UMAE Makeup Haul

A few weeks back I visited UMAE (United Makeup Artist Expo) and of course during the visit I done some shopping. I wanted to do some in depth posts on what I picked up however I thought it would be good to do a quick overview of my UMAE Makeup Haul. Also since it was back in April, it is about time I wrote about it!


I found my experience to be a little disappointing as so many stalls that I wanted at the event weren’t actually there, such as NYX and Guru Makeup Emporium. However after I complained about this on Twitter, UMAE contacted me and let me know that they have taken my feedback on board – which was actually quite refreshing as many companies attack you when you give negative feedback. They also let me know that another event was going on over in the States so a lot of vendors went there instead. Hopefully next year it will be better than ever, I have high hopes and will be going along. Now onto my UMAE haul:


I spent the majority of my time at the Love Makeup stand and picked up most of my haul there. The first product I noticed was The House of Glamdolls GlamBase Wheel which is essentially a cream contour palette. As I was browsing, David Horne (owner of the brand) came over and asked if I would like him to try it on me. Once he did, I was hooked and picked up two, one for me and one for my best friend. These retail for £25 and you can find them here.


Next I went over to the Zoeva brush section at Love Makeup. Reason being, David had used a really nice bouncy brush for blending the cream products into my skin and I just had to have it. I ended up picking up a few brushes from the brand and a pencil liner. The final lot of goodies I picked up were from MAC. Unfortunately this year the MAC stand was not there at UMAE and there was only a MAC Pro sign-up desk. However as I was determined to pick up some products from MAC I visited the MAC store at St Pancras station. I picked up a few lipsticks and lip liners which I will share with you all very soon.

That is all for my UMAE makeup haul, it is not as hefty as I was hoping it would be and although I was disappointed, my bank account rejoiced! I will bring you closer looks at the products I picked up soon, I promise! Tanzina x

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