MAC Whirl Lip Pencil Review

As promised, today I have the MAC Whirl lip pencil review for you all. I mentioned in my haul post, this lip liner was a bit difficult to hunt down and it took several trips to the MAC counter to get my hands on it. The shade found its cult status after Kylie Jenner credited her dusty rose pout to it, and it has proved so popular that it has recently been released in lipstick form (which I need desperately). I don’t really follow the Kardashian/Jenner family saga but I have to admit, those girls really pull off some pretty stunning makeup looks.

mac whirl review

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil Review

The colour is described by MAC as a ‘dirty rose’ and I think that is a pretty accurate description. I would say it is a brown pink dusty rose shade, which is neither warm nor cool. It is very neutral meaning it would flatter a lot of skin tones, from light to medium deep; my skin tone is very warm and it suits me really well. As it is neutral, it would work really well under lots of different lipstick shades especially nudes. I was worried it may be a little too grey/ashy on my warmer skin tone but I had absolutely nothing to worry about as it is really flattering.

MAC lip pencils tend to be of really good quality, they sharpen easily and don’t break and this one is no different. The shade is very matte, but it is also creamy so you can apply it to your lips easily without it tugging the skin too much. However as it is a matte, if you are going to wear it by itself I would recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand and adding a very light layer of balm to your lips. If you add too much, the pencil will slip and slide too much and you won’t get great colour payoff, I find that the EOS balms are a good one to use before using matte products. In terms of wear, this stays on for ages, about 6 hours. All my MAC lip pencils last really well and they only fade after you have ate which is to be expected.

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil Review

MAC Whirl Lip Pencil Review


(out of direct day light above picture and in direct light below picture)

I absolutely love this colour on me, it is a pinker version of Spice lip liner [I reviewed it here] on me and it suits my skin tone so well. It translates on to skin as a brown toned dusty pink, and it is very much an everyday shade for me. I know I will get so much use out of it, and I am already on the hunt for the MAC Whirl lipstick because I just need it in my life. How I wear this pencil varies, some days I like wearing it by itself, other days I apply darker shades around it to wear it as an ombre look, sometimes I slick on some lip-gloss to make it glossy… so you do have a lot of options on how to wear it. Of course you could just line your lip with this as a base shade and apply lipstick on top.

You can pick this pencil up here for £12.50

I’ve quite been enjoying doing these swatch and review posts of my MAC lip products, especially since they are predominately my most used lip brand. I am thinking of doing a post on my top 3 MAC lipsticks, so if you would like to see that let me know. I hope you liked my MAC Whirl lip pencil review, I recently created a makeup look wearing this so keep your eyes open for that. Speak soon, Tanzina x

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