Cult Beauty Box by Caroline Hirons.

Hi loves, I thought I would share with you all something that has caught my eyes recently, something that has plonked itself right in to my wish list. I am talking of course about The Cult Beauty Box by Caroline Hirons. It is yet to be released but I am already dying to know just what it contains!

The Cult Beauty Box by Caroline Hirons

Now I am not a beauty box person any more, I used to be, but after trialling different types of boxes for month I quickly become bored of them and found them not worth the subscription. Also, some of the samples were just ridiculous so I kind of lost my faith in them. Every now and then bloggers or stores come out with their own limited edition one-off box and I have to admit each time my intrigue is sparked. That being said, I have not yet taken the plunge and sampled one of those boxes yet.

 However whilst watching Caroline’s YouTube channel I was made aware she has collaborated with Cult Beauty to come up with her own, hefty beauty box. To me, Caroline comes across as someone who is very honest about her thoughts and therefore someone I feel like I can trust when it comes to recommendations. This makes me wants to really try this box out, so I thought I would bring it your attention so you could get tempted as well.

I have no idea how much it will retail for, what is in it or when it is released but I have signed up on the wait list and am patiently waiting that email to say I can purchase it. You can sign up here.

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