My bkr Water Bottle Review + Q&A with Founders

Hi loves, today I wanted to introduce a beauty inspired item that I have been using for a couple of weeks. As most of us know, drinking water is a must for healthy skin and general wellbeing and I have to admit I do suck at sticking to the recommended 8 glasses a day. Sometimes it’s more enjoyable to drink your water warm, so check out
I have to be honest, I am a bit of a magpie when it comes to pretty products and I do tend to use things more if they are visually attractive so when I spied the gorgeous bkr bottles, I knew I had to have one. Read on for my bkr water bottle review and a Q&A with the founders!

bkr bambi
bkr water bottle review

I am a bit of a snob when it comes to the standard plastic bottles, I am not one to constantly refill those and have them on my desk. I mean I could, but I really like having visually appealing things on my desk, I can’t be the only one surely! I currently have a Bobble and a BRITA bottle on my desk but I do miss the ease of just drinking out of a water bottle spout. I guess both the Bobble and BRITA are good if you need your water filtered however at my office we have filtered water readily available so it doesn’t make sense to use those bottles, plus they aren’t the nicest looking objects. The introduction of my Bambi BKR has really brightened up my desk and I think the brightness makes me notice it more so I drink more water, and I also love the mouth of the bottle as it is the same as your normal plastic bottles – something I prefer. Maybe in the coming months, they may offer Custom Water bottles. I can’t wait!

bkr water bottle review

bkr water bottle review

I really love the feel good vibe behind BKR, it is a brand created by two friends Tal and Kate who were tired of using plastic bottles and wanted something stylish, pretty and durable instead. I love the fact that these bottles aren’t plastic, but instead they are glass covered in a silicone case, they just feel better to hold and drink out of. Let’s be frank, gorgeous looking water bottles are not a necessity but if you are going to buy a non-disposable one, why not buy a really nice fancy bottle? What I love most about the BKR bottles is just the sheer amount of variation, they are constantly coming out with new collections and colours which means you can pretty much find one to suit everyone’s personality. I now want more to suit my moods!

I thought it would be quite fun and interesting to do a quick Q&A with the founders Kate and Tal and report back to you all. Here are my findings:

Q & A with bkr Founders, Tal Winter and Kate Cutle

bkr water bottle review

If you could have only one BKR, which one would it be?

TW: Naked, but it’s a hard choice. The neutrals are all absolutely foundational must haves.

KC: Pout. It’s the perfect opaque light pink – looks cute with everything and totally chic.

If you had to add another product to the line, what would it be? Would it be a different size or a different type of BKR?

We have some exciting things up our sleeves – but the surprise is half the fun. We love a good surprise.

You’ve have amassed quite a large celebrity following, do you remember your first ‘OMG, guess who has been seen with BKR?’

Our first OMG moment was an amazing shot of Jessica Alba with a pool bkr from our original line. Early on our publicist was at a press conference and Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of Incubus, had a fog bkr – he told her he loved it and it was his favourite bottle. Maybe our biggest freak-out ever was when we saw Gisele, one of the most famous supermodels in the world, photographed with several different bkr bottles.

What has been your favourite part of having your own company?

Where do we start? This is our dream job. We’re really good friends and we get to create together, inspire each other and travel the world together. We’re constantly pinching ourselves that we get to do this.

Can you share a little bit your journey so far, and also about the BKR and how it came about?

KC: Without question, water is the foundation of your beauty regimen. And for years, we were addicted to bottled water.

TW: We realized we were intelligent, fashionable, cultured women who wanted everything in our loves to be glowing and glamorous but we were constantly drinking out of trash; it didn’t compute.

KC: For us there really was nothing to replace the disposable bottle. We wanted something that matched our couture and wasn’t designed to hike Kilimanjaro. We wanted to drink from something clean, clear, soft and beautiful and that was made of glass and not plastic or metal. And it had to have a small mouth. We hated drinking from a wide mouth bottle. We couldn’t find what we wanted so we took a leap and created it.

TW: We’ve created a beauty essential that’s changing the way people drink their water forever. And if that sounds dramatic or like hyperbole, then you just haven’t had your first bkr yet.

I actually had the chance to meet both Tal and Kate, and just seeing how well the two girls gel together and bounce off each other is really inspiring. I love meeting entrepreneurs and hearing their stories, it really motivates me. I love it when people are passionate about something, and these girls really are about their bkr bottles. I genuinely wish them all the best and hope their brand keeps expanding.

bkr is now available in the UK, exclusively to Selfridges. They retail for £25.00 and if you pop in store there are lots of different colours to choose from. Online there are three colour options, which you can find here. I have my eyes on the pastel shades in store and I really cannot wait till the 1L bottles make their way over to the UK.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought it would be interesting for you all to read a Q&A as well as reading my bkr water bottle review. I really am enjoying my bkr, I bring it along to all my meetings and it is always commented on. It does put everyone else’s water bottles to shame and secretly, that makes me really happy! Speak soon, Tanzina x

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