MAC Lip Liner Review – Ruby Woo, Spice & Dervish

Hi Guys, I recently picked up some MAC lip liners and lipsticks and I was going to smoosh it all into one post for you all to see. However I realised just how lengthy that post would’ve ended up being so I today thought I would just do a MAC Lip Liner review with swatches, and leave the lipsticks for another day. I hope you enjoy getting a look at my new goodies!

mac lip pencil review

MAC Lip Liner Review

ruby woo lip liner review

I picked up three lip liners in the form of Spice, Dervish and Ruby Woo. I’ve been meaning to pick up Ruby Woo for a while, as it is one of my all-time favourite lipstick shade and my go to red lipstick. Initially I thought the lip liner may be just a limited edition pencil however I was really happy to find out that it was actually a permanent addition. It is a gorgeous vivid red shade with blue undertones, and so flattering on so many different skin tones. I am really happy that it has become permanent as I will be repurchasing once this one runs out. I have to warn you though, it keeps getting sold out so you have to keep an eye out for it. I couldn’t find it online for you all.

spice lip liner review

Spice is another very popular shade, with it becoming even more popular after the ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip trend. It is described as a “mid-tone neutral nude.” However I would say it is a quite a rosy toned brown neutral shade. I love this lip pencil, it is so creamy and so easy to apply and it really flatters my skin tone as it has the right amount of pink to make it a flattering nude for me. Out of the three this has become my most used as I find it to be such an everyday shade and easy to apply.

devish lip liner review

The third lip pencil I picked up is Dervish, which is described as a pinky mauve, and I would say it is quite true to that description. It is quite a nice neutral pink shade which again is very flattering on my skin tone. I initially wanted to pick up MAC Whirl (which is a bit darker) but after Kylie Jenner mentioned it was one of her go to lip colours, it is always sold out! I really like this shade however I do also have a gripe with it, it seems to be really dry compared to the others. It doesn’t go on as easily as the other MAC lip liners do and it definitely isn’t as creamy. I have another MAC lip liner (MAC Embrace Me) with which I have the same problem. I am going to keep it though as it still does do the job, just takes a little bit more effort.

MAC Lip Liner Review

MAC Lip Liner Review

My favourite of the lot is definitely Spice, although it is closely followed by Ruby Woo as that shade has a very special place in my heart. I am a little bit disappointed with the consistency of Dervish but I’m happy with the colour. MAC Lip Liners retail for £12.50 here. You can pick Dervish and Spice currently for £11.25 here (currently 10% off*).

I hope you all liked a look at my MAC lip liner review, I always find it insteresting to see how colours translate against different skintones so I think it is useful to post swatches. I will be bringing you a post soon of the three MAC lipsticks I picked up. One of them compliments Spice really really well so keep a look out for that. Until next time, take care. Tanzina x

*10% off at time of publication 05/06/15.

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