Looking After Your Smile

Hi all, today I have an impromptu post about looking after your smile. I recently got a little sample of some DenTek products to try out, and it spurred me into thinking a little more about my smile. Did you know last month was National Smile Month? Or just last Friday the 19th of June was National Kissing Day? I feel like in the beauty world we put so much focus on the lips with lip care and lip colours, we forget to look beyond that and think more about our mouth and teeth. Today I just wanted to remind you about your mouth, give you a little nudge and make you think about your next dentist appointment and share my thoughts on a couple of products I have been enjoying.

Looking after your smile

When was your last dentist appointment? If you are unsure, it may be time to book a checkup at Box Hill – Australian Dentists Clinic (if you live in this area) or your local clinic. It is important to remember that oral hygiene is important, so regular checkups are a must. I’ll be honest if you asked me this about a week ago I would say 18 months ago and before that about 5 years ago! I know it really is terrible how little I think about something I literally would not be able to live a good life without. But I just asked a few people around me as I type this, they too have left quite some time since their last dentist appointment. One of my friends hadn’t been to the dentist in a while and she bought some cleaning products recommended by this Kennesaw Dentist that would help her teeth get back to how they should be. Thanks to DenTek reminding me, I finally booked a dentist appointment last week and I have to admit the dentist wasn’t too impressed. She told me quite bluntly that my brushing technique was wrong, and the plaque build-up needed to be cleaned there and then. It really isn’t the most flattering thing to admit to, but I just wanted you to think what your dentist would say about your teeth? I have already booked in an appointment for 6 months’ time because I realise now I really need to start thinking more about looking after my smile. Having a clean and fresh smile will lighten up anyone’s mood, just by being yourself and showing the world your beautiful happiness, you can check out a professional and affordable dentist by visiting some of the Best Dental Services.
dentek slim brush
Talking about brushing technique, I wanted to bring to your attention something that was actually in my DenTek care package, and recommended by my dentist. Some of my teeth are quite close together, meaning they never get brushed in between. The thought of a part of my body not being washed really grosses me out so you can imagine my reaction to that. That is where these DenTek Slim Brush (interdental brushes) come into use, my dentist recommended dipping them in Corsodyl and brushing in between the gaps of my teeth. I have been doing that, and find that these are so easy to use. Although I can’t see the immediate results (obviously) I am guessing this will really help the overall health of my teeth and mouth – and smile of course!


Talking about smiling, it’s all well having a pretty smile but it really isn’t anything to boast about if your mouth smells to the high heavens. Now I am confident that your breath isn’t that bad and I am hoping mine isn’t either, but anything that helps minimise the smell of bad breath is an asset in my books. Some of you may know about Ramadhan, it is a month where Muslims abstain from food or drink between sunrise and sunset. The issue with not eating or drinking anything the whole day is it really does make your breath smell. This is where the Orabrush has come into use for me, it is a tongue brush that is really effective in banishing bad breath. I have been using it daily, prior to Ramadhan, and it is quite a good feeling knowing my tongue is getting a regular clean. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before! Also, the Orabrush is very affordable at £5.10 here.


Now that we have talked about all the important bits, let’s talk about something pretty. You can’t finish of a smile without a pretty lip product, and I have recently really been enjoying this Sleek Matte Me in Rioja Red. It is a gorgeous pigmented product, and so easy to put on. It lasts really well and it does brighten up my smile. I will try to put it in a makeup look for you all soon. It retails for £4.99.

I hope you liked today’s post, it definitely was something a little different but I hope it has made you think a little bit about your dental care. If you are as naughty as I was, and haven’t seen the dentist in a while, I would highly recommend a visit. You only have one set of teeth left now for the rest of your life, so take care of them! Okay that is enough of me lecturing, speak soon, Tanzina x

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