MAC Taupe Lipstick Review

I recently did a bit of MAC lipstick shopping and I finally found some time to share the haul with you all. I ended up picking up 3 lipsticks, and I thought rather than sticking them all in one post like I always do, I would instead do a quick overview of each. Today I have my MAC Taupe Lipstick review.

MAC Taupe lipstick Review

My favourite lipsticks to buy are MAC lipsticks, and my favourite finish has always been the matte finish. I find the traditional MAC mattes to be quite moisturising, whereas the Retro Matte to be a lot less moisturising/dry – though that doesn’t make me love them any less! MAC Taupe is a normal matte finish, so it is quite creamy and sits really well on the lips.

MAC Taupe Lipstick Review

MAC Taupe Lipstick Review

MAC Taupe is described as a ‘muted reddish-taupe brown’ and I would say that description is pretty accurate. It definitely has reddish undertones, which translate peachy on my warm skin tone. It is the perfect nude for me, and I think the most wearable lip colour I have come across. I can tell I will be using this up fairly quickly as I pretty much use it every day as it is so easy to apply. I think on fairer skin tones it would translate more brown, but on mine it leans towards the peachy/red side. It is also a pretty perfect match for the MAC Spice Lip Liner (which I spoke about here).

The finish as I said is matte, but it is much creamier than the Retro Mattes. It sits really well on my lips, even on the days that my lips are dry, it definitely doesn’t emphasise dry lips at all. I know some matte lipsticks have a reputation of making dry lips look worse but I would say this isn’t one of them. The wear is okay, between 4-6 hours depending on how much you eat and drink, but as I am currently fasting, it lasts about 8 hours without any touch ups!

MAC Taupe Lipstick Review

Overall I would say I love this lipstick, it is most definitely my favourite nude and I THINK one of my top three lipsticks of all time. Or maybe top 5… it really is hard to choose favourites! I would highly recommend women of colour try this lipstick out just to see if it becomes their go to nude, and I also think it would work well with women of fairer skin tones as well. Next time you go past a MAC counter have a quick swatch.

As with all MAC lipsticks, this retails for £15.50 and you can pick it up here.

I hope you liked my quick MAC Taupe lipstick review today, let me know if you like individual posts better or multi product posts. Speak to you soon, Tanzina x

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