My New Camera, the Sony A5100

I’ve been deliberating getting a smaller camera for the longest time, I have a huge DSLR [see it here] which is a little bit too big to blend in when I want to take pictures of food at a restaurant or on a family trip. I’ve ooh-ed and umm-ed over which model I wanted and finally I decided on one after seeing just how popular it was with social media lovers. However before I could pick it up myself, my best friend decided to surprise with it on a special day! It is fair to say I was ridiculously happy. So without much further ado, let’s talk about my new camera, the Sony A5100.

Sony a5100

Sony A5100

Sony A5100

I’ve always had Canon cameras and I have never really been tempted by a Sony model, especially when I was shopping for DSLRs. The Nikons have looked tempting but I had already decided I was a Canon girl through and through. That was before I started hearing all the amazing reviews about the Sony A5000, the previous model to the camera I got. It was especially a hit on Instagram, with some labelling it the best selfie camera ever. As I like to post pictures of my makeup looks on Instagram (find me as @makeupatoz), a good selfie is a reason to celebrate.

sony a5100 blogging

sony a5100 blogging

I loved how this camera has a flip out screen, not all compact cameras do, and just how light and sleek it is. I think I am so used to lugging around a huge DSLR, so this camera feels so little and dinky in my hands. It is perfect for blogging events as it will be so easy to slip into my handbag without weighing it down, which is always a problem with my DSLR as I usually have to travel into London. I am really happy that my friend opted for a white finish for me, I’m not sure why but I definitely prefer it to the black, maybe because I am tired of all the black cameras I have had. The camera also has WiFi transfer, which a lot of cameras are starting to have nowadays. This means I can easily transfer pictures over to my phone, making this camera very social media friendly.

I haven’t yet used this camera, I haven’t had the time to as I have been so busy as of late and have only had this camera for just over a week. However I am going away to Longleat Safari Park today and tomorrow I will be visiting Bath so I will try snap some pictures and share them with you. I’ve been meaning to incorporate more of my life into my blog posts so maybe this will help.

sony a5100 blogging

sony a5100 blogging

If you can’t wait to have a look at how this camera performs, I would suggest you take a look at Fee’s blog Makeupsavvy as she uses the previous model Sony A5000 a lot. Her photographs are absolutely beautiful and I think knowing that she uses this camera really cemented it in my wish list. Also, since a newer model has come out, the A5000 is priced really well right now £249 here.

If you wanted to pick up the Sony A5100 model, you can find it here for £404.99.

I am so excited to get snapping with this, I have a PR event next week so I think over the next few days this camera will be seeing a lot of action. I hope to have my weekend post up soon, so if you don’t see it within the week, feel free to bug me about it! Tanzina x

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  1. Ooh I want this camera sooo much! It looks so amazing and I have seen so many amazing reviews on it too. Hope it is as fab as it look! Awesome post lovely! X

    • Hi lovely, I was the same i heard so many great reviews and really wanted to pick it up. I have just gotten around to using it, and it really is as fab as I thought it would be. I highly recommend it!

    • Whoops! I love the flip screen too, it is very convenient for selfies! I think my favoruite thing about it is its size as I am used to lugging around a huge camera and this one is so dinky and pretty x

  2. Hello!
    Can you tell me what setting you use on this camera? I also have it and I’m finding it hard to get a flattering picture, the colours aren’t right!

    • Hi lovely, I d struggle with it as well as I am so spoilt with my DSLR. I just use Intelligence Mode

        • Hi lovely, I use intelligent mode. I also found that using skin softening feature for selfies really makes a huge difference. You can find it in the settings section – I like having it on low x

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