the lipstick translates slightly warmer on me, which I like. It is such a slight difference that it doesn’t even show up on the swatch but when worn on my lips it does look slightly warmer.

What I wanted to focus on more than just the colour was the consistency and wear of this lipstick, as it varies from the lip pencil. Lip pencils tend to be much more drier, and therefore the pencil will tend to be more matte than the lipstick. The finish to this lipstick is definitely matte, but it is quite creamy and there isn’t that uncomfortable tug to the lip that many dislike. I personally love really dry textures, like the MAC Retro Matte finishes, but I don’t mind the original matte either as it is creamy and easy to apply especially when you don’t have time to be percise. This lipstick goes on very smoothly, and it lasts quite well as well. I found it to last about 5 hours before it starts to fade which is fine for me. I have worn it to work with Whirl liner underneath and when I get home about 8 hours later, I still have the colour on my lip albeit a little faded – that is after I have had lunch and snacked during the day.

MAC Whirl Lipstick Review


I think this is a really nice pink toned nude for warmer skin tones and a really pretty dusty rose colour on fair complexions. I personally still prefer MAC Taupe (talked about that here) as my favourite ‘nude’ shade but I think this will get a lot more wear now that we are in Autumn season and this shade is cooler in tone compared to Taupe.

You can pick this up here for £15.50

Overall, when I finish this lipstick I definitely will repurchase it as it is a good colour to have in your collection. I love that it is matte and that it is the kind of ‘nude’ shade that compliments my skin tone. Let me know if you would pick this shade up, Tanzina x

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  1. I still haven’t tried any of the new permanent lipsticks and I was so intrigued to see Whirl was one of them. I would also never of thought its the shade that it is, I always presumed it would be way too dark for me, so I’m really pleased to see it’s a dusty rose! I think if I can track it down, I’ll give it a go!

    Eloise x //

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