Daytime Anastasia Shadow Couture Makeup Look

As I have already created a heavier evening look with the Anastasia Shadow Couture palette, I though it is only appropriate that I create a slightly lighter more daytime appropriate makeup look. I say ‘slightly’ as this definitely isn’t an everyday makeup look, but as it is a little less smokey and heavy it is something you can tweak and wear during the day time. I hope you like this look, and read on to find out how I created it.

Anastasia Shadow Couture


I went for a warm jewel toned eye look with a matte pink nude lip. I kept the skin very light and day time appropriate with subtle contouring and cream highlight. I added a bit of smoke by smoking out the eyeliner slightly and also adding a warm brown to the crease. The theme here is warm pink hues, neutral with a bit of oomph. I added false lashes to add a bit of drama to the look but you can easily skip that step to make it more day appropriate. I think this is quite a sweet romantic look.

Daytime Anastasia Shadow Couture Makeup Look

Daytime Anastasia Shadow Couture Makeup Look
Eye Makeup Products:

As always, I started off with my brows by filling them in with Dip Brow and setting them with the Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. I used the Anastasia Concealer under the brows to give them a cleaner finish and applied Eden UDPP all over the lid to prep for the eyeshadow. Next I used Soft Peach under the brows a highlight and all over the lid as a transition shade. Applying a neutral shadow all over the lid and especially over the crease really seems to help blend shadows later on. Next I concentrated on the crease. I applied Morocco to the crease and then blended that out with Soft Peach. I then went in Fudge just above the lid and blended that out. I also added a little more depth by using Noir in the crease. After I was finished with the crease, I added Intense Gaze all over the lid. I went in with Bellini in the inner corner of the eye as a highlight and added a bit of Fudge to the outer corner/outer V of my lid to make it a little more seamlessly put together. I applied Noir as a shadow liner over the lash line and went over it with liquid eyeliner. Under the bottom lash line I added a little of Noir and Fudge just to line it. Finally after applied pencil liner, mascara and false lashes, the look was complete.

Daytime Anastasia Shadow Couture Makeup Look

Daytime Anastasia Shadow Couture Makeup Look

Face and Lip Makeup Product:

For my face makeup I left it quite light and dewy, with the aid of the Elemis Flash Balm. I mixed a bit of the Illamasqua Skin Base with the flash balm to create light coverage and buffed that over my face. Next I added concealer in a triangle shape under my eyes to highlight that section of my face. Using my fingers very lightly I applied Sculpt 2 from the Glambase Wheel on the hollows of my cheekbones and blended that out for a subtle contour. I sprayed some Fix+ on to a brush and dabbed it in MAC Pearl, once I got enough product onto my brush I dabbed it on to the apples of my cheeks (the Fix+ helps with the blending). I went over it with the highlight shades of the Shimmer Brick. Finally I applied Tarte Exposed blusher on lightly.

For my lips, I done something similar to what I done for my previous Anastasia Shadow Couture makeup look, I lined my lips with MAC Spice, and applied MAC Taupe on the centre of the lips. This time I left out the ombre finish.

And that is it for this makeup look, I know the writing makes it look like it is complicated but I would say this is quite a simple look to recreate. You may need to spend more time on the eyes, but the rest of the face is very simple. I hope you liked my daytime Anastasia Shadow Couture makeup look, I know it might be a bit heavy for some of you but I think you could make it work very easily by reducing the smoke and false lashes! Let me know what look you would like to see next, Tanzina x

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