Event: Eylure Fleur Lashes #lashdeforce

It has been forever and a day since I done an event post, since moving out of London I tend to not go to many PR events any more. However when I heard that Fleur De Force had collaborated with Eylure, I knew I had to pop along to the launch and see the new lashes that were coming out. As you may know, I am already an Eylure fan, so I was really interested to see the new #lashdeforce offerings. I thought today I would give you a little peek of the event and Eylure Fleur lashes.

Fleur De Force Lashes

Eylure Fleur Lashes #lashdeforce

The event itself was pretty stunning, the décor very whimsical and very Fleur. I have been watching Fleur’s YouTube channel for years now and it was really lovely to meet her in person. She was very welcoming and look absolutely stunning, even prettier than in the videos. With YouTube being such a huge platform and YouTubers amassing such a huge following, it is really easy to let it get to your head but she was very humble and lovely.

Eylure Fleur Lashes #lashdeforce


Fleur & Fabulous

I pottered around the room and took a few snaps of the lashes, there are 4 styles that are being released. The most dramatic style in the range is called Fleur & Fabulous. It is the perfect night out style for someone who doesn’t like too much drama but wants to add some emphasis to their eyes. You can pick this up [here] from Boots for £5.95

Simply Fleur

Simply Fleur

Simply Fleur

Next we have Simply Fleur, this is most natural style from the collection, it is very light and petite and the type of lashes you could get away with calling your own. I think I would pair these with the no eyeliner makeup looks, as the lash band so undetectable, it would blend in with my natural lashes seamlessly. You can pick this style up [here] for £5.95

 Couture Fleur

A lash collection can’t be complete without individual lashes and I really want to get my hands on Fleurs take on them. She has come up with a set called Couture Fleur, which are knot-free individual lashes with tapered tips to help blend in with your natural lashes. What I find annoying about individual lashes is that they usually have one row of long, one row of medium and one row of short. I know that I won’t make use of all the long ones so it puts me off buying individuals. However this set has two rows of medium and the rest are a mix of long and short which is the perfect ratio for me. They also come with 2-3 day glue, which is understandably stronger than the normal Eylure glue and they also come with a special oil based lash remover so ensure your own lashes aren’t damaged. You can pick this up [here] for £6.95

fleur loves

Fleur Loves

Fleur Loves

Fleur Loves

Finally, I have saved my favourite till last, the Fleur Loves set. This is such a pretty ¾ length set, which looks so natural when you put them on. They are so easy to apply and really blend in with your natural lashes. The style is slightly messy making them look more realistic, with a flare at the end to add some drama to the look. The ends of the lashes are tapered to look even more natural and they feel so light when worn that you sometimes forget you are wearing lashes. As they are ¾ lashes, they are much easier to apply and you don’t need to trim them to make them fit, meaning they are perfect for both lash pros and lash newbies. I know I will definitely be picking up more of these. You can pick this style up [here] for £5.25


The lashes are now in Boots stores nationwide and online.

I absolutely love the Eylure Fleur lashes collection or #lashdeforce as they are otherwise known, it is right up my street as I really do like the natural with an edge of drama look. I am tempted to stock up on the Fleur Loves sets as I am worried everyone will fall in love with them like I have and I will never be able to get a set when I really need it. I will definitely be creating looks with these lashes, so I will share them with you all soon. I hope you liked the sneak peek of the event, which style is your favourite? Tanzina x

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    • Hi Ellie, I know! They are so wearable and pretty. I know I will be using these lots x

  1. I’m completely new to falsies, so I was wondering if these lashes are made of natural hair?

    • Hi lovely, these are not natural hair they are syntehtic I believe however if you are a newbie I would highly recommend the 3/4 length ones as they are the easiest I have ever used.

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